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127 Possible Causes for Bone Marrow with Increased Iron Stores, Vestibular Hyporeflexia

  • Hemosiderosis

    Progressive bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and severe vestibular hyporeflexia developed within 15 years, which can be attributed to lesions in the cochleovestibular[] The patient demonstrated cochlear and vestibular findings that are typical of this pathologic condition.[]

  • Hemochromatosis

    Iron overload disease has a wide variety of genotypes. The genetic study of this disease confirms its hereditary nature and enables us to provide genetic counseling for first-degree relatives. We performed magnetic resonance imaging and liver biopsy in an asymptomatic patient with more than 1,000 µg/L of serum[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    To review the diagnostic and prognostic value of anti-mutated citrullinated vimentin (MCV) in rheumatoid arthritis, taking into account the already available serology. Medline was searched via PubMed (1966 to May 2008) for anti-MCV and related terms, arthritis and arthropathies. Studies with anti-MCV,[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Abstract Elderly-onset inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) will be seen more frequently with the ageing of the population and the increasing incidence of IBD. However, knowledge regarding the best approach to IBD in this population is scarce. Furthermore, differential diagnosis in elderly patients with diarrhoea, rectal[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Hereditary Spherocytosis

    From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search congenital hemolytic anemia characterized by the production of red blood cells with a sphere shape, rather than the normal biconcave disk shape Congenital spherocytic hemolytic anemia Minkowski Chauffard syndrome spherocytic anemia edit English hereditary[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Pernicious Anemia

    Your doctor will diagnose pernicious anemia based on your medical and family histories, a physical exam, and test results. Your doctor will want to find out whether the condition is due to a lack of intrinsic factor or another cause. He or she also will want to find out the severity of the condition, so it can be[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Anemia of Infection

    Abstract A major factor in the anemia of infection, inflammation, and malignancy is a relative failure of the bone marrow to increase erythropoiesis in response to a shortened red cell survival. The possible causes for this diminished marrow response are: (a) a reduced production of erythropoietin, or, (b) impaired[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1

    Current smoking protects against ulcerative colitis and, after onset of the disease, improves its course, decreasing the need for colectomy. However, smoking increases the risk of developing Crohn's disease and worsens its course, increasing the need for steroids, immunosuppressants and reoperations. Smoking[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Aplastic Anemia

    Aplastic anemia is a disorder of the hematopoietic stem cell that results in a loss of blood cell precursors, hypoplasia or aplasia of bone marrow, and cytopenias in two or more cell lines (RBCs, WBCs, and/or platelets). Symptoms result from anemia, thrombocytopenia (petechiae, bleeding), or leukopenia (infections).[…][]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia
  • Megaloblastic Anemia

    Catabolism of hemoglobin by the reticuloendothelial cells of the marrow and liver accounts for the increased iron stores and the bilirubinemias [7].[] Bone marrow aspiration is done to rule out a primary bone marrow disorder such as a myelodysplastic syndrome or leukemia and assess iron stores.[] Iron stores vary from being increased before therapy to decreased if iron is consumed during therapy for megaloblastosis.[]

    Missing: Vestibular Hyporeflexia

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