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628 Possible Causes for Brushfield Spot, Dull Facial Expression, Short Broad Feet

  • Down Syndrome

    Brushfield's spots: Speckled iris. Little white spots that slightly elevated on the surface of the iris arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil.[] Short little finger. In-curved little finger. Short broad hands. Feet: Gap between hallux and second toes. Congenital heart defects. Duodenal atresia.[] […] folds, small low-set ears with prominent antihelix, fissured and thickened tongue, laxness of joint ligaments, pelvic dysplasia, broad hands and feet, stubby fingers, transverse[]

  • Oculopalatoskeletal Syndrome

    spots Fraser’s syndrome (219000) Cryptophthalmos, malformed lacrimal ducts, hypertelorism, blindness Glucose transport defect (606777) Abnormal paroxysmal eye movements;[] She had low set ears, broad hands, short fingers, and short broad feet [Figure 3] a-c. Figure 3: The features of Michels syndrome.[] […] palpebral fissures, chorioretinal dystrophy, myopia, decreased visual acuity, optic atrophy Down syndrome (190685) Upslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds, iris Brushfield[]

    Missing: Dull Facial Expression
  • Sporadic Goitrous Cretinism

    The muscles are feeble, the hands and feet are large, the fingers thick .; and broad, and the nails often coarse and large, and mav be rudi- mentary.[] The limbs are ex- tremely short, sometimes emaciated, occasionally deformed by rickets.[]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot
  • Autosomal Dominant Mental Retardation Type 21

    ) spots overlying the iris of the eye.[] Phenotype Form of skeletal dysplasia characterized by brachydactyly, short stature, obesity, facial dysostosis (broad face, widely spaced eyes, maxillo-nasal hypoplasia),[] On neurological examination, the patients exhibited a dull facial expression. The cranial nerves were intact and eye movements were full.[]

  • Allergic Rhinitis

    The purpose of this review is to describe new insights into the pathophysiology and clinical characterization of 'local allergic rhinitis', a new phenotype of rhinitis that may affect individuals previously diagnosed with nonallergic rhinitis. Several studies have shown the existence of local allergic rhinitis with nasal[…][]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot Short Broad Feet
  • Parkinson's Disease

    facial expression 0000338 Leg muscle stiffness 0008969 Lethargy 0001254 Myoclonus 0001336 Oculogyric crisis 0010553 Short attention span Poor attention span Problem paying[] 0000183 Difficulty walking Difficulty in walking 0002355 Dyskinesia Disorder of involuntary muscle movements 0100660 Fatigue Tired Tiredness [ more ] 0012378 Hypomimic face Dull[]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot Short Broad Feet
  • Dementia

    † Deceased. From University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; and Minneapolis VA Health Care System and HealthPartners, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Disclaimer: Findings and conclusions are those of the authors, who are responsible for the article's contents; findings and[…][]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot Short Broad Feet
  • Parkinson's Disease Type 3

    Parkinson's disease type 3 (PD3) is a form of Parkinson's disease that is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. The underlying mutation has not yet been identified, but PD3 has been related to a 2.5 Mb-locus on the short arm of chromosome 2. To date, PD3 has been diagnosed in distinct families in Europe and[…][]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot Short Broad Feet
  • Mental Retardation

    Abstract Nonconsensual sterilization is usually seen as the by-product of a classist and racist society; disability is ignored. This article examines the 1973 sterilization of two young black girls from Alabama and other precedent-setting court cases involving the sterilization of "mentally retarded" white women to[…][]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot Short Broad Feet
  • Aarskog-Scott Syndrome

    Findings on the extremities include joint hyperextensibility, short and broad hands, interdigital webbing, a short fifth finger, clinodactyly and broad feet with bulbous toes[] Skeletal System Disproportionate short stature Broad, short hands and feet Short, stubby fingers (brachydactyly) Clinodactyly – Permanent fixation of the fifth fingers in[]

    Missing: Brushfield Spot Dull Facial Expression

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