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14 Possible Causes for Bloody Nipple Discharge, Breast Hematoma

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Breast

    […] to core biopsy, there is decreased morbidity, including hematoma, infection, pain, and risk of seeding of the biopsy track.[] Papillary carcinomas are centrally located in the breast and can present as bloody nipple discharge.[] Nevertheless, the past decade has seen a decline in breast FNA in favor of more aggressive core biopsy techniques.[]

  • Breast Contusion

    Hematomas: Breast hematoma with a hyperechoic lesion Hematomas: Hematoma with a mixed echogenicity Hematomas: Hematoma with a mixed echogenicity Hematomas: Breast hematoma[] Non late pain is not serious. 3, nipple discharge: bloody nipple discharge. 4, breast Mainly by the breast gland, catheter system, adipose tissue and fibrous tissue.[] They usually feel like lumps just under the nipple and can cause a bloody discharge from the nipple. Women close to menopause may have only one growth.[]

  • Breast Fibroadenoma

    There were no complications such as skin burn, hemorrhage, and hematoma, nipple discharge in the process during and after RFA.[] This may cause bloody nipple discharge. A ductogram is used to detect papillomas.[] nipple discharge[ 2 , 9 , 10 ].[]

  • Breast Hematoma

    Breast hematoma is a collection of blood within the breast .[] Papilloma is a benign wart like mass usually seen within a milk duct near the nipple. Some women will have bloody or clear nipple discharge as a sign of a papilloma.[] […] or areolar changes, including crusting, scaling, dimpling skin or a bloody discharge Risks Risks associated with a breast biopsy include: Bruising and swelling of the breast[]

  • Galactocele

    The incidence of late hematoma or seroma was 0.65% and that of galactocele was 0.35% among patients with PAAG-injected breast augmentations.[] Lawrence and Lawrence report that fibrocystic breasts can be associated with a bloody discharge from the nipple during pregnancy and lactation but generally the syndrome is[] Late hematoma or seroma and galactocele caused by augmentation mammaplasty have been reported in patients with silicon breast prostheses but are extremely rare in patients[]

  • Abscess of the Areola

    The radiologic evaluation of an ultrasound of the breast showed fluid and blood within the mass consistent with an abscess/hematoma.[] nipple discharge Mastitis Abscess Trauma – can cause a hematoma or fat necrosis.[] Adolescent malignant breast masses Phyllodes tumors – these may be benign, intermediate or malignant.[]

  • Phyllode Tumor

    In advances cases a phyllodes tumor can cause an ulcer or open wound to form on the skin of the breast.[] nipple discharge, nipple retraction.[1] Fibroadenoma Typically patient is less than 40 years old.[] Phylloides tumor may have areas of necrosis, cystic degeneration, and hemorrhage including complete hemorrhagic infarct that clinically leads to bloody nipple discharge.[]

  • Noninfiltrating Intraductal Carcinoma

    ; small cell carcinoma metastasis; bilateral axillary lymphadenopathy; calcified fibroadenoma (involuting fibroadenoma); granular cell tumor; hematoma; angiosarcoma; free[] PH1216 Intraductal Papillomas Non-cancerous wart-like growths that have grown inside the breast, often involving the large milk ducts near the nipple, causing bloody nipple[] discharge (38%) or Paget's disease of the nipple (11%).[]

  • Familial Juvenile Hypertrophy of the Breast

    The radiologic evaluation of an ultrasound of the breast showed fluid and blood within the mass consistent with an abscess/hematoma.[] Hematomas normally occur from sports injury in active adolescents. Fibroadenomas are the most common breast mass in girls younger than 20 years of age (4).[] The patient presents with nipple discharge, which may be bloody. In children and adolescents, the lesion is usually unilateral.[]

  • Benign Breast Tumor

    Hematoma Breast cellulitis Fat necrosis of the breast Radiation induced skin reactions; radio-dermatitis Breast seroma Lipoma of the breast Collagenous Spherulosis of the[] Ductoscopy, a technique for directly visualizing the inside of the duct using tiny scopes, is now used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of bloody nipple discharge.[] What is a hematoma? A hematoma is a blood-filled mass caused by injury or a surgical procedure of the breast. What is sclerosing adenosis?[]

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