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149 Possible Causes for Burning Feet, Hyperesthesia

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

    Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is characterized by constant burning pain and hyperesthesia in an extremity. Lower extremities are usually affected.[] Imagine your body feeling like its on fire with your hands and feet burning, swollen, stabbed pain and tingling so badly you can’t go on the computer or text someone because[] After arthrocentesis, dusky discoloration, edema, hyperesthesia, and decreased range of motion of the left knee and entire distal extremity were noted.[]

  • Acrodynia

    Clinical features include pain, swelling and pinkish discoloration of the fingers and toes, weakness in the extremities, extreme irritability, HYPERESTHESIA, and alterations[] […] the skin to the chemical) Pain, burning or itching sensation due to peripheral neuropathy Loss of superficial layers of skin - a process called desquamation Weight loss,[] Clinical features include pain , swelling and pinkish discoloration of the fingers and toes, weakness in the extremities, extreme irritability , HYPERESTHESIA , and alterations[]

  • Sunburn

    The finding of cold hyperalgesia and cold hyperesthesia is new in this model.[] SMART TIP : If your legs or feet are burned, elevate your legs above heart level to help stop the swelling, Basler says.[] Superficial dermal burns involving the face, hands, feet, perineum, genitalia or flexures. Suspicion of dehydration, heatstroke, shock or sepsis.[]

  • Alcoholic Neuropathy

    Lettsome in 1787 when he noted hyperesthesia and paralysis in legs more than arms of patients. [1] Jackson has also been credited with describing polyneuropathy in chronic[] Some patients complain of their feet burn at night, making it difficult to sleep.[] There may be pain or burning sensations in the feet, or cramps in the calf muscles. The leg muscles may waste, leading to leg weakness and frail ankles.[]

  • Diabetic Polyneuropathy

    The signs of damage to the peripheral neurons are hypoesthesia, hypoalgesia, hyperesthesia and hyperalgesia, decreased tendon reflexes, and, possibly, weakness and muscle[] The first signs and symptom are hypoalgesia, burning feet particularly during the night increasing with touch, and paraesthesia of the feet.[] At neurologic evaluation there is distal hypoesthesia/hyperesthesia in segments, initially in thermoalgesic sensitivity modalities.[]

  • Erythromelalgia

    Many people complain that their feet are overly sensitive to touch (hyperesthesia) and can have varying degrees of burning pain. It can range from mild to disabling.[] […] proximally in legs; Hands in some Clinical syndrome: Acute onset small fiber neuropathy/neuronopathy Age: 48 to 65 years Sensory loss: Proximal & Distal Pain: Burning & Hyperesthesia[] Sensations in Feet Home Remedies for Burning Sensations in Feet Prev of Homöopathie: Globuli gegen Schwitzen So hilft Homöopathie bei Herpes Globuli gegen Schwitzen Tipps[]

  • Pyridoxine

    Adverse Reactions: Pyridoxine is considered nontoxic in regular doses; however, nausea/vomiting, headache, paresthesias, hyperesthesia, somnolence, and low serum folic acid[] SHORTLY after the introduction of isoniazid in 1952, Pegum 1 described a patient who after a week of therapy with this drug complained of "burning feet"; he suggested that[] ADVERSE REACTIONS Severe seizures / Delayed / Incidence not known Moderate ataxia / Delayed / Incidence not known hyperesthesia / Delayed / Incidence not known peripheral[]

  • Chronic Cadmium Poisoning

    […] changes such as painful swelling and pink coloration of the fingers and toes (acrodynia); persistent redness or inflammation of the skin (erythema); extreme sensitivity (hyperesthesia[] feet”) Memory disorders White bands across the nails (Mees's lines) Diagnosis : present in blood and/or urine Manganese Sources of exposure : metallurgy, welding Clinical[] […] dimercaptosuccinic acid Dimercaprol References: [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] Thallium Sources of exposure Glass industry Rat poison Clinical features Hair loss Polyneuropathy (“burning[]

  • Uremic Pruritus

    See also paresthesia , hyperesthesia . pruritus ani intense chronic itching in the anal region.[] feet, paresthesia, and restless leg syndrome in the early stages. 16 Nerve fiber damage finally leads to a diminished threshold of perception; subsequently, pruritus develops[] Abnormal nerve conduction -in both motor and sensory circuits- is also a common concomitant of the early manifestations of uraemia, such as paraesthesia, burning feet and[]

  • Arsenic-Induced Polyneuropathy

    […] changes such as painful swelling and pink coloration of the fingers and toes (acrodynia); persistent redness or inflammation of the skin (erythema); extreme sensitivity (hyperesthesia[] For example, painful, burning feet may be a symptom of alcohol abuse, diabetes, HIV infection, or an underlying malignant tumor, among other causes.[] Most commonly, this is in the feet and/or hands. This can cause tingling, numbness, and/or burning in the toes or fingers.[]

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