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48 Possible Causes for Bright Yellow Urine, Cough, Headache

  • Tartrazine

    Tartrazine hypersensitivity reactions include headaches, asthma attacks, itching or hives, insomnia, and hyperactivity.[] Ten asthmatic children who gave a history of cough or wheeze after orange drinks, were tested for tartrazine sensitivity.[] If you experience drowsiness , dizziness, hypotension or a headache as side-effects when using Tartrazine medicine then it may not be safe to drive a vehicle or operate heavy[]

  • Chelidonium

    Yellowness. Dirty-yellow color of face. "Face forehead, noise, cheeks remarkably yellow." Stool yellowish or bright yellow.[] This swelling can also cause pain under the scapula and up the gallbladder meridian causing headaches and migraines.[] Cough after waking and on rising, with sensation of dust under sternum. Paroxysms of cough with copious expectoration, with pain behind sternum, especially at night.[]

  • Dehydration

    […] is bright yellow in color (urine should be almost clear) Apathy or lack of energy Grumpiness Trouble concentrating [Note: trouble concentrating could also be a sign of concussion[] Mild to moderate dehydration may include the following: Increased thirst Dry mouth Tired or sleepy Decreased urine output Urine is low volume and more yellowish than normal Headache[] Everything we need to treat infants to adults for coughs and chronic pain to broken bones is on-site and ready at the helm.[]

  • Ipecac

    Pagina 46 - Urine watery, clear, lemon-colored, bright yellow ; dark yellow, and hot : red, flocculent, a powdery sediment : watery in the forenoon, in the afternoon milky[] Other applications include sore bruised sick headaches and green diarrhea that doesn’t respond to Chamomilla.[] Continued sneezing; coryza; wheezing cough. Cough incessant and violent, with every breath . Chest seems full of phlegm, but does not yield to coughing. Bubbling rales.[]

  • Heat Exhaustion

    They are drowsy with a headache in back of head, aren’t thirsty. Lachesis : For headaches from sun exposure; especially if they are worse on the left side.[] (Some medications and supplements can turn urine bright yellow or orange.[] Mind Your Meds Certain medications, such as diuretics, blood pressure medicines, allergy meds, cough and cold medicines, can decrease the body's ability to regulate its temperature[]

  • Puerperium

    The colour of lochia (vaginal discharge)is bright red on postpartum days 3-4, reddish-brown after day 3-10 and then turns yellow.[] Headache is frequent in the puerperium normally manifesting between 3 and 6 days after delivery.[] Here, we report a 24-year-old woman diagnosed as IgG4-RLD in puerperium, who developed dry cough, low fever and exertional dyspnea following the delivery.[]

  • Cocculus Indicus

    Headache as if the skull would burst, or like a great valve opening and shutting. Sick headache with vertigo. Headache again from working in the sun.[] Pagina 46 - Urine watery, clear, lemon-colored, bright yellow ; dark yellow, and hot : red, flocculent, a powdery sediment : watery in the forenoon, in the afternoon milky[] Pagina 241 - Cough causing inclination to vomit, without nausea. Suffocating cough, whereby the child becomes quite stiff and blue in the face. (Coral, rub.)[]

  • Poisoning by Dinitro-Ortho-Cresol

    yellow urine (dinitro-o-cresol and dinoseb only), - the patient passes very little urine, as a result of kidney damage, - fits, - unconsciousness, - lung oedema. * On the[] In the two systemic cases, one was mild, causing only complaints of a feeling of heat, headache and malaise.[] CAUTION: Potential symptoms of overexposure to dinitrocresol are a sense of well being; headache, fever, lassitude, profuse sweating, excessive thirst, tachycardia, hyperpnea, coughing[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    […] and sometimes itches Anorexia Tendency toward Liver enlargement Dry stools Yellow urine Jaundice Hepatomegaly T: Normal or Red C: Greasy and yellow or Dry and yellow (more[] Teach about Hypostatic pneumonia (cough and deep breath) - secretions stay in one spot, don't move.[] […] the Exterior Regulate the Yin and Wei Herb Formulas Points Clinical Manifestations Joint pain with a crackling sensation Epigastric pain Fatigue Gastrointestinal weakness Headache[]

  • Anagrelide

    , green, or bloody mucus Easy bleeding or bruising Blood in your urine, vomit (bright red or coffee-ground) and/or stools ( bright red, or black/tarry)Coughing up blood Loose[] He developed frequent headaches. Aspirin was prescribed for the next 2 years at varying doses and frequency.[] The most common adverse events observed during anagrelide treatment were anemia, headache, palpitations, and diarrhea.[]

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