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160 Possible Causes for Buprenorphine, Hyponatremia

  • Acute Pancreatitis

    The opioids assessed were intravenous and intramuscular buprenorphine, intramuscular pethidine, intravenous pentazocine, transdermal fentanyl and subcutaneous morphine.One[] Buprenorphine versus pethidine Comparison 2.[] One RCT comparing pethidine with intramuscular buprenorphine reported non-significant differences of supplementary analgesic, adverse events or deaths.[]

  • Porphyria

    Analgetika: Hydromorphon, Morphinderivate, Fentanyl, Buprenorphin, Remifentanil, Pethidin II. Allgemeinanästhesie A. Inhalationsnarkotika 1. Stickoxydul (N 2 O) 2.[] Severe hyponatremia, urine that develops orange colour on exposure to light and gastrointestinal symptom combination with neurologic symptoms are three valuable clues that[] Computed tomography was unremarkable, and blood tests demonstrated hyponatremia, acute kidney injury, and a neutrophilic leukocytosis.[]

  • Fecal Impaction

    […] samidorphan Amentoflavone ANTI Apigenin Arodyne AT-076 Axelopran AZ-MTAB Binaltorphimine BU09059 Buprenorphine Catechin Catechin gallate CERC-501 (LY-2456302) Clocinnamox[] , N02B ) Opioids Opiates / opium Codeine # ( paracetamol , aspirin ) Morphine # ( naltrexone ) Opium Laudanum Paregoric Semisynthetic Acetyldihydrocodeine Benzylmorphine Buprenorphine[] Acamprosate Opioid antagonists ( Naltrexone Nalmefene ) Topiramate AA ( Clonidine ) Baclofen Metadoxine Phenibut Opioid dependence AA ( Clonidine Lofexidine ) Ibogaine Opioids Buprenorphine[]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Buprenorphine maintenance versus placebo or methadone maintenance for opioid dependence. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2008 ; 3 : CD002207.[] Hyponatremia and MAI bacteremia were found in 58% of CMVE cases. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of CSF samples identified CMV genome in 33% of CMVE cases.[] Woody, Opioid Addicted Buprenorphine Injectors: Drug Use During and After 12-Weeks of Buprenorphine–Naloxone or Methadone in the Republic of Georgia, Journal of Substance[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    Analgesic efficacy and tolerability of transdermal buprenorphine in patients with inadequately controlled chronic pain related to cancer and other disorders: a multicenter[]

  • Opioid Withdrawal

    Six studies compared buprenorphine versus methadone, and seven compared different rates of buprenorphine dose reduction.[] The differential diagnosis for tremors or seizures includes metabolic disorders, such as acidosis, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia or hypocalcemia.[] Five studies compared different rates of buprenorphine dose reduction.Severity of withdrawal is similar for withdrawal managed with buprenorphine and withdrawal managed with[]

  • Renal Tubular Acidosis

    Symptoms of overt opioid withdrawal developed on Day 3 and buprenorphine treatment was commenced.[] It is associated with increased renin activity, hyponatremia, hyperkalemia and volume depletion.[] Type I pseudohypoaldosteronism involves a defect at the aldosterone receptor level and is associated with salt wasting, volume depletion, and hyponatremia.1 Plasma renin and[]

  • Hyperhidrosis or Diaphoresis

    Here are a few of the drugs that may lead to a sweating problem: Amitriptyline, Aripiprazole, Buprenorphine, Buspirone, Carbamazepine, Citalopram, Clozapine, Desipramine,[]

  • Hypoaldosteronism

    Clin Cancer Res 21:365-72 Bershad, Anya K; Jaffe, Jerome H; Childs, Emma et al. (2015) Opioid partial agonist buprenorphine dampens responses to psychosocial stress in humans[] Hyponatremia is one of the most common electrolyte disorders encountered in the elderly.[] Abstract Hyponatremia is one of the most common electrolyte disorders encountered in the elderly.[]

  • Central Nervous System Disorder

    For patients with opioid-use disorder, maintenance therapy with agonists or partial agonists such as methadone or buprenorphine can be essential in helping to control symptoms[]

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