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1,046 Possible Causes for Bright Yellow Urine, Folic Acid Deficiency

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Glasbrenner , B , Malfertheiner , P , Büchler , M et al. ( 1991 ) Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency in chronic pancreatitis: a relevant disorder?[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Vitamin B Complex

    Large doses of riboflavin result in very bright yellow urine.[] […] colour to bright yellow.[] Vitamin B 9 folic acid Deficiency results in a macrocytic anemia , and elevated levels of homocysteine . Deficiency in pregnant women can lead to birth defects.[]

  • Megaloblastic Anemia

    Megaloblastic anemia (MA), in most instances in developing countries, results from deficiency of vitamin B(12) or folic acid.[] Fatigue is often the first sign of folic acid deficiency anemia .[] Of the two micronutrients, folic acid deficiency contributed to MA in a large majority of cases. Now deficiency of B(12) is far more common.[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Sulfasalazine

    Sulfasalazine may cause reduced absorption of folic acid and digoxin ( Lanoxin ). Reduced folic acid absorption may cause folic acid deficiency and result in anemia .[] Sulfasalazine has been shown to actively inhibit the absorption and metabolism of folic acid which may result in folic acid deficiency.[] Conversely, methotrexate can increase the occurrence of the anemia caused by sulfonamides because methotrexate also causes folic acid deficiency.[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Folate-Deficiency Anemia

    […] caused by a lack of folic acid in the diet. folic acid deficiency anemia Anemia resulting from a deficiency of folic acid.[] Other causes of folic acid deficiency anemia include the following. Pregnancy Pregnancy causes folic acid deficiency for several reasons.[] Folic acid deficiency is one of the most common of all vitamin deficiencies.[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Anticonvulsant

    A deficiency in folic acid disrupts DNA and RNA metabolism, thus producing abnormal cells.[] Phenytoin, phenobarbital, and carbamazepine are folic acid antagonists, and one postulated mechanism for their teratogenicity has been the induction of folic acid deficiency[] A folic acid deficiency is also associated with increased risk of developing breast cancer and colorectal cancer.[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Phenytoin

    acid deficiency; megaloblastic anaemia nausea seizures (abrupt withdrawal may precipitate peripheral neuropathy seizure) rash lymphadenopathy gingival hyperplasia Drug Interactions[] Adverse Effects: hypotension decreased automaticity of ventricles in second and complete AV heart block (suppression of ventricular escape rhythm) hyperglycemia nystagmus folic[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Thrombocytopenia

    Vitamin B12 deficiency Folic acid deficiency Reduced life expectancy Antibody reactions Alloantibodies Transfusion incident Morbus haemolyticus neonatorum Autoantibodies[] In this context, vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiencies are especially important.[] acid deficiency Leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome or aplastic anemia Decreased production of thrombopoietin by the liver in liver failure Sepsis , systemic viral or bacterial[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Glossitis

    Causes: Associated with micronutrient deficiency, including: Iron deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency Folic acid deficiency Thiamine deficiency Niacin deficiency Vitamin E deficiency[] Hunter's glossitis is caused by B12 or folic acid deficiency.[] acid deficiency vitamin B12 deficiency iron deficiency anemia Lifestyle, diet, allergies, infections, environmental factors. etc. might be your cause for a red flared tongue[]

    Missing: Bright Yellow Urine
  • Congenital Malabsorption of Folic Acid

    What are the causes of folic acid deficiency (4)?[] Medication-induced folic acid deficiency.[] The deficiency can usually be treated with a dietary supplement. Folic acid deficiency Folic acid is a B vitamin required for the production of normal red blood cells.[]

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