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718 Possible Causes for Bronchitis, Gastroenteritis

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  • Influenza

    And "stomach flu" isn't really flu at all, but gastroenteritis . Most people with the flu recover on their own without medical care.[] KEYWORDS: ECMO; alveolar collapse; anticoagulation; complication; plastic bronchitis; white out[] Human noroviruses are the primary cause of foodborne gastroenteritis. Potent and safe inhibitors are needed for the treatment/prophylaxis of norovirus infections.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Role of procalcitonin in infectious gastroenteritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Dig Dis Sci. 2008;53(11):2960–2968. 56.[] Smoking is one of the major causes of acute bronchitis. Sometimes acute bronchitis can be caused by bacteria, such as Streptococcus.[] Being exposed to tobacco smoke, air pollution, dusts, vapors, and fumes can also cause acute bronchitis. Less often, bacteria can also cause acute bronchitis.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Vecchio AL, Giannattasio A, Duggan C, De Masi S, Ortisi MT, et al. (2011) Evaluation of the quality of guidelines for acute gastroenteritis in children with the AGREE instrument[] RESULTS: Changes in the post-CPG period included (1) The diagnosis of URI was used less frequently whereas the diagnosis of common cold, pharyngitis and acute bronchitis were[] In onset of hypersomnia, significant correlations existed among "acute upper respiratory infections" (r 0.446*), "acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis" (r 0.462*), and "pharyngitis[]

  • Hypogammaglobulinemia

    […] tracts (eg, sinopulmonary infections, including chronic otitis media, sinusitis, bronchitis/bronchiectasis, pneumonia ), gastrointestinal tract (eg, bacterial or parasitic gastroenteritis[] I had years of battling bronchitis and finally got my tonsils out at 21. I am now 36.[] 439 Fever in Hospitalized Patients 449 Fever of Unknown Origin 459 Bacteremia Sepsis and Septic Shock 471 Infections with Rash 483 Intraoral Infections 573 Diarrhea and Gastroenteritis[]

  • Pneumonia

    We report a case of a 40-year-old woman in her first trimester of pregnancy who initially presented with acute gastroenteritis symptoms but due to a history of high-risk behaviour[] If the acute bronchitis is viral, antibiotics won’t help. Most of the time, viral acute bronchitis goes away within several days.[] Zinc supplementation as an adjunct to antibiotics in the treatment of pneumonia in children two to 59 months of age Gastroenteritis and respiratory infections (particularly[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    Rotavirus infection - gastroenteritis; Norwalk virus; Gastroenteritis - viral; Stomach flu; Diarrhea - viral; Loose stools - viral; Upset stomach - viral Viral gastroenteritis[] Adenoviruses are a group of viruses that cause respiratory (breathing) illnesses, such as a common cold, conjunctivitis (an infection in the eye), croup, bronchitis, bronchiolitis[] Adenoviruses can cause a wide range of illnesses such as Common cold Sore throat Bronchitis (a condition that occurs when the airways in the lungs become filled with mucus[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    He did not have a history of recent gastroenteritis.[] According to the FDA, there is new information that quinolone antibiotics may cause very serious side effects when used to treat sinusitis , bronchitis , and urinary tract[] Abstract Nontyphoid salmonella (NTS) serotypes can cause gastroenteritis, bacteriemia, and focal infections.[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    […] syndrome ) Neurological involvement, which may lead to meningitis and, encephalitis, polyneuritis, causing headache, seizures, coma and palsies Gastrointestinal symptoms: gastroenteritis[] Bronchodilators for asthma and bronchitis. Energy/metabolism boosters (thermogenic) for weight loss, fatigue and increased physical and mental stamina.[] See Also Acute Bronchitis in Adults Alcohol and Antibiotics Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic Shortages: A Serious Safety Concern Antibiotics and Birth Control Pill Interactions[]

  • Otitis Media

    Other studies mentioned the following mild to moderate adverse effects: vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach ache, gastroenteritis, dermatitis, increased appetite, hyperactivity,[] Your doctor will also take your child’s temperature and look for other signs of infection (for example, bronchitis or a chest infection). Tests are rarely needed.[] We included studies of children presenting with primary complaints of earache (acute otitis media), sore throat (or pharyngitis or tonsillitis), cough (or acute bronchitis[]

  • Adenovirus

    Abstract Viral gastroenteritis is caused mainly by NV (Norovirus).[] Abstract Avian infectious bronchitis caused by the infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), and mycoplasmosis caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) are two major respiratory diseases[] This study suggests that HAdV-52 may be one of many agents causing gastroenteritis of unknown etiology.[]

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