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1,863 Possible Causes for Bronchospasm and Wheezing, Peripheral T Cells Decreased, Pertussis

  • Influenza

    OBJECTIVES: Influenza and pertussis vaccination programmes have been in place for pregnant women in the UK since 2009 and 2012, respectively.[] In terms of bronchospasm reported as an adverse event there was no significant difference between groups (3% in both groups; OR 1.03; 95% CI 0.62 to 1.72) ( Analysis 5.3 )[] In contrast, IL-1R1 / mice showed a dramatic decrease in CD4 T-cell proliferation, suggesting that efficient T-helper cell priming in peripheral organs is dependent on a functional[]

  • Asthma

    Bordetella pertussis positive individuals had lower FEV 1 /FVC (77.1% v 80.7%, p   0.012) and more asthma symptoms than B pertussis negative cases.[] […] asth·ma \ ˈaz-mə, British ˈas- \ : a chronic lung disorder that is marked by recurring episodes of airway obstruction (as from bronchospasm) manifested by labored breathing[] RT‑qPCR demonstrated that VDR expression in the peripheral blood of asthmatic children was decreased.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    […] diagnosis of acute bronchitis caused by B. pertussis with possible co-infection with M. pneumoniae.[] However, it is not uncommon for individuals with acute bronchitis to experience bronchospasm and wheezing, especially if there is an underlying history of asthma. 10 In order[] Asthma Patients with asthma have bilateral wheezing; the main difference between asthma and acute bronchitis is the chronicity of bronchospasm.[]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased
  • Food Allergy

    Compared with infants who receive aP as their first pertussis vaccine, those who receive wP appear less likely to mount Th2 immune responses to either vaccine or extraneous[] IgE-mediated pulmonary symptoms may include laryngeal edema, cough, or bronchospasm.[] This causes low FOXP3 mRNA levels and markedly decreased protein expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes of affected patients.[]

  • Bacterial Tracheitis

    Agentes causales: Hemofillus hinluenzae, Bordetella pertussis.[] Pertussis is caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis.[] Pertussis is caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis .[]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased
  • Cystic Fibrosis

    If your baby has CF, she should receive routine childhood vaccines against such common illnesses as Hib and pertussis , as well as an annual flu shot (once she's six months[] Prophylaxis against pulmonary infections includes maintenance of pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae, varicella, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and measles immunity and annual influenza[]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased
  • Tracheal Edema

    Laryngeal oedema and bronchospasm develop within 24 hours.[] Signs and symptoms can include the discovery of singed nasal hairs, burns around the face, coughing, hoarseness, sooty sputum, crackles, rhonchi and wheezes and signs of respiratory[]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased
  • Tracheal Foreign Body

    The objective was to present the unique case of previously unreported asymptomatic cylindrical tracheal foreign body causing near-total airway obstruction. The asymptomatic nature of the case made diagnosis and management challenging. A retrospective case review at an urban health maintenance organization[…][]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased
  • Secondary Tracheal Tumor

    Giant Paraesophageal Hernia Thoracic Open Abdominal or Laparoscopic Approach 343 Management of Minimally Symptomatic Giant Paraesophageal Hernias 350 Plication for Diaphragmatic Eventration 356 Pacing for Unilateral Diaphragm Paralysis 365 Optimal Crural Closure Techniques for Repair of Large Hiatal Hernias 371[…][]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased
  • Upper Airway Cough Syndrome

    The guidelines also strongly recommend that adults up to 65 years old receive the new adult pertussis vaccine; about 28% of pertussis cases annually in the U.S. occur in adults[] Wheezing and breathlessness are the usual symptoms of asthma. But not all patients with asthma wheeze. Indeed, some just cough.[] […] infection, add antibiotic (see below) If associated with bronchial hyperresponsiveness, treat similarly to asthma for 6-8 wk (see below) Bordetella pertussis B. pertussis[]

    Missing: Peripheral T Cells Decreased

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