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384 Possible Causes for Burning Pain, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

  • Fabry Disease

    On history taking patient gave history of severe burning pain in both hands and feet since age of 9 yrs.[] Osteopenia and osteoporosis: previously unrecognized manifestations of Fabry disease . Clin Genet 2005; 68 : 93–95. 81.[] […] or osteoporosis, retarded growth, delayed puberty, priapism, unexplained fever, obstructive airway disease Diagnostic Criteria Fabry disease is diagnosed under the following[]

  • Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

    Older children complain of burning pain . Repeated exposure to the sun causes skin thickening on the knuckles and scars on the nose, cheeks, and back of the hands.[] Osteoporosis, osteopenia, and vitamin D deficiency are frequent findings in EPP patients.[] Patients experience severe, burning pain--typically on the hands and face--with sun exposure, followed by swelling and redness.[]

  • Colles' Fracture

    The acid metabolites may then activate osteoclasts resulting in local osteoporosis. clinical features: 1) burning pain. 2) local swelling, redness and warmth, which after[] After adjusting for age, menopausal status and body mass index, osteoporosis and osteopenia remained significantly associated with CF only in women aged 65 years or less ([] The BMD of ultradistal distal forearm, lumbar spine and hip was measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and WHO criteria were used to define osteoporosis and osteopenia[]

  • Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

    pain in the hands, feet, fingers, toes, ears, or nose Bluish skin discoloration Fingers change color when pressure is applied Pain in the flanks Glands swell up Gum Bleeding[] Headache Mental status changes Numbness , tingling, or burning pain in the hands, feet, fingers, toes, ears, or nose Rash Swollen glands Unintentional weight loss Vision[] pain in the hands, feet, fingers, toes, ears, or nose Rash Swollen glands Unintentional weight loss Vision loss in one eye Exams and Tests A physical examination may reveal[]

  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy

    It is most often described as a burning pain, and is accompanied by swelling, sweating, sensitivity to touch, and sometimes changes in tissue growth.[] Monitoring for osteopenia and osteoporosis, consideration of supplemental Vitamin D and calcium, and treatment with bisphosphonates are additional considerations.[] The pain is not limited to the distribution of a single nerve and is often out of proportion to the precipitating event.[]

  • Rothmund Thomson Syndrome

    Case Reports Case-1: A 5-year-old female child, second of the three children of consanguinous parents, presented with history of burning pain and pigmentary changes on sun[] Además, muchas personas afectadas tienen anomalías esqueléticas incluyendo ausencia o malformación de huesos, osteopenia y osteoporosis.[] Many people with this disorder have skeletal abnormalities including absent or malformed bones, fused bones, and low bone mineral density (osteopenia or osteoporosis).[]

  • Furosemide

    […] urination; numbness, tingling, or burning pain; a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out; high blood sugar - increased thirst, increased urination, dry mouth, fruity[] Moderate and marked reductions in bone mineral density, respectively expressed as osteopenia and osteoporosis, together with elevated PTH, are found in patients with advanced[] […] urination; numbness, tingling, or burning pain; a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out; high blood sugar --increased thirst, increased urination, dry mouth, fruity[]

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

    Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is characterized mostly by: (burning) pain, restricted range of motion, oedema and autonomic disturbances.[] Whether generalized osteopenia or osteoporosis is an independent risk factor for RSD has yet to be resolved.[] Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is a clinical syndrome consisting of persistent burning pain and varying degrees of vasomotor and trophic changes in an extremity after trauma[]

  • Duodenal Fistula

    Case 1: A 55-year-old male presented with epigastric burning pain relieved with meals and of duration 5 years.; There was no history of right upper quadrant pain or of fever[] AND OSTEOPOROSIS PREVENTION AND TREATMENT 289 ISCHEMIC NECROSIS OF BONE 293 SCLEROSING CHOLANGITIS 299 STRICTURE MANAGEMENT IN PRIMARY SCLEROSING CHOLANGITIS 303 LIVER TRANSPLANTATION[] Patient and observation A 59-year-old man suffering for 9 months of epigastric pain, retro-sternal burns and vomiting.[]

  • Adrenal Cortex Hormone

    Features seen in topical corticosteroid withdrawal Red skin 1,4,5 Can be severe (see Figures 1 and 2) Present in 92% of cases 1 Burning pain or stinging 1,4,5 Reported in[] Burning pain may be alleviated with ice or cool water compresses or possibly gabapentin. 4 Sleeping aids and anxiolytics may be appropriate in some cases. 4 Oral immunosuppressants[] pain, peeling skin, oozing areas (Figure 3) and severe itch.[]

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