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1,680 Possible Causes for Burning Eyes

  • Contact Dermatitis

    Some people experience difficulty breathing, coughing, burning eyes, and a runny nose when they’re having an allergic reaction.[] It can cause immediate allergic reactions, such as itching, burning, or welts. Some people experience itching and tearing eyes or even shortness of breath.[] Allergic contact dermatitis symptoms include: Reddening of skin (either in patches or all over the body) Intermittent dry, scaly patches of skin Blisters that ooze Burning[]

  • Conjunctivitis

    (green or white) Itchy eyes (especially in pink eye caused by allergies ) Burning eyes (especially in pink eye caused by chemicals and irritants) Blurred vision Increased[] Pink Eye Symptoms Your pink eye symptoms may include: the feeling that something is in your eye, or a gritty sensation in your eye red eyes burning eyes itchy eyes painful[] […] eyelid Greater amount of tears Thick yellow discharge that crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep (in conjunctivitis caused by bacteria) Other discharge from your eye[]

  • Pterygium

    To report a patient who sustained a spark fire burn during a routine pterygium operation. A 40-year-old woman was referred for pterygium excision in her left eye.[] Burning or itching eye(s) A gritty feeling similar to ‘dirt in the eyes’ Foreign body sensation Visual disturbances with larger growths How are Pterygiums Treated?[] In general, pterygiums may present with some or all of the following symptoms: Burning or itching eye(s) A gritty feeling similar to “dirt in the eyes” Foreign body sensation[]

  • Uveitis

    Signs and symptoms [ edit ] Anterior uveitis [ edit ] Burning of the eye Redness of the eye Blurred vision Photophobia Irregular pupil Blacked out sclera Headaches Signs of[] Burn GL, Svensson L, Sanchez-Blanco C, Saini M, Cope AP (December 2011). "Why is PTPN22 a good candidate susceptibility gene for autoimmune disease?".[] "A look at autoimmunity and inflammation in the eye". The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 120 (9): 3073–83. doi : 10.1172/JCI42440. PMC 2929721. PMID 20811163.[]

  • Smoke Inhalation Injury

    Eye irritation: Eyes may become irritated or red due to the smoke and there may even be burns on the corneas of the eyes.[] […] the lens of the eye becomes opaque and light cannot pass through Is there pain with a 4th degree burn? What kind of burns can be present with a 4th degree burn?[] It is more common for smoke to cause mild throat irritation, which is not a sign of a significant burn to the airway.[]

  • Inhalation of Polyvinyl Chloride Fumes

    Just a few seconds of exposure to toxic fumes can incapacitate you, leaving your eyes burning with severe throat and lung pain.[] PVC vapor can cause some mild eye and eyelid irritation. Accidents can cause burning, stinging, severe watering and inflamed conjunctiva.[] , nose, throat; anorexia, weight loss; weakness, exhaustion, muscle ache, pain; dark urine; cyanosis; liver, kidney damage; skin burns; dermatitis; ochronosis; tremor, convulsions[]

  • Blepharitis

    It is a chronic external eye disorder resulting in red, burning, and irritated eyes. What causes blepharitis?[] […] symptoms If you have blepharitis, you might: feel that something is in your eye have itchy or burning eyes and eyelids find the edge of your eyelids are red have watery eyes[] Other symptoms include: itchy, sore and red eyelids that stick together crusty or greasy eyelashes irritated or burning eyes puffy eyelids finding contact lenses uncomfortable[]

  • Corneal Stromal Dystrophy

    Restlessness 4.8 Squeezing feeling around the eye 4.8 Signs When the initial symptoms began to subside, VA deteriorated because of corneal epithelial, stromal oedema and[] . % Photophobia 100 Epiphora 90 Burning 86 Pain 76 Impaired vision 76 Foreign‐body sensation 76 Dryness 24 Pain with closed eyelids 9.5 Cannot lift the gaze 9.5 Headache 4.8[]

  • Iritis

    Iritis can be develop after blunt eye trauma or a chemical burn, typically within 3 days. However, iritis can also develop without injury (see Uveitis ).[] […] usually affected – rapid onset after exposure Eyes usually itchy, with red or pink appearance Eyelids may swell and there may be a burning sensation Pain, photophobia and[] In some cases, iritis can be linked to eye trauma, genetic factors or certain diseases. Causes of iritis include: Injury to the eye.[]

  • Corneal Burn

    Corneal burn, or eye burn, can result when certain chemicals come into contact with your eyes.[] If the eye was caught in a burn or scratched by tree branch or finger nail then it is very likely that it will heal nicely with minimal eye damage.[] Though hot water can burn your eye, common culprits of eye damage tend to involve chemicals.[]

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