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168 Possible Causes for Brushfield Spots

  • Down Syndrome

    Brushfield's spots: Speckled iris. Little white spots that slightly elevated on the surface of the iris arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil.[] Results: Ocular findings included nystagmus (29.2%), esotropia (26.1%), epiphora (21.5%), Brushfield spots (16.9%), lens opacities (12.3%), abnormalities of the retinal vessels[] These spots occur in normal children but are far more frequent in Down's syndrome (trisomy 21).[]

  • Zellweger Syndrome

    We did not observe any Brushfield spots, any renal and brain cysts, or adrenal insufficiency.[] Clinical Features [ edit ] Craniofacial Features Flat occiput and face Anteverted nares Epicanthal folds Brushfield spots High forehead Large fontanels Shallow orbits Ocular[] Ophthalmologic Manifestations corneal clouding Brushfield spots cataracts glaucoma optic nerve dysplasia pigmentary retinopathy 4.[]

  • Peritonsillar Abscess

    […] on the colored part of the eye (Brushfield spots) Physical development is often slower than normal.[] […] joints between the bones of the skull (sutures) Single crease in the palm of the hand Small ears Small mouth Upward slanting eyes Wide, short hands with short fingers White spots[]

  • Glassblower's Cataract

    spots[] (75%)- often symmetrical and develop in late childhood: varied morphology b. chronic blepharitis, myopia, strabismus, keratoconus, anomalous optic disc vasculature, iris Brushfield[]

  • Foveal Hypoplasia - Presenile Cataract Syndrome

    Iris' Brushfield spots may occur in up to 90% of patients with trisomy 21.[] Brushfield spots are focal areas of iris stromal hyperplasia surrounded by relative hypoplasia. These spots are more common in patients with lightly pigmented irides.[]

  • Oculopalatoskeletal Syndrome

    spots Fraser’s syndrome (219000) Cryptophthalmos, malformed lacrimal ducts, hypertelorism, blindness Glucose transport defect (606777) Abnormal paroxysmal eye movements;[] […] palpebral fissures, chorioretinal dystrophy, myopia, decreased visual acuity, optic atrophy Down syndrome (190685) Upslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds, iris Brushfield[]

  • Isolated Congenital Sclerocornea

    spots, upslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds/Most cases not inherited /Trisomy 21 (most cases), translocation, mosaic /#190685 DOYNE HONEYCOMB DYSTROPHY (MALATTIA[] REFERENCE DELLEMAN SYNDROME (OCULOCEREBROCUTANEOUS SYNDROME)/Anophthalmia, microphthalmia, eyelid coloboma, orbital cysts, nystagmus/Isolated cases/-/164180 DOWN SYNDROME/Iris brushfield[]

  • Fitzsimmons-McLachlan-Gilbert Syndrome

    spots on the iris, protruding tongue, small ears, short, broad hands, fifth finger clinodactyly, simian crease, congenital cataracts , and some intellectual disabilities[] Langdon Down Syndrome In our body, the Downs Syndrome clinical manifestations include; hypotonia, short stature, brachycephaly, upslanting palpebral fissures , epicanthus, brushfield[]

  • Blepharoptosis - Myopia - Ectopia Lentis Syndrome

    Clinically indistinguishable from Brushfield spots of Down syndrome Name the condition: Acid accumulation in cartilage & tendons Associations: arthropathy, dark urine Ocular[] spots, upslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds Most cases not inherited Trisomy 21 (most cases), translocation, mosaic #190685 DOYNE HONEYCOMB DYSTROPHY (MALATTIA[] spots, upslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds/Most cases not inherited /Trisomy 21 (most cases), translocation, mosaic /#190685 DOYNE HONEYCOMB DYSTROPHY (MALATTIA[]

  • Chandler Syndrome

    spots lightly pigmented gelatinous collections of cells on the iris surface lisch nodule these iris nodules are aassociated with neurofibromatis lisch nodules anterior chamber[] […] dispersion glaucoma pigment dispersion syndrome is more common in ___ myopic males small white-grey collections of cells on the iris surface associated with down syndrome brushfield[]

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