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512 Possible Causes for Broad Short Fingers

  • Syndromic Moyamoya Disease

    "This book provides an overview of the cognitive and behavioral profiles of the cortical dementias in a readable and clinically relevant manner. Its emphasis on disease entities primarily affecting cortical structures allows for a more comprehensive description of the latest insights into the pathogenesis and[…][]

  • Onat Syndrome

    Help Watch the 'search for a disease' video tutorial Procedures: Orphanet inventory of rare diseases Orphanet maintains the Orphanet nomenclature of rare diseases, essential in improving the visibility of rare diseases in health and research information systems: each disease in Orphanet is attributed a unique and[…][]

  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome

    Their clinical manifestations included brachycephaly, midface hypoplasia, prognathism, upper lip eversion, short and broad hands with short fingers, clinodactyly of the fifth[] […] and broad skull 0000248 Brachydactyly Short fingers or toes 0001156 Broad forehead Increased width of the forehead Wide forehead [ more ] 0000337 Corticospinal tract hypoplasia[] Attention deficit disorder Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder Attention deficits Childhood attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ more ] 0007018 Brachycephaly Short[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    […] and broad; short fingers Therapy Complications Small foramen magnum : compression of the cervical medulla Spinal canal stenosis and radiculopathy (of the lower back) ; :[] X-ray Lateral skull : midface hypoplasia , frontal prominence Spine : abnormally narrow interpedicular distance spinal canal stenosis ; scoliosis Extremities: bones are short[]

  • Adams-Oliver Syndrome

    Both feet were short and broad. All toes were rudimentary with no nails and fingers were irregularly short. On infantogram, all toe-bones were stubby and rudimentary.[]

  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    RSS is characterized by severe intrauterine growth retardation, postnatal short stature, asymmetry of the face, body, and limbs, short and incurved fifth fingers, broad forehead[]

  • Kyphosis

    […] hands with short fingers.[] […] examples Sentence Examples Their bones are also affected, and they usually develop joint contractures (stiff joints), kyphosis (a specific type of curve to the spine), and broad[]

  • Brachydactyly

    […] and toes, short and broad long bones with normal morphology and small pelvis.[] […] fissures, abundant eyebrows and eyelashes, thick and abundant hair and coarse voice; and radiologically by brachymetacarpalia, brachymetatarsalia and brachyphalangia of all fingers[]

  • Craniofacial Dysplasia

    There may be hand abnormalities, such as brachydactyly (short fingers) and short, broad thumbs.[] […] stature (usually 3 – 6 inches shorter than other family members) Short forearms Short, tapered fingers and broad thumbs Abnormal shape of the pelvic bone Flat feet Knock[] […] typically in adulthood rather than as a child) Underdeveloped or absent collarbones resulting in narrow, sloping shoulders Premature closure of the coronal suture Scoliosis Short[]

  • Simpson Dysmorphia Syndrome

    Note short fingers and short broad thumbs.[] […] the roof of the mouth (cleft palate) broad, short hands and fingers.[] […] chest deformity, one supernumerary, right sided nipple, short fingers with broad thumbs (fig 2 ), and short, broad toes.[]

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