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30 Possible Causes for Brushfield Spot, Fissured Tongue, Short Broad Feet

  • Down Syndrome

    […] and thickened tongue, laxness of joint ligaments, pelvic dysplasia, broad hands and feet, stubby fingers, transverse palmar crease, lenticular opacities and heart disease[] Brushfield's spots: Speckled iris. Little white spots that slightly elevated on the surface of the iris arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil.[] Short little finger. In-curved little finger. Short broad hands. Feet: Gap between hallux and second toes. Congenital heart defects. Duodenal atresia.[]

  • Absent Thumb - Short Stature - Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    […] developmental delay, congenital heart defect, muscular hypotonia, single transverse palmar crease, characteristic facial appearance (epicanthal folds, upslanting palpebral fissures[] spots Term Definition AD, TSC1/2 gene ash-leaf/hypopigmented macules, shagreen patch, facial angioma/adeoma sebaceum, ungual fibromas, seizures/infantile spasms, cardiac[] […] nose, narrow nares, large lips, short neck, widely spaced nipples, puffy hand and feet, dark pigmented naevi, caf -au-lait spots, microcephaly, growth delay, speech delay[]

  • Congenital Non-Neoplastic Nevus

    […] tie Q38.1 Macroglossia Q38.2 Adhesion of tongue Q38.3 Bifid tongue Q38.3 Fissure of tongue Q38.3 Hypoglossia Q38.3 Hypoplasia of tongue Q38.3 Microglossia (hypoplasia of[] spots Q13.2 Iris freckles Q13.2 Blue sclera Q13.5 Exophthalmos Q15.8 Strabismus Q15.8 Top of Page Ear Ear Congenital anomaly ICD-10 ( 12 ) or RCPCH code ( 34 ) Accessory[] […] great toe Q66.8 Vertical talus Q66.8 Widely spaced first and second toes Q66.8 Recessed fourth and fifth toes Q66.8 Short fourth metatarsus Q66.8 Short or broad great toe[]

  • Craniosynostosis Type 3

    Oblique palpebral fissures. Epicanthic folds. Ring of iris speckles - Brushfield's spots. Ears set low, folded or stenotic meatus. Flat nasal bridge.[] They have black to dark brown skin, broad short noses, wooly black hair, and dark irises. Adult males are less than 5 feet tall and females are shorter still.[] Saethre–Chotzen syndrome : short or broad head. the eyes may be spaced wide apart and have palpebral ptosis (droopy eyelids), and fingers may be abnormally short and webbed[]

  • Disproportionate Short Stature - Ptosis - Valvular Heart Lesions

    The mouth is often held open with a protruding, furrowed tongue that lacks the central fissure. The ears are often small and rounded.[] . - Other head/neck findings: corneal clouding, macroglossia with prominent tongue fissures, gingival hypertrophy, and short neck.[] The pupils may have light smudgy opaque Brushfield spots.[]

  • Growth Delay-Hydrocephaly-Lung Hypoplasia Syndrome

    He appears jaundiced; he has a flat facial profile; epicanthal folds and upslanting palpebral fissures, flat nasal bridge, small mouth with protruding tongue, small, cupped[] […] hands with broad thin fingers and elongated thumbs, a mild talipes calcaneovalgus deformity of the feet, small VSD, psychomotor retardation p15 489013, 3874588, 4043965,[] , small tongue, short upper limbs, postaxial polydactyly of the left lower limb, deformed feet (turned outward) brain malformation: microencephaly, partial corpus callosum[]

  • Trisomy 9

    Clinical manifestations include hypotonia, short stature, brachycephaly, upslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthus, brushfield spots on the iris, protruding tongue, small[] , short neck, overlapping fingers, rocker-bottom feet, prominent heels, and hypoplastic toenails.[] Upper extremities revealed broad thumbs with short fourth metacarpals. Abdominal ultrasound revealed a left bladder diverticulum.[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Mental Retardation Type 21

    Hyperplasia of iris Narrow palpebral fissures (the opening between upper and lower eyelids) High myopia Strabismus Cataracts Grey spots on the iris Duane’s Syndrome A congenital[] ) spots overlying the iris of the eye.[] Phenotype Form of skeletal dysplasia characterized by brachydactyly, short stature, obesity, facial dysostosis (broad face, widely spaced eyes, maxillo-nasal hypoplasia),[]

  • Hypertelorism

    Anatomical context of Hypertelorism Common features include postnatal growth retardation, mental retardation , hypotonia , microcephaly , slanted palpebral fissures, ocular[] Down21 - non-disjunction causing trisomy 21; or Robertsonian translocation (14;21)Epicanthic folds; flat nasal bridge; protruding tongue; Brushfield spots; increased space[] […] and broad nose with anteverted nares, small hands and feet with interdigital webbing, umbilical hernia, and shawl scrotum.[]

  • Partial Trisomy 21 in Down Syndrome

    […] protruding tongue Hypotonia Joint laxity - wide spaced toes - single transverse palmar crease - in curving of little finger (clinodactyly) CHROMOSOME 21 Down Critical Region[] Brushfield spots may be observed in the iris.[] Short little finger. In-curved little finger. Short broad hands. Feet: Gap between hallux and second toes. Congenital heart defects. Duodenal atresia.[]

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