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539 Possible Causes for Blurred Vision, Miosis

  • Uveitis

    The second case was related to a 45-year-old female patient who complained of blurred vision and a dark shadow before her right eye for 3 months.[] Spasm of the ocular sphincter muscle causes miosis.[] […] lacrimation Chronic anterior uveitis presents primarily as blurred vision and mild redness.[]

  • Anterior Uveitis

    We report the case of a 13-year-old girl who consulted for blurred vision, pain, and redness in her left eye.[] Clinical features: Symptoms: pain due to ciliary spasm, red eye, photophobia, decreased vision and tearing Signs: Circumcorneal ciliary injection, irregular pupil or miosis[] Symptoms of pigment dispersion may consist of blurred vision, redness, ocular pain, and photophobia, all of which are also symptoms of acute anterior uveitis.[]

  • Iritis

    Iritis is the inflammation of iris (the colored portion of the eye) characterized by pain, redness, blurred vision and sensitivity to light.[] […] iritis. [6], [4] IOP may be increased due to inflammatory process or it may be decreased due to damage of the ciliary body’s ability to produce aqueous humor. [10], [4] Miosis[] She complained of an irregular oval pupil, photophobia, and blurred vision in her left eye.[]

  • Heroin Dependence

    vision, back pain, fainting, dizziness, and sleepiness.[] […] mouth, constipation, painful tongue, redness of the mouth, intoxication (feeling lightheaded or drunk), disturbance in attention, irregular heartbeat, decrease in sleep, blurred[]

  • Organophosphate Poisoning

    A 42-year-old pregnant woman (26 weeks of gestation, G(4)P(0 3)) presented at the emergency department with a two-hour history of dizziness, blurred vision and repeated vomiting[] Human poisoning due to amitraz may be misdiagnosed as organophosphate/carbamate (OPC) toxicity, since amitraz poisoning shares several clinical features (miosis, bradycardia[] vision 4.[]

  • Tetraethyl Pyrophosphate Poisoning

    vision Increased lacrimation Miosis Glands Excessive salivation Lacrimation Sweating General effects Anxiety Restlessness Musculoskeletal Weakness Fasciculations Cramps Paralysis[] […] the muscarinic effects of organophosphates are SLUDGE ( salivation, lacrimation, urination, diarrhea, GI upset, emesis ) and DUMBELS ( diaphoresis and diarrhea; urination; miosis[] Adverse effects of pralidoxime: dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, muscle weakness. Patient Disposition: Admit for observation (for 36-72hrs?)[]

  • Carbamate Poisoning

    Adverse effects of pralidoxime: dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, muscle weakness. Patient Disposition: Admit for observation (for 36-72hrs?)[] Dyspnea and vomiting were the most common symptom and miosis and cyanosis were the most frequently observed signs.[] Receptor type Location Effect Muscarinic (stimulation) Pupils Miosis Ciliary body Blurred vision Exocrine glands Increased secretions Heart Decreased heart rate Bronchial[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    You have blurred vision or vision changes. You feel very tired and weak. You are sweating more than usual for you. You have a fast heartbeat.[] He was intubated and transferred to a large tertiary care center where his physical exam was notable for miosis.[] If early symptoms aren't recognized and treated quickly, blood sugar levels may continue to fall, resulting in drowsiness weakness blurred vision slurred speech confusion[]

  • Tonic Pupil

    She reported few episodes of blurring of vision in her right eye in the recent few months.[] In both cases, instillation of dilute 0.1% pilocarpine caused miosis in the affected eyes.[] A 45-year-old woman developed progressive photophobia and blurred vision due to unilateral Adie's tonic pupil.[]

  • Mydriasis

    The patients presented with pupil asymmetry (n 5) and blurred vision (n 2), and 6 of the 7 patients had unilateral involvement.[] Mydriasis and miosis were induced by one drop of 0.4 % tropicamide and 2 % pilocarpine hydrochloride, respectively.[] vision followed by headache.[]

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