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333 Possible Causes for Burning Feet, Raynaud's Disease

  • Frostbite

    Have Raynaud’s disease or phenomenon, a condition that involves periodic narrowing (or spasms) in the blood vessels. Have poor circulation.[] I would compare those two evils to a burn and a frostbite . One child had been pushed out into the cold so often that he suffered severe frostbite in his feet.[] This risk is increased in those with diabetes or Raynaud's disease, as well as heavy alcohol consumers ( 1 ).[]

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

    […] syndrome concomitant Raynaud's disease (always affecting hands, and frequently feet) in patients with connective tissue disorders, characterized by generalized digital cyanosis[] Imagine your body feeling like its on fire with your hands and feet burning, swollen, stabbed pain and tingling so badly you can’t go on the computer or text someone because[] My legs and feet burn and hurt so bad. There’s not a day of my life when I am not in pain.[]

  • Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Other symptoms of peripheral vascular disease include buttock pain, numbness or tingling in the legs, weakness, burning or aching pain in the feet or toes while resting, a[] Other diseases predispose patients to develop peripheral vascular disease. These include diabetes, Buerger's disease, hypertension, and Raynaud's disease.[] Pain in your toes or feet that aches or burns when you rest or go to bed at night Hair loss on your legs Change of color in one or both feet or legs (color changes in your[]

  • Chilblain

    Patients may suffer from a burning sensation on their feet. In extreme cases the surface of the skin may break and an infection may develop.[] Chilblains seem to be more common in people who have Raynaud’s phenomenon or Raynaud’s disease (these are conditions where the blood vessels contract excessively).[] WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS With the onset of the cold weather, susceptible people will experience burning and itching on their hands and feet.[]

  • Polycythemia Vera

    Low-dose aspirin may also help reduce burning pain in your feet or hands.[] Aspirin can help thin your blood, and relive bone pain and burning in your hands or feet. Aspirin can cause stomach bleeding in some people.[] Sudden burning and pain in feet and hands. Bluish or reddish skin coloration. Headaches. Trouble concentrating. Fatigue.[]

  • Erythromelalgia

    The second patient was a 68‐yr‐old woman with Raynaud's phenomenon and Sjögren's disease treated with hydroxychloroquine.[] Most burning feet treatments focus on preventing further nerve damage and reducing pain. Causes of Burning Feet Most often, neuropathy is the cause of burning feet.[] Between the pain episodes, the affected skin areas are usually asymptomatic, but there are patients with typical features of acrocyanosis and/or Raynaud's phenomenon preceding[]

  • Griseofulvin

    Raynaud's disease, angina pectoris, and gout. Porphyria; hepatic disease; SLE.[] Discover information about cold feet, itchy feet, burning feet and... Is It Contagious? What Diseases Are Contagious? Is it contagious?[] […] painful or difficult urination shortness of breath swollen glands unusual bleeding or bruising yellow eyes or skin Incidence not known Abdominal or stomach pain burning,[]

  • Erythema Induratum

    disease and phenomenon 665 209 Reactive arthritis 669 210 Relapsing polychondritis 673 211 Rhinophyma 677 212 Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other rickettsial infections[] , with a severe burning sensation on the feet that resolved after antituberculosis therapy.[] DISEASE RED URINE IN A NEWBORN – online-only RETINOBLASTOMA RHABDOMYOSARCOMA RHIZOMELIC CHONDRODYSPLASIA PUNCTATA RICKETS ATROPHIC RICKETS ROSEOLA INFANTUM (EXANTHEM SUBITUM[]

  • Pellagra

    A double blind randomised placebo controlled trial of hexopal in primary Raynaud's disease. Clin Rheumatol . 1988;7:46 - 49. Jonas WB, Rapoza CP, Blair WF.[] Bleeding may result in blackened crusts Lesions may occur anywhere on the body especially the hands, arms, lower legs, feet, face, and neck (known as Casal's necklace) Lips[] A double blind randomised placebo controlled trial of hexopal in primary Raynaud's disease. Clin Rheumatol . 1988;7:46 - 49. Gibbons LW, Gonzalez V, Gordon N, at al.[]

  • Hyperhidrosis or Diaphoresis

    Certain conditions are often implicated in this type, including cerebrovascular disease, diabetic neuropathy , spinal injuries and tumours, Raynaud's phenomenon and rheumatoid[] […] only: Burning feet syndrome 34 Lower legs: Hypothyroidism (pretibial myxedema) 28 Face: Granulosis rubra nasi Temporal arteritis (unilateral throbbing headache) Random sites[] Prone to itchy, burning, flaky, dry skin diseases. Itching from warmth. Feels good to scratch, but scratching causes burning.[]

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