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20 Possible Causes for Budd-Chiari Syndrome, Discoloration of the Lower Extremity

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    syndrome.[] The patient's left lower extremity was discolored, tender, and swollen, although it had not progressed to venous gangrene or dermal necrosis.[] Patients with venous thrombosis may have variable discoloration of the lower extremity.[]

  • Thrombosis

    Parenchymal fibrosis is uncommon. 453 Other venous embolism and thrombosis 453.0 Budd-chiari syndrome convert 453.0 to ICD-10-CM 453.1 Thrombophlebitis migrans convert 453.1[] Patients with venous thrombosis may have variable discoloration of the lower extremity.[] […] in the veins and is categorized further according to where it occurs including: Deep vein thrombosis Portal vein thrombosis Renal vein thrombosis Jugular vein thrombosis Budd-Chiari[]

  • May-Thurner Syndrome

    […] iliaques CIM 10 … Wikipédia en Français BuddChiari syndromeBudd Chiari syndrome Classification and external resources Posterior abdominal wall, after removal of the peritoneum[] extremity swelling.”[] Budd-Chiari syndrome Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) occurs when obstruction of the hepatic venules anywhere along the inferior vena cava (IVC) to the right atrium junction can[]

  • Leiomyosarcoma

    Recognition of this tumor in this rare location and Budd-Chiari syndrome-like presentation is imperative for proper management of the patient.[] extremities.[] When involving the hepatic vein confluence, it often causes Budd-Chiari syndrome, and IVC removal with a complex hepatectomy is required (Mingoli in J Am Coll Surg 211:145[]

  • Bencze Syndrome

    , syndrome of Budd-Chiari, syndrome of Buerger, disease of Bull nixon syndrome of Buntinx lormans Martin syndrome of Burnett schwartz berberian syndrome of Burn goodship syndrome[] A condition that is caused by recurring atheroembolism in the lower extremities.[] […] plague * Budd-Chiari syndrome * Buerger's disease * Bulbospinal amyotrophy, X-linked * Bulimia nervosa * Bull Nixon syndrome * Bullous dystrophy macular type * Bullous ichtyosiform[]

  • Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis

    , خثار الوريد البابي Portal vein thrombosis, Budd-Chiari syndrome, خثار الوريد الكلوي Renal vein thrombosis ) الطرف العلوي/الجذع ( Paget-Schroetter disease, Mondor's disease[] Ulcers of the feet and legs Black discoloration of the toes or skin (gangrene) Claudication is the most common symptom of lower extremity arterial occlusive disease.[] Ulcers of the feet and legs Black discoloration of the toes or skin (gangrene) Pain in the calves or thighs while walking is the most common symptom of lower extremity occlusive[]

  • Venous Thrombosis

    Eventually, dependent tissues may be compromised and patients may develop symptoms consistent with chronic venous insufficiency, postphlebitic syndrome, or Budd-Chiari syndrome[] […] of the lower extremity Blanched appearance of the leg because of edema (relatively rare) Potential complications of DVT include the following: As many as 40% of patients[] […] embolic thrombosis Thromboembolism. hepatic vein thrombosis An often fatal thrombotic occlusion of the hepatic veins, marked clinically by hepatomegaly, weight gain, ascites[]

  • Phlegmasia Alba Dolens

    In our records of more than 300 cases with metastatic testis cancer there are six cases with vena caval invasion and one with Budd-Chiari syndrome.[] PCD is the term used to describe lower-extremity DVT that causes limb ischemia, and is characterized by severe swelling and blue discoloration of the extremity.[] Also, it is much less common for the skin discoloration to involve the entire lower extremity in arterial occlusion while this is often the case in PCD.[]

  • Uterine Fibroid

    syndrome.[] She had massive edema of the left lower extremity but no discoloration of either lower extremity. Marked tenderness over the left calf and medial thigh was evident.[] PubMed/NCBI 21 Barksdale J, Abolhoda A and Saremi F: Intravenous leiomyomatosis presenting as acute Budd-Chiari syndrome. J Vasc Surg. 54:860–863. 2011.[]

  • Retinal Phlebitis

    .- ) I82.0 Budd-Chiari syndrome I82.1 Thrombophlebitis migrans I82.2 Embolism and thrombosis of vena cava I82.3 Embolism and thrombosis of renal vein I82.8 Embolism and thrombosis[] Shown here is erythema following the vascular pattern on a lower extremity. The superficial veins have become inflamed and dilated, causing the discoloration.[]

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