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323 Possible Causes for Bulimia, Tinnitus

  • Depression

    Bipolar Birth Defects Bisexuality Bladder Cancer Body Dysmorphic Disorder Bone Cancer Borderline Personality Disorder Brain Cancer Brain Injury Breast Cancer Breastfeeding Bulimia[] Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia may accompany depression. In this situation the eating disorder is usually the main target of treatment.[] Sleep Walking Smoking Social Anxiety Social Security Spina Bifida Stress Stroke Stuttering Suboxone Sugar Addiction Suicide Surgery Teen Testicular Cancer Thyroid Cancer Tinnitus[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    […] with psychiatric disorders which were considered to be the primary diagnosis i.e. schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, mental retardation, anorexia / bulimia[]

  • Pineal Gland Cyst

    However, any of the following can cause it to malfunction: anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition, too much iron, bleeding, head traumas, infections, inflammation, genetic disorders[] […] symptoms could include headache, unexpected seizures, visual disturbances, memory loss, cognitive decline, muscle fasciculations, nausea, weakness, fatigue, light sensitivity, tinnitus[] Anonymonster Member Tinnitus Since: Fuck knows Cause of Tinnitus: Mdma abuse This is why yyou stay away from mdma.[]

  • Reactive Depression

    Waking after 2-3 hrs sleepTinnitus – ringing in the ear, due to high insulin in about 70 % of tinnitus cases. Abnormal weight – too high or too low.[]

  • Chronic Laryngitis

    , smoking, poor hydration, air pollutants, airborne allergies, the use of dehydrating medications, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and repeated vomiting associated with bulimia[] The study revealed a significant association between chronic laryngitis and tinnitus.[] Excessive use of the voice (especially with loud speaking or singing), allergic reactions, gastroesophageal reflux, bulimia, or inhalation of irritating substances (eg, cigarette[]

  • Dental Disorder

    Bulimia Can Be Treated Bulimia is indeed a severe psychiatric illness that can impact your life, individuality, security, and self-esteem in ways you never thought possible[] […] symptoms: Facial pain Tooth sensitivity (especially to hot or cold temperatures) Difficulty chewing Locked jaw Inability to bite all the way down Limited ability to open mouth Tinnitus[] Whatever the reasons, there is a clear connection between chronic headaches, tinnitus, and TMD.[]

  • Lyme Disease

    […] psychotic or melancholic features; bipolar affective disorders; schizophrenia of any subtype; delusional disorders of any subtype; dementias of any subtype; anorexia nervosa or bulimia[] […] disease have been identified, although these have not been consistently present in each patient: numbness and tingling, muscle twitching, photosensitivity, hyperacusis, tinnitus[] Fifteen percent of patients on atovaquone-azithromycin reported adverse reactions, most commonly diarrhea and rash; clindamycin-quinine was associated with adverse reactions (tinnitus[]

  • Eating Disorder

    Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity, 19, 4, (509), (2014).[] His somatic complaints were characterized by positional vertigo, tinnitus, weakness, feeling that the head is moving up and down and reeling of head.[] […] nutrition intervention, including nutritional counseling, by a registered dietitian (RD) is an essential component of the team treatment of patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia[]

  • Heavy Metal Poisoning

    Hallucinations Neuropathy Arthritis Headaches Obesity Autism Heart Attack Osteoporosis Birth Defects Hodgkin's Disease Parkinson's Disease Brain Damage Hypertension PMS Bulimia[] Did it make a difference in your tinnitus? I have just google heavy metal poisoning and tinnitus and this thread came up.[] Other Industrial Illnesses include: Noise-induced Hearing Loss /Deafness and Tinnitus Silicosis Tennis elbow Rarer, but still valid, industrial disease claims are those caused[]

  • Diffuse Serous Labyrinthitis

    Psychiatric diagnoses such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, depression, and anxiety should be considered.[] Labyrinthitis causes VERTIGO, vomiting and a ringing or hissing in the ears ( TINNITUS ).[] Brain Metastases Brain neoplasm, benign Brain neoplasm, Glioblastoma Breast cancer Breech birth Bronchiectasis Brucellosis Brugada syndrome Bruxism Budd-Chiari syndrome Bulimia[]

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