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44 Possible Causes for Bullous Rash, Congenital Alopecia, Vitiligo

  • Variegate Porphyria

    […] may be limited; that CLINUVEL may never file an NDA for SCENESSE regulatory approval in the US; that the Company may not be able to access adequate capital to advance its vitiligo[] Bullous skin disease Photosensitivity Hyponatraemia and other electrolyte disturbance Low serum sodium Other disorders of sodium and water balance Low serum magnesium Table[] Alopecia Syndrome Other Disorders of Keratinization Porokeratoses Kyrle’s Disease Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris Poikilodermas and Aging Syndromes Disorders of DNA Repair Aging[]

  • Rothmund Thomson Syndrome

    Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis Laugier-Hunziker Syndrome Lentigo Melasma Ocular Manifestations of Albinism Pigmented Lesions of the Eyelid Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation Vitiligo[] Sclerosis Dermatologic Manifestations of Waardenburg Syndrome Dermatologic Manifestations of Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Dermatopathia Pigmentosa Reticularis Dermoid Cyst Diaper Rash[] ; dystrophic nails - photosensitivity - congenital skeletal defects - hypoplasia or absence of the radii and thumbs, osteopenia, cystic or sclerotic changes of the long bones[]

  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

    […] develops into ____ and ____ epidermis and neruoectodermis the _____ is the only gland not derived from the ectoderm eccrine memorize Melanocyte Pathology Question Answer Vitiligo[] […] dystrophy, scarring alopecia, hypotrichosis, and joint contractures.[] Treatment of “stable” vitiligo by timed surgery and transplantation of cultured epidermal autografts. Arch. Dermatol. 136, 1380–1389 (2000) 36. Martin, M.[]

  • Erythropoietic Porphyria

    Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria, Erythropoietic Uroporphyria, Porphyria Erythropoietica Congenita, Gunther's Disease, Haematoporphyria Congenita[] […] drug Scenesse for the treatment of EPP; the manufacturer, Clinuvel, plans to file for approval in the US in 2015 as well as to develop the drug as a repigmentary agent for vitiligo[] Hair loss 0001596 Autosomal recessive inheritance 0000007 Cholelithiasis Gallstones 0001081 Congenital onset Symptoms present at birth 0003577 Conjunctivitis Pink eye 0000509[]

  • Herlitz Disease

    Corneal intraepithelial dyskeratosis and ectodermal dysplasia,615225 NLRP11370.990.96{Vitiligo-associated multiple autoimmune disease susceptibility 1},606579 NLRP3153.210.99CINCA[] […] variant 613454 FOXN1 17q11.2 T-cell immunodeficiency, congenital alopecia, and nail dystrophy 601705 FOXP3 Xp11.23 Immunodysregulation, polyendocrinopathy, and enteropathy[] Sneddon syndrome,182410 CERS3139.710.99Ichthyosis, congenital, autosomal recessive 9615023 CHKB101.20.990.96Muscular dystrophy, congenital, megaconial type,602541 CHST14190.50.960.94Ehlers-Danlos[]

  • Chilblain Lupus Erythematosus

    We report a very unusual case of NLE that was characterized by congenital skin atrophy, erosions, alopecia, and profound pancytopenia.[] […] on arms, sometimes forming large plaques and spreading widely Photosensitivity (a rash on all recently sun- exposed skin ) Cheilitis and mouth ulcers Blisters ( bullous LE[] […] is a rare presentation of lupus erythematosus that may simulate vitiligo.[]

  • Acneiform Drug Eruption

    Hot comb alopecia Perifolliculitis capitis abscedens et suffodiens Graham-Little syndrome Folliculitis decalvans ungrouped: Triangular alopecia Frontal fibrosing alopecia[] […] reaction secondary to metronidazole Download Figure: 9 Acneiform rash caused by anabolic steroids Download Figure: 10 Fixed drug eruption (FDE) to tramadol Download Figure[] From atopic dermatitis to vitiligo, the pediatric primary care provider is guaranteed to see these conditions in their practice.[]

  • Linear Atrophoderma of Moulin

    Linear fixed drug eruption Linear lichen planus Linear mucinoses and mycosis fungoides Linear psoriasis Linear scleroderma Lichen striatus Lupus erythematosus Segmental vitiligo[] […] and eczema Atopic dermatitis · Seborrhoeic dermatitis ( Dandruff, Cradle cap ) · Contact dermatitis ( Diaper rash, Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis ) · Erythroderma ·[] The Journal of dermatology 41 (9), 830-833 , 2014 9 2014 Congenital temporal triangular alopecia: A typical Brauer nevus.[]

  • Bloch Sulzberger Syndrome

    Stage IV resembles scarring, vitiligo, Ito hypomelanosis, or other hypopigmentations with localized alopecia.[] , Congenital scar, Epidermolysis bullosa, Keratoderma (congenital) 361 Retinal detachments and defects 757.4 Specified anomalies of hair; Congenital: alopecia atrichosis,[] […] aplasia cutis. 3,4 Other skin manifestation described are alopecia, onychodystrophies and nail tumors. 7 These tumors are rare; however, they may be confused with verruca[]

  • Hypertrichosis

    […] hair Congenital alopecia Congenital alopecia with keratin cysts Congenital anomaly of hair Congenital beaded hair Congenital generalized alopecia Congenital hair anomaly[] […] and eczema Atopic dermatitis · Seborrhoeic dermatitis ( Dandruff, Cradle cap ) · Contact dermatitis ( Diaper rash, Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis ) · Erythroderma ·[] The association of acquired hypertrichosis lanuginosa and vitiligo has not been reported in earlier reviews. [2], [4] We propose to add vitiligo to the list of associated[]

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