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87 Possible Causes for Bone Biopsy Abnormal, Bony Swelling, Knee Pain

  • Osteosarcoma

    A doctor should be consulted if any of the following problems occur: Swelling over a bone or bony part of the body. Pain in a bone or joint.[] pain.[] PET scan: a full body scan often used to detect cancer biopsy: removal of a tissue sample from the bone for testing bone scan: a sensitive imaging test that shows bone abnormalities[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    Trauma, new bony pain, or change in bony pain warrants repeat imaging with X-rays.[] CASE REPORT A 56-year-old man with multiple myeloma presented with chronic polyarticular pain and swelling.[] The diagnosis is made when a large number of abnormal plasma cells are found in the patient's bone marrow. The doctor obtains this marrow through a bone biopsy.[]

  • Ewing's Sarcoma

    Patellar tumors occur infrequently and represent an uncommon etiology of anterior knee pain.[] A bone scan will show up abnormal areas where more of the isotope has collected.[] A young patient presented with a progressive right knee pain and swelling that was worse on ambulation.[]

  • Ewing Family of Tumors

    BACKGROUND: Deregulation of tumor suppressor gene function and abrogation of cell cycle control are common features of malignant neoplasms, but corresponding data on Ewing sarcomas and primitive neuroectodermal tumors are relatively scarce. We studied the expression of 4 tumor suppressor proteins in the Ewing[…][]

  • Bone Tumor

    Clinically, patients present with bony swellings near the joints, short stature or pain due to pressure on adjacent nerve or malignant degeneration of an exostoses.[] Condition Anterior Knee Pain and Runner's Knee Learn about anterior knee pain, or runner's knee.[] Biopsy - only occasionally needed Histology The tumor is composed of abnormal plasma cells.[]

  • Osteomyelitis

    Nonspecific soft tissue swelling may be seen.[] Ages range from 39 to 64 years, and reasons for amputation included infection, pain, and necrosis.[] This procedure permits bone biopsy for early diagnosis, confirmation of clean margins, removal of nonviable tissue and the abnormal toenail, and some deformity correction.[]

  • Chondrosarcoma

    Symptoms of chondrosarcoma are generally limited to the affected area and include the following: A bony lump or mass Tenderness or stiffness Pain or swelling, especially at[] The chief complaints were painful swelling and limitation of motion of the right knee for about half a year. The pain was a kind of dull ache.[] In October of 2004, the patient presented with a 3-month history of left knee pain that she attributed to some sort of trauma.[]

  • Juxtacortical Osteosarcoma

    The larger exophytic component consists of a bony protuberance with adjacent soft tissue swelling (arrowhead in b).[] Because of the location in the popliteal fossa, the patient may note inability to flex the knee.[] […] from tendon sheath or joint Knee the commonest site X-Rays Bony and soft tissue defects snowstorm appearance Spotty calcification Pathology ?[]

  • Paget Disease of the Bone

    May have gross bony deformity; may be only physical finding Rapid onset of pain and swelling suggests malignant degeneration (rare; less than 1% chance of malignant degeneration[] […] and hip pain as well as pain in his left upper arm.[] Bone looks like 'puzzle pieces' --Bone is being made, but not being fused together Paget's Disease of Bone Clinical Features: There is an abnormal process going on in the[]

  • Familial Paget Disease of Bone

    (with or without associated osteo-arthrosis of hips and knees), heart failure, triradiate deformity of the pelvis have either had an inadequate or no description in books[] Bone biopsy would be considered if there was a suspicion of cancer or abnormal lesion in the involved bone.[] Signs & Symptoms Early symptoms of Paget’s disease include bone pain, joint pain (especially in the back, hips and knees), and headache.[]

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