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1,234 Possible Causes for Burning Pain, Iron Deficiency

  • Essential Thrombocythemia

    Redness, throbbing, and burning pain in the hands and feet Mildly enlarged spleen How Is ET Managed?[] When elderly patients present with persistent thrombocytosis, myeloproliferative disease, iron-deficiency anemia or post-splenectomy status are suspected along with autoimmune[] It is difficult to make a diagnosis of ET, because most thrombocythemia are reactive to certain disease conditions including iron deficiency anemia, infection, collagen diseases[]

  • Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

    Older children complain of burning pain . Repeated exposure to the sun causes skin thickening on the knuckles and scars on the nose, cheeks, and back of the hands.[] This indicated that anemia in EPP resulted from an absolute iron deficiency.[] Patients experience severe, burning pain--typically on the hands and face--with sun exposure, followed by swelling and redness.[]

  • Polycythemia Vera

    Doctors can also treat the itchy skin and burning pain that you may experience.[] Most patients with PV are iron deficient, and treatment often includes hematocrit control with phlebotomy, which may exacerbate iron deficiency-associated complications.[] Common signs and symptoms include itching (pruritus), and severe burning pain in the hands or feet that is usually accompanied by a reddish or bluish coloration of the skin[]

  • Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

    It seems like it reduces that burning pain caused by imflammation really well. Then there seems to be a much deeper pain and loys of bone popping.[] About 75 percent of people with mixed connective tissue disease have iron deficiency anemia. Tissue death (necrosis).[] Deficiency Anemia (see xxxx , [[]]): usually present Leukocytosis (see Leukocytosis , [[Leukocytosis]]) Lymphadenopathy (see Lymphadenopathy , [[Lymphadenopathy]]) Neurologic[]

  • Anemia of Chronic Disease

    The combination of burning pain in the mouth due to glossitis and dysphagia due to esophageal webs is called thin, friable, and brittle fingernails -"spoon" fingernails the[] We assess and compare the efficacy of anemia treatment in pregnant women with anemia of chronic disease with true iron deficiency and in women with iron deficiency anemia.[] […] receptor level is not affected by these disorders and is therefore a reliable laboratory index of iron deficiency anemia.[]

  • Hepatorenal Syndrome

    Few hours after the highest dose was started, the patient complained burning pain in breasts, followed by the development of extensive bilateral cyanosis of breast's skin.[] Replacement (parenteral dosing) for Iron Deficiency Kings College Criteria Normal laboratory ranges Conversion factor Educational Learning modules Lectures Article of the[] Abstract Abstract 1403 In 1958, EC Heyde described a syndrome of iron deficiency anemia due to gastrointestinal bleeding (GI) in a patient with calcific aortic stenosis.[]

  • Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

    pain in the hands, feet, fingers, toes, ears, or nose Bluish skin discoloration Fingers change color when pressure is applied Pain in the flanks Glands swell up Gum Bleeding[] deficiency anemia Take Quiz Pathophysiology of iron deficiency anemia Take Quiz Alpha thalassemia: Management Take Quiz Types of alpha thalassemia Take Quiz Alpha thalassemia[] Headache Mental status changes Numbness , tingling, or burning pain in the hands, feet, fingers, toes, ears, or nose Rash Swollen glands Unintentional weight loss Vision[]

  • Acute Glomerulonephritis

    pain of the left big toe.[] deficiency anemia, and 3) hemodilution.[] In older kids, UTIs may cause obvious symptoms such as burning or pain with urination (peeing).[]

  • Sudden Hearing Loss

    Burning pain, feeling of fluid and pressure in BOTH ears may be nerve damage. Sinus drainage and pain some better today.[] Chung et al indicated that iron-deficiency anemia increases the risk for sudden sensorineural hearing loss.[] Iron deficiency anemia Iron deficiency anemia may be implicated in sudden hearing loss, particularly in individuals 44 years or under.[]

  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy

    It is most often described as a burning pain, and is accompanied by swelling, sweating, sensitivity to touch, and sometimes changes in tissue growth.[] A history of poor growth in early childhood associated with persistent diarrhea and iron deficiency anemia led to a diagnosis of celiac disease in a 9-yr-old boy hospitalized[] The pain is not limited to the distribution of a single nerve and is often out of proportion to the precipitating event.[]

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