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997 Possible Causes for Bullous Rash, Degeneration of Epidermal Basal Cells, Facial Skin Lesion

  • Porphyria Cutanea Tarda

    Here, we report on a 57-year-old Caucasian woman of Dutch origin with a medical history of mild cutaneous LE who developed skin fragility, blistering skin lesions, milia,[] In August 2008 he presented a bullous rash on the fingers and hands and malar hypertrichosis.[] A 29-year-old woman with a 1.5 year history of photosensitive skin lesions on her hands presented with a malar rash, bullous lesions on her hands, and was diagnosed with subacute[]

    Missing: Degeneration of Epidermal Basal Cells
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    An uncommon but serious form of lupus rash results in the development of large blisters and is called a "bullous" lupus rash. Joints.[] […] of the basal layer and epidermal atrophy, lymphadenopathy, pleurisy or pericarditis, glomerular lesions, anemia, hyperglobulinemia, and a positive LE cell test result, with[] […] lupus: a blistering rash, if severe may resemble toxic epidermal necrolysis Maculopapular rash resembling morbilliform drug eruption Mucosal erosions and ulcerations ( lips[]

  • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

    […] eruption, lichen planopilaris, dermatomyositis, granuloma annulare, and granuloma faciale.[] An uncommon but serious form of lupus rash results in the development of large blisters and is called a "bullous" lupus rash. Joints.[] […] hydropic degeneration of the basal cell layer, thickening of the basement membrane zone, telangiectasia, superficial and deep perivascular and periadnexal lymphocytic inflammatory[]

  • Skin Infection

    In 2 cases, lesions occurred on facial skin; in the third case they occurred on the scrotal raphe. One isolate was fully penicillin-resistant.[] […] eruptions, urticarial rashes, erythema multiforme, mucositis and rarely, SJS/TEN Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes wound infections, athlete's foot, gram-negative folliculitis[] […] eruptions , urticarial rashes, erythema multiforme , mucositis and rarely, SJS/TEN Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes wound infections, athlete's foot , gram negative folliculitis[]

    Missing: Degeneration of Epidermal Basal Cells
  • Vasculitis

    There is sparse scattered lymphocytic infiltration centred around the basal layer /- vacuolar degeneration of the basal layer.[] Keratinisation Keratinisation is the process by which epidermal cells ( keratinocytes ) undergo maturation and differentiation, as the cell migrates from the basal layer to[] Epidermolytic dyskeratosis Epidermolytic dyskeratosis is abnormal epidermal maturation characterised by vacuolar degeneration of the stratum granulosum and stratum spinulosum[]

    Missing: Facial Skin Lesion
  • Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus

    […] palsy without skin lesions over VII nerve area, although she neither suffered from HIV or any immunosuppression. [10] On further reports, it was observed that if HIV-infected[] […] plus signs of previous zoster rash (eg, atrophic hypopigmented scars).[] Ramsay Hunt syndrome: describes a syndrome of lesions in the ear, facial paralysis and associated hearing and vestibular symptoms. Bell's palsy.[]

    Missing: Degeneration of Epidermal Basal Cells
  • Bullous Pemphigoid

    The facial exam was significant for periorbital erythema with severe conjunctivitis bilaterally and multiple skin lesions.[] The authors describe, to their knowledge, the first report of gabapentin-induced bullous pemphigoid in an elderly man with no history of rashes or reactions to other medications[] Bullous pemphigoid is a condition caused by a malfunctioning immune system that produces large blisters and skin rashes on the abdomen, arms, legs, and in some cases, the[]

    Missing: Degeneration of Epidermal Basal Cells
  • Graft-versus-Host-Disease

    […] nausea, vomiting, or anorexia, with a positive upper GI biopsy result 2 Maculopapular rash 25%-50% BSA 3.1-6 mg/dL 1000-1500 mL/d (Child: 20-30 mL/kg/d) 3 Maculopapular rash[] Skin biopsies were consistent with GVHD, showing vacuolar degeneration of the basal layer of the epithelium, epidermal infiltration by lymphocytes and necrotic eosinophilic[] 25-50% of body 3-6 mg/dl 1000 ml 3 Generalized erythroderma 6-15 mg/dl 1500 ml 4 Generalized erythroderma with bullous formation and desquamation 15 mg/dl Severe abdominal[]

    Missing: Facial Skin Lesion
  • Erythema Multiforme

    Acquired rashes in the older child. In: Kleigman RM, Lye PS, Bordini BJ, Toth H, Basel D, eds. Nelson Pediatric Symptom-Based Diagnosis.[] Pathologic findings include liquefactive degeneration of the basal epidermal cells, necrotic keratinocytes, and exocytosis of lymphocytes.[] Erythema multiforme major is a form of rash with skin loss or epidermal detachment.[]

    Missing: Facial Skin Lesion
  • Impetigo

    […] and abnormally dry skin; flexural lichenification is common in adults; facial and extensor involvement is common in children Candidiasis Erythematous papules or red, moist[] A 32-year-old patient had a recurrent painful red left eye and facial rash. Clinical examination revealed left bacterial conjunctivitis and facial bullous impetigo.[] Complications Fever and lymphadenopathy sometimes occur, more often with the bullous type. Scarlet fever – occurrence of a pink rash over the body.[]

    Missing: Degeneration of Epidermal Basal Cells