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26 Possible Causes for Bullous Impetigo, Edema of the Penis

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  • Penile Chancroid

    Bullous Impetigo It affects many parts of the body including genital region.[] […] on the penis and penile edema Figure 18-11 shows ectopic sebaceous glands on the shaft of the penis.[] Bullous Impetigo This condition is known to appearing on any part of the body most particularly the genital region.[]

  • Penile Cellulitis

    Impetigo Impetigo is a contagious skin infection caused by staph and strep bacteria. There are two types of impetigo: nonbullous and...[] Penoscrotal edema reduced inconciderably, penis and scrotum remained erythematous. Most cases of erysipelas usually response to antibiotic therapy rapidly.[] Other bacterial infections include erythrasma , impetigo and paronychia.[]

  • Penile Herpes

    […] chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, granuloma inguinale, herpes zoster, erythema multiform, Behçet's syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, contact dermatitis , candidiasis, and impetigo[]

  • Polycythemia Neonatorum

    impetigo (L01.03) pemphigus neonatorum (L01.03) toxic epidermal necrolysis or instrumentation [forceps] of a spontaneous, cephalic, vaginal, full-term, single, live-born[] Inspect circumcised penis for edema, incision, bleeding. Full term infant should have brownish pigmentation and fully rugated scrotum. Palpate the testes.[] 出生後呼吸問題 (呼吸暫停,發紺,呼吸窘迫,呼吸衰竭) SKIN 皮膚 Hemangioma of skin and subcutaneous tissue 皮膚及皮下血管瘤 Carbuncle and furuncle 癤,癰 Cellulits, abscess 蜂窩組織炎及皮下膿瘍 Impetigo 膿痂疹 Pyoderma 膿皮症[]

  • Balanitis

    Abstract Streptococcus pyogenes (the Lancefield group A streptococcus) is a cause of pharyngitis and impetigo.[] If the disease is unchecked, confluent ulcerations will develop along with considerable edema of the penis.[] E-mycin, Bactrim Chancroid: Haemophilus ducreyi Gram(-) bacillus Tx: Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, Ciprofloxacin, Erythromycin Other Infections: HPV Candidiasis Dermatophytosis Impetigo[]

  • Gangrenous Balanitis

    […] acropustulosis Darier's disease Porokeratosis Acrokeratoelastoidosis Pityriasis rubra pilaris Glucagonoma syndrome Acrodermatitis enteropathica Blistering diseases Classification Impetigo[] Vascular disorders of penis 607.83 Edema of penis 607.84 Impotence of organic origin 607.85 Peyronie's disease 607.89 Other specified disorders of penis 607.9 Unspecified[] […] of the glans penis and its redness; infectious balanitis .[]

  • Penile Leukoplakia

    Acne and Rosacea Photos Actinic Keratosis, Basal Cell Carcinoma and other Malignant Lesions Atopic Dermatitis Photos Bullous Disease Photos Cellulitis, Impetigo and other[] Lack of aeration and irritation because of smegma and discharge surrounding the glans penis causes inflammation and edema (Causa occasionalis).[] […] pain in the penis Surgery after radiation therapy is required in 20-60% of patients.[]

  • Gonococcemia

    Possible epididymitis: Unilateral epididymal tenderness and edema, with or without penile discharge or dysuria Penile edema without other overt inflammatory signs Urethral[] Abscess Classification and external resources Abscess ICD 10 L02 … Wikipedia Impetigo — For the band, see Impetigo (band).[] . · impetigo · candidiasis · gonococcemia · dermatophyte · coccidioidomycosis ...[]

  • Idiopathic Scrotal Edema

    […] to the base of the penis.[] CONTAGIOS STAFILOGEN IMPETIGO CU STREPTOCOCC INTOLRERENŢĂ LA GLIADINĂ IMPETIGO FOLICULAR IMPETIGO STAFILOCOCCIC IMPETIGO STAFILOCOCCIC IMPETIGO STREPTOCOCCIC sus KEIZER-FLEISCHNER[] This patient’s clinical presentation is consistent with acute idiopathic scrotal edema, also known as summer penile syndrome, 1 or morphologically, “lion’s mane penis.”[]

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    […] the penis and scrotum.[] Pityriasis rosea Plague Plesiomonas infection Pleurodynia Pneumocystis pneumonia Pneumonia bacterial Poliomyelitis Protothecosis and chlorellosis Pseudocowpox Pyodermas impetigo[] Strictures and fistulous tracts may lead to chronic lymphatic obstruction, resulting in elephantiasis, thickening or fibrosis of the labia, and edema or gross distortion of[]

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