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2,277 Possible Causes for Bronchiectasis, Lordosis, Sperm Count Decreased

  • Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia

    Increased ligamentous laxity was present in 95%, limited extension of the elbows in 92%, increased lumbar lordosis in 85%, thoracal deformity in 68%, genu varum in 63% and[] Bronchiectasis progressed during follow-up in 2 patients.[] Lumbar lordosis was moderately increased. Thoracic deformity was observed in 82% of the patients.[]

  • Kartagener Syndrome

    He was diagnosed with pulmonary infection and bronchiectasis of the left upper lobe, situs inversus, and KS.[] The patient was diagnosed with pulmonary infection and bronchiectasis of the left upper lobe, situs inversus, and Kartagener syndrome.[] Bronchiectasis are caused by recurrent infection and inflammation of the airways. HRCT of the lung is used to demonstrate and assess the severity of bronchiectasis.[]

    Missing: Lordosis
  • Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

    Previous studies reported various prevalence of PCD among patients with bronchiectasis.[] Abstract We describe a case of retinitis pigmentosa, associated with bronchiectasis, as the first sign of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD).[] The triad of situs inversus, bronchiectasis and sinusitis is known as Kartagener syndrome.[]

    Missing: Lordosis
  • Cystic Fibrosis

    Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) is an allergic disease characterized clinically by wheezing, pulmonary infiltrates, bronchiectasis, and fibrosis that affects[] […] fibrosis lung disease is generally a diffuse process however rarely one lung may become particularly damaged through chronic collapse and consolidation resulting in end-stage bronchiectasis[] KEYWORDS: Bronchiectasis; Cystic fibrosis; Elderly; Exophiala dermatitidis; Late diagnosis[]

    Missing: Lordosis
  • Sinusitis

    Rhinosinusitis and bronchiectasis[] Other chronic respiratory diseases Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome Pulmonary hypertension Bronchiectasis[] Rhinosinusitis is often linked to certain causes of bronchiectasis (Table 1) and may increase the risk of further chest infections, more severe bronchiectasis (Guilemany 2009a[]

    Missing: Lordosis Sperm Count Decreased
  • Acute Bronchitis

    Acute inflammation of the tracheobronchial tree in patients with underlying chronic bronchial disorders (eg, COPD , bronchiectasis , cystic fibrosis ) is considered an acute[] […] viral infection [1] Risk factors Tobacco smoke , dust, air pollution [2] Diagnostic method Based on symptoms [4] Differential diagnosis Asthma , pneumonia , bronchiolitis , bronchiectasis[] […] subacute purulent bronchitis acute and subacute septic bronchitis Type 1 Excludes bronchitis NOS ( J40 ) tracheobronchitis NOS ( J40 ) Type 2 Excludes acute bronchitis with bronchiectasis[]

    Missing: Lordosis Sperm Count Decreased
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    We defined short segment instrumentation (SSI) as construct length RESULTS: Correction loss in global kyphosis (GK) and lumbar lordosis (LL) of the LSI group was slightly[] Radiographical evaluations included global kyphosis (GK), lumbar lordosis (LL), sagittal vertical axis, spinal-sacral angle, kyphosis of proximal non-fused segments (KPNS)[] Posture shows a flattening of the lumbar lordosis and a dorsal stooping posture with an accentuation of the thoracic kyphosis.[]

    Missing: Sperm Count Decreased
  • Spondylocarpotarsal Synostosis

    Presenting clinical signs are congenital scoliosis early in life, and shortening of the trunk with scoliosis and/or lordosis in older children.[] Bronchiectasis This pathway provides guidance on imaging patients with suspected bonchiectasis.[] We report on an 11-year-old boy with thoracolumbar fusion, carpal synostosis, short stature, scoliosis, lordosis, defective dentition, and recurrent otitis media consistent[]

    Missing: Sperm Count Decreased
  • Chudley-Rozdilsky Syndrome

    […] a rare congenital myopathy syndrome characterized by nonprogressive myopathy (manifesting with mild facial and generalized weakness, bilateral ptosis, and severe lumbar lordosis[] Ciguatera fish poisoning * Ciliary discoordination, due to random ciliary orientation * Ciliary dyskinesia, due to transposition of ciliary microtubules * Ciliary dyskinesia-bronchiectasis[] Mullerian development Needles Pulmonary venoocclusive disease Hereditary neuropathic amyloidosis Pulmonary venous connection Familial Portuguese polyneuritic Ciliary dyskinesia-bronchiectasis[]

    Missing: Sperm Count Decreased
  • Strudwick Syndrome

    […] dysplasia congenita, Strudwick type is characterized by disproportionate short stature from birth (with a very short trunk and shortened limbs) and skeletal abnormalities (lordosis[] […] with or without elevated sweat chloride 1BESC1 211400 SCNN1B 600760 14 Bronchiectasis with or without elevated sweat chloride 2BESC2 613021 SCNN1A 600228 14 Bronchiectasis[] Enlarged liver * Enlarged spleen * Protruding abdomen * Delayed growth * Delayed motor milestones * Lax joints * Inability to fully extend elbows * Coxa vara * Knock-knee * Lordosis[]

    Missing: Sperm Count Decreased

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