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86 Possible Causes for Brachydactyly, Genu Recurvatum, Low Back Pain

  • Achondroplasia

    BACKGROUND: Genu recurvatum, a posterior resting position of the knee, is a common lower extremity deformity in patients with achondroplasia and has been thought to be secondary[] […] displacement of the midface and depressed nasal bridge Shortening of the arms with redundant skin folds on limbs Limitation of elbow extension Shortened fingers and toes (brachydactyly[] A 61-year-old man with a history of achondroplastic dwarfism presented with low back pain and radiculopathy and neurogenic claudication.[]

  • Congenital Metatarsus Varus

    recurvatum and bowing of long bones of leg 0 Genu recurvatum 1 Congenital dislocation of knee (with genu recurvatum) 2 Congenital bowing of femur 3 Congenital bowing of tibia[] She had subtle brachydactyly in hands and feet (fig. 8 a-c). Patient III:16 was 35 years old and had mild brachydactyly and decreased palmar creases (fig. 9 a, b).[] Foot function and low back pain. Foot 1999; 9:175–80. 38 Alonso-Vázquez A, Villarroya MA, Franco MA, Asín J, Calvo B.[]

  • Congenital Deformities of Limbs

    recurvatum, genu varus (bow knees) d) Congenital pseudoarthrosis of tibia (bow legs) Acquired deformities: The most common causes of acquired deformities are; a) Trauma b[] Type V- Undergrowth Undergrowth or brachydactyly is the condition of underdevelopment of fingers or thumbs and may present with small digit which may be because of missing[] In: Vleeming A, Mooney V, Dormán T, Snijders C, Stoeckart R (eds) Movement, stability and low back pain. ‎[]

  • Joint Subluxation

    Knee hyperextension (genu recurvatum) in a male patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.[] We describe a boy with the overall clinical and radiological features fitting the characteristics of SWS, although cataract, elbow deformity, and overt brachydactyly were[] […] categorized as ‘mechanical low back pain.’[]

  • Parastremmatic Dwarfism

    References See also Genu varum Genu recurvatum Knee pain Osteoarthritis External links orthoped/495 at eMedicine 1697644537 at GPnotebook Genu valgum, from Duke University[] Autosomal dominant Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2C Autosomal dominant brachyolmia Autosomal dominant congenital benign spinal muscular atrophy Familial digital arthropathy-brachydactyly[] C/Symphalangism-like pheno, Brachydactyly type A2 ESCO2 Roberts syndrome, SC phocomelia syndrome GDF5 Acromesomelic dysplasia, Hunter-Thompson, Brachydactyly type A2, Brachydactyly[]

  • Anonychia Congenita Totalis

    recurvatum and bowing of long bones of leg 754.40 Genu recurvatum 754.41 Congenital dislocation of knee (with genu recurvatum) 754.42 Congenital bowing of femur 754.43 Congenital[] Anonychia with absent phalanges and brachydactyly: A report of two unrelated cases.[] We report here a 60-year-old woman with low back pain and tenderness at the lumbosacral spine who was found to have complete absence of all nails, abnormal teeth, dry skin[]

  • Tibia Varum

    recurvatum, tibiofemoral angle, and foot pronation decreased with maturation.[] Glucagon) Reproductive system disorders/Hypogonadism: Females: Delayed puberty, oligomenorrhea, infertility Males: Testicular descent disorders, infertility Skeletal anomalies: Brachydactyly[] Spondylolysis is a defect or crack in the back part of the vertebra, which causes back pain.[]

  • Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia

    […] valgum, varum, and recurvatum may be seen.[] Radiographs revealed hip dysplasia, brachydactyly and scoliosis in patient 1. Radiological examinations in patient 2 also showed hip dysplasia recently.[] The patient sometimes suffered from mild low back pain.[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia Type SPONASTRIME

    Genu recurvatum was found.[] Type A1 AD Brachydactyly Type A2 AD Brachydactyly Type A3 Brachydactyly Type B AD Brachydactyly Type C AD Brachydactyly Type D AD Brachydactyly Type E AD Pseudohypoparathyroidism[] Back Pain Lymphoma Lyngstadaas Syndrome Malouf Syndrome Manouvrier Syndrome Marchiafava-Bignami Disease Marsden Syndrome Massa Casaer Ceulemans Syndrome May-Thurner Syndrome[]

  • Pfeiffer-Palm-Teller Syndrome

    […] pads Fever Slender toe Bilateral cryptorchidism Atrophic scars Proportionate short stature Short clavicles Atypical scarring of skin Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis Genu[] […] tumoral Periodical syndrome, associated receiver 1 of the TNF Peritoneum, gelatinous disease of Perlman syndrome of Perniola krajewska carnevale syndrome of Fibula aplasia brachydactylie[] , radiation of pain, severity of pain, timing of pain [pain characteristics in low back pain syndrome] PR by way of the rectum [Lat. per rectum ]; far point of accommodation[]

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