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326 Possible Causes for Bruxism, Fever

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    […] effects) Clinical manifestations of psychostimulant toxicity acute toxicity cardiovascular CNS agitation, panic states, paranoia, euphoria, hallucinations and psychosis, bruxism[] I think its an unfair question, asking you if "binge for days" or "fever" is more specific.[] Acute Complications - Neurological Movement disorders - Increased muscle tone or repetitive movements e.g. bruxism/choreoathetoid movement - Treat with PO/VIV benzodiazepines[]

  • Parasomnia

    Migraines and morning headaches may occur as a consequence of bruxism.[] Other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can be triggers, as can gastroesophageal reflux, fever, and sleep deprivation.[] Such disorders tend to run in families and might be made worse when a child is overly tired, has a fever, or is taking certain medications.[]

  • Lupus Cerebritis

    […] and glossopharyngeal neuralgia; Headaches and vasculitis; Tonsilar ectopia and headaches; Post-traumatic headaches; Metabolic headaches; Temporomandibular joint disorders, bruxism[] She maintained complete alertness for the next two days, although low-grade intermittent fever persisted.[] Low-grade, intermittent fever persisted. The sepsis markers were not raised. Hemoglobin, WBC, and platelet counts were low.[]

  • Granulomatous Liver Disease

    Recent updates Recent general studies Acetazolamide and Dahlia Inulin drug interaction - now Will you have Bruxism with Exforge?[] Register Periodic Fever Associated with Increased Plasma Unconjugated Etiocholanolone and Granulomatous Liver Disease: Case Report and Studies in Etiocholanolone and Cortisol[] Associated with pyrexia of unknown origin Sarcoidosis, tuberculosis (miliary and pulmonary, caseation important), atypical mycobacterium, Q fever, brucellosis, cat-scratch[]

  • Bruxism

    Awake bruxism is found more in females as compared to males while sleep bruxism shows no such gender prevalence.[] ‘Patients with tension-type headache do not typically report any visual disturbance, constant generalized pain, fever, stiff neck, recent trauma, or bruxism.’[] ; malaise; otalgia Tympanic membrane dull, bulging, erythematous; loss of landmarks on tympanic membrane Parotitis Fever; malaise; myalgia; pain over parotid gland Tenderness[]

  • Behçet Disease

    Abstract Bruxism is an involuntary movement, including teeth grinding and clenching, which occur primarily during sleep.[] DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: High fever flares and digestive involvement starting in early childhood seem to be hallmarks of HA20 clinical features.[] In December 1998, the patient was admitted with fever, right diplopia, genital ulcers, and aphthous stomatitis.[]

  • Ecstasy

    Dental manifestations include bruxism, increased incidence of caries, xerostomia and oral ulcers.[] He presented with fever and seizures, tachycardia, hypertension, and hyperthermia. Urine amphetamine level was 2111 ng/mL.[] However, several side effects have been described: headache, nausea, anorexia, xerostomia, insomnia, myalgia, trismus, and bruxism (2,3).[]

  • Acute Pericoronitis

    […] joint clicking and locking, trauma, infections, medical conditions, radiotherapy, or drug intake Inquire about pain in neck, shoulder, and back muscles Inquire about sleep bruxism[] […] can extend to facial swelling, especially with mandibular molar tooth) Discomfort with swallowing Limited mouth opening Unpleasant taste or odour from the affected area Fever[] Chronic pericoronitis is a persistent, but mild inflammation, whereas acute pericoronitis is a sudden onset when the symptoms intensify to fever , swelling, and pain which[]

  • Methylphenidate

    Several reports are available regarding the relationship of MPH use and sleep bruxism.[] The authors report the case of a 7 year old boy with ADHD and psoriasis who developed generalised erythema, pruritus and fever 5 hours after the first oral administration[] Major side effects should be reported to your doctor immediately, and can include fast heartbeat, joint pain, rash, fever, black stool, blood in urine, blurred vision, muscle[]

  • Malaria

    Retinal changes (Roth’s spots-like haemorrhages and, more rarely, oedema, exudates and papilloedema), dysconjugate gaze, clenching of the jaws and grinding of the teeth (‘bruxism[] Some researchers have suggested that fever reduction may prolong malaria illness.[] Fever was not reported with this patient.[]

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