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47 Possible Causes for Bronchospasm and Wheezing, Cough, Metallic Taste

  • Metal Fume Fever

    Fourteen of the workers experienced the symptom of an unusual sweet or metallic taste in the mouth. Clinical signs were limited to wheezing or rales in eight patients.[] […] response (See Bronchospasm ).[] The MFF is characterized by fever, cough, sputing, wheezing, chest tightness, fatique, chills, fever, myalgias, cough, dyspnea, leukocytosis with a left shift, thirst, metallic[]

  • Anaphylaxis

    Dyspnea Tachypnea Wheezing Upper airway Laryngeal wheezing Lip swelling Rhinitis Stridor Tongue edema Cutaneous/mucosal tissue Most common symptoms Urticaria Generalized[] […] runny nose Mouth - itching, swelling of the lips or tongue Throat - itching, tightness, trouble swallowing, swelling of the back of the throat Chest - shortness of breath, coughing[] taste in mouth During anaphylaxis, a person may have trouble breathing or experience a drop in blood pressure.[]

  • Inhalation of Cadmium Fumes

    When its initially inhaled you may notice a sweet or metallic taste, and then throat irritation.[] Cough and dyspnea may also be observed. Symptoms resolve over the course of two days.[] taste occurring within 3-10 hours after exposure.[]

  • Polymer Fume Fever

    A 29-year-old Japanese man presented with fever, dyspnoea and non-productive cough after massive inhalation of evaporant from a polytetrafluoroethylene-coated cooking pan.[] ; it is characterized by sudden onset of thirst and a metallic taste in the mouth, followed by high fever,… … Medical dictionary Fever — Although a fever technically is any[] Inhalation of fluoropolymer pyrolysis products causes a self-limited illness termed polymer fume fever; symptoms include fever, chills, myalgias and non-productive cough,[]

  • Stachybotrys Chartarum

    The mould-exposed group more commonly reported they were bothered when walking in a room with carpets, complained of a chemical or metallic taste in their mouth, and had problems[] These unusual cases appeared only in infants ranging in age from 1 to 8 months and were characterized by pulmonary hemorrhage, which caused the babies to cough up blood.[] There is a potential for people to develop symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, runny nose, irritated eyes or throat, particularly if the person has developed an allergy to[]

  • Adenosine

    GI: metallic taste, nausea. GU: groin pressure. Musculoskeletal: back pain, neck pain. Respiratory: chest pressure, dyspnea, shortness of breath, hyperventilation.[] Here, we report a case of undetectable ADA in the pleural fluid of a man presenting with chronic cough, fever and night sweats.[] Gastrointestinal disorders Common - Nausea Uncommon - Metallic taste Not known - Vomiting Vascular disorders Very common - Flushing General disorders and Administration Site[]

  • High Altitude Pulmonary Edema

    High altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) is a form of high altitude illness characterized by cough, dyspnea upon exertion progressing to dyspnea at rest and eventual death, seen[] Side effects include paraesthesia and metallic taste.[] A 26-year-old woman presented with dyspnea and dry cough soon after arriving on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (3650 m). Chest radiograph showed diffuse patchy infiltrates.[]

  • Exposure to Zinc Oxide Fumes

    Symptoms of Metal Fume Fever MFF is a self-limited illness characterized by fever, chills, cough, dyspnea, headache, myalgias, and malaise, most commonly occurring within[] Symptoms of metal fume fever include a metallic taste in the mouth, fever, headache, chest pain, and shortness of breath.[] Other features include cough, thirst, a metallic taste, salivation, and a neutrophil leucocytosis.[]

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum

    Metallic taste. Salivation. Tongue thickly coated, feels as if scalded. Throat.-- Hot, dry , raw, stitching pain into ears when swallowing.[] Cough. hemorrhoids. Headache. Hernia. Intermittents. Jaundice. Liver, affections of. Lumbago. Prostate gland, affections of. Sacrum, pain in. Taste, altered.[] Taste Metallic taste For more, click heading above.[]

  • Food Allergy

    The most common immediate symptoms of food allergy include: hives (large bumps on the skin) swelling itchy skin itchiness or tingling in the mouth metallic taste in the mouth[] IgE-mediated pulmonary symptoms may include laryngeal edema, cough, or bronchospasm.[] Histamine causes symptoms such as cough, wheeze and hives.[]

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