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1,764 Possible Causes for Bone Marrow Biopsy Abnormal, Dental Caries, Focal Keratoderma of Soles

  • Shwachman Syndrome

    These may include increased tooth decay (dental caries), mouth ulcers, and/or disease of the tissues that surround and support the teeth (periodontal disease).[] Patients included were diagnosed with primary hypocellular RC between 1 July 1998 and 31 December 2006 after central reference review of bone marrow biopsies.[] Patients with neutropenia may present with recurrent or serious infections, aphthous ulcers, or poor dental health secondary to caries or periodontal disease.[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Pancytopenia

    Pachyonychia congenita Clinical features of pachyonychia congenita Palms and soles Thickened or calloused palms and soles ( palmoplantar hyperkeratosis or keratoderma, particularly[] Dental caries in HIV-infected children versus household peers: two-year findings. Pediatr Dent. 2000 May-Jun. 22(3):207-14. [Medline].[] Bone Marrow Examination Almost always indicated in case pancytopenia unless cause is apparent. Both aspiration and biopsy are indicated.[]

  • Myelodysplasia

    […] clinic with both dental caries and latex allergy.[] Fluorescence in situ hybridization performed on the gingival biopsy specimen demonstrated the same del(20q) cytogenetic abnormality present in the bone marrow, confirming[] The hallmark feature of MDS is a bone marrow aspirate and biopsy that reveals heavy infiltration with abnormal-looking bone marrow cells.[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Congenital Neutropenia

    She had extensive dental caries, which is not common in patients with Kostmann syndrome.[] caries and bad oral hygiene.[] , professional dental care.[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Dyskeratosis Congenita

    Further examination revealed dystrophic nails, numerous dental caries, and blepharitis.[] […] fluid (aspiration) and solid (biopsy) portions of bone marrow are withdrawn under sedations or anesthesia.[] The patient presented normal skin, nails, and hair, but oral examination revealed a number of ulcers, leukoplakia, gingival recessions, alveolar bone loss, and dental caries[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Graft-versus-Host-Disease

    caries.[] marrow function coagulopathy: U E: electrolytes abnormalities associated with diarrhoea renal function liver function microbiology: stool sample, blood cultures, sputum,[] Patients with dry mouth may have difficulty chewing and swallowing foods, may notice changes in taste, and are at increased risk for developing dental caries, especially along[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Amyloidosis

    Bone marrow biopsy – a small tag of bone marrow is removed and examined for abnormalities.[] Bone marrow aspirates and biopsies look at the percentage of abnormal plasma cells in the marrow which produce amyloid proteins.[] A bone marrow biopsy did not identify any abnormalities, and a biopsy of abdominal subcutaneous fat was also negative for amyloidosis.[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Secondary Myelofibrosis

    Anotherodd point is that the patient did not have cataracts.However the presence of extensive caries teeth inspite ofgood dental care, with abnormalities of primary andsecondary[] The bone marrow trephine biopsy typically shows abnormal fibrosis of the marrow cavity.[] Bone marrow biopsy revealed myelofibrosis. Right parathyroidectomy was performed and a parathyroid adenoma was totally excised.[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

    ., belt line) Generalized Generalized Generalized Grouped (herpetiform) No No Sometimes Yes Mucosal Rare Occasionally Occasionally Often Hyperkeratosis of palms & soles (keratoderma[] Extracutaneous 4 manifestations include: dystrophy or absence of nails, sparse head hair or alopecia, excessive dental caries, microstomia, mouth ulcers, lingual tip fixation[] Good dental hygiene and regular dental checks are recommended. Many patients with JEB and DEB develop dental caries because of enamel defects.[]

    Missing: Bone Marrow Biopsy Abnormal
  • Acute Myelomonocytic Leukemia

    Additionally, an increased rate of dental caries as a complication of this abnormality has not been reported.[] The diagnosis is established by combination of complete blood count, peripheral blood smear, bone marrow aspirate, bone marrow biopsy, immunophenotypic profile and study of[] Other tests that may be done include: Bone marrow biopsy Blood and bone marrow testing for the presence of the Philadelphia chromosome Platelet count Medicines that target[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles

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