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3,382 Possible Causes for Blurred Vision, Deja Vu, Ophthalmic Migraine

  • Migraine

    Migraines often come with side effects like nausea and blurred vision, and they often affect just one side of the head.[] Migraines that affect the eyes are often called ocular, optical or ophthalmic migraines . "The terms are pretty interchangeable," said Sonpal.[] […] changes , blurred vision – 44 percent Aura – 36 percent Vomiting – 29 percent Other symptoms include: Sensitivity to smell Stiff neck Dizziness or dizzy spells Cloudy vision[]

  • Ophthalmic Migraine

    With hat in mind we rounded up the best vodka cocktail recipes that’ll drive your taste buds Ophthalmic Migraine Blurred Vision Nerve Palsy Sixth wild.[] […] of migraines Aura Cortical spreading depression … Wikipedia basilar migraine — basilar artery migraine a type of ophthalmic migraine whose aura fills both visual fields and[] I would treat blurred near vision in a 40-year old differently than a patient that has uncontrolled diabetes and blurred vision associated with high sugar-intake.[]

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  • Common Migraine

    [read more] Basilar Migraine Basilar migraine is a rare form of migraine that includes symptoms such as loss of balance, double vision, blurred vision, difficulty in speaking[] Ocular migraine , sometimes also called retinal migraine, ophthalmic migraine or eye migraine. This causes temporary loss of all or part of the vision in one eye.[] […] changes , blurred vision – 44 percent Aura – 36 percent Vomiting – 29 percent These figures are from the American Migraine Study II of almost 4,000 migraine sufferers in[]

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  • Hyperhidrosis or Diaphoresis

    Anticholinergic medications can cause some undesirable side effects, such as dry mouth, constipation, impaired taste, blurred vision, and heart palpitations.[] These may include Dry mouth Urinary hesitancy and retention blurred vision Faster heartbeats Abnormal heartbeats dilatation of the pupil loss of taste headaches nervousness[] Oral anticholinergic drugs stop the activation of the sweat glands, but they aren't for everyone because they can have side effects such as blurred vision, heart palpitations[]

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  • Abdominal Epilepsy

    vision vision loss nausea voiting and dizziness. roles in treating anemia oedema Pt also vomited when she woke up and hands tingle.[] Some symptoms of a temporal lobe seizure may be related to these functions, including having odd feelings — such as euphoria, deja vu or fear.[] It is still accepted that there exist clinical variants of common migraine or hemicrania, such as ophthalmic migraine, abdominal migraine, psychic equivalents of migraine,[]

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    […] sensations (which may include a rising or "funny" feeling under your breast bone or in the area of your stomach ) Hallucinations (including sights, smells, tastes) Vivid deja[] The most commonly reported ADRs were lethargy and drowsiness, dizziness, vertigo and ataxia, and blurred vision and diplopia.[] vision or diplopia Not Necessarily Disintegrative PTLSs (NPTLSs) Symptoms Not Necessarily Requiring Treatment Paroxysmal (Recurrent) Episodes of: Complex visual hallucinations[]

    Missing: Ophthalmic Migraine
  • Temporal Lobe Tumor

    […] problems – such as blurred vision, double vision , loss of part of the visual field (hemianopia), and temporary vision loss epileptic fits (seizures) – which may affect the[] I started having reoccuring instances when I would feel an intense deja vu and experience hallucinations, hear voices, but wouldn't remember anything afterwards.[] […] brain tumors genetics abnormal electrical activity in the brain When a temporal lobe seizure starts to occur, a person may experience sudden, unusual feelings, such as: deja[]

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  • Anxiety Disorder

    Possible side-effects include: diarrhoea or constipation nausea headaches sleep disturbance lower sexual responsiveness dizziness or blurred vision weight gain dry mouth sweating[]

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  • Angle Closure Glaucoma

    CASE REPORT: A 23 year-old woman developed bilateral severe blurred vision seven days after initiating therapy with topiramate.[] Blurred vision symptoms have to be taken very seriously and checked by an ophthalmic specialist.[] After 4 days of hospitalization, the patient reported blurred vision.[]

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  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    Other symptoms include visual changes (blurred vision, transient visual obscurations, double vision).[] During the migraine process, blood flow changes in the part of the brain responsible for vision may result in ophthalmic migraines that can produce visual symptoms without[] On further questioning she reported intermittent episodes of blurred vision. She was overweight and had a body mass index (BMI) of 32 kg/m 2.[]

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