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48 Possible Causes for Breast Engorgement, Vaginal Bleeding

  • Third Trimester Pregnancy 

    Always call your care provider if you: experience painful, regular contractions prior to 37 weeks or if you think you are in labor have leaking of fluid or vaginal bleeding[] Vaginal spotting is not unusual and is less of a concern than during the first trimester, but any bright red vaginal bleeding warrants a call to your obstetrical provider[] Have you had any vaginal bleeding or spotting? Have you had any pain or uterine cramping? Have you had any discharge or leakage of fluid from your vagina?[]

  • Appendicitis

    This eventually exceeds capillary perfusion pressure, which leads to venous engorgement, arterial compression and tissue ischemia.[] Vaginal discharge with an odor, painful urination or bleeding between menstrual cycles can be associated with a sexually transmitted infection (STI).[] […] obstruction can be caused by fecaliths, lymphoid hyperplasia, foreign bodies, parasites and both primary (carcinoid, adenocarcinoma, Kaposi sarcoma and lymphoma) and metastatic (breast[]

  • Uterine Subinvolution 

    engorgement, abscess, mastitis ), W onder drugs (drug fever ) References: [6] [7] [8] [9] [10][] Signs and Symptoms. (1) Prolonged lochial flow. (2) Profuse vaginal bleeding. (3) Large, flabby uterus. c.[] If vaginal bleeding continues following curettage for secondary postpartum haemorrhage, then consider the need for a pelvic trans-vaginal ultrasound scan.[]

  • Pelvic Vein Thrombophlebitis

    engorgement. [2] Treatment [ edit ] With low uterine size retention, treat endometritis and SPT with ice packs, broad-spectrum antibiotics and analgesics.[] Other symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome may include: Swollen vulva/vagina Varicose veins located on or around the vulva, buttocks, and legs Abnormal menstrual bleeding[] […] fever must be considered, such as infection of cesarean section wounds, episiotomy or laceration sites as well as endometritis, endomyometritis, mastitis, and physiologic breast[]

  • Postpartum Hemorrhage

    Swollen (Engorged) Breasts When your milk comes in (about two to four days after delivery), your breasts may become very large, hard and sore.[] However, recurrent vaginal bleeding and hypovolemic shock occurred 2 days later.[] CASE: A 36-year-old pregnant woman with placenta previa and percreta at 35 weeks' gestation complicated with massive vaginal bleeding.[]

  • Birth

    First, inspect and gently palpate her breasts for redness, pain, and engorgement. Inspect the nipples for redness, cracks, and bleeding.[] DO NOT perform vaginal examination if bleeding now or at any time after 7 months of pregnancy.[] Breast engorgement ‐ measured by the self‐reported Six Point Breast Engorgement Scale ( Hill 1994 ) or by the mother's perception of tension/hardness in her breasts) three[]

  • Breast Feeding 

    In some cases, breast engorgement may become severe, which can lead to a blocked milk duct or breast infection . For more information, see the topic Breast Engorgement .[] Mild to moderate PPH is defined as vaginal bleeding in excess of 500 mL ( WHO 2007 ), while severe PPH is defined as vaginal bleeding more than 1000 mL during the first 24[] Immediate beginning of breastfeeding after a normal vaginal birth can reduce the risk of postpartum bleeding and helps the mother regain her pre-pregnancy body weight earlier[]

  • Endometritis 

    Fever due to breast engorgement tends to remain 39 C.[] Abstract A rare case of tubercular endometritis occurred in a 63-year-old nullipara, postmenopausal woman, who was referred to our institute with vaginal bleeding and hyperechoic[] All but one of the women were premenopausal, and all presented with abnormal vaginal bleeding.[]

  • Nafarelin

    engorgement, and arthralgia.[] Vaginal bleeding patterns, leiomyoma and uterine size, surgical conditions and adverse effects were assessed.[] Contraindications Pregnancy, hypersensitivity, lactation, undiagnosed abnormal vaginal bleeding Cautions Goal in adult females is to suppress menstruation; max treatment period[]

  • Endometrial Hyperplasia 

    She also felt breast engorgement despite having negative breast mammograms performed every two years. She did not develop any virilization signs.[] OBJECTIVE: To describe a case where pharmacist prescribing of metformin therapy resulted in unexplained vaginal bleeding in a patient later diagnosed with complex endometrial[] Abnormal vaginal bleeding is one of the most common manifestations of this condition.[]

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