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1,752 Possible Causes for Burning Pain, Petechiae, Photosensitivity, Swelling of Hand, Tingling

  • Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

    Older children complain of burning pain . Repeated exposure to the sun causes skin thickening on the knuckles and scars on the nose, cheeks, and back of the hands.[] Burning pain, pruritus and tingling sensation accompanied by edema after as little as few minutes of exposure are most frequent symptoms.[] Erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) is a rare inherited disease characterized by dermal photosensitivity due to the accumulation of photosensitizer protoporphyrin IX.[] The girl had a 4-month history of intermittent redness and swelling of the hands that worsened after prolonged outdoor activities.[] EPP is characterised by cutaneous manifestations of acute painful photosensitivity with erythema and oedema, sometimes with petechiae, together with stinging and burning sensations[]

  • Sunburn

    A sunburn might be a first-degree burn, which causes redness, mild swelling, and pain. A second-degree burn is more serious.[] If the tape is too tight, you may develop symptoms below the level of the tape, such as numbness, tingling, pain, or cool and pale or swollen skin.[] This reaction is distinct from true photosensitivity. Photosensitivity is listed in the drug brochure for methotrexate.[] Signs and Symptoms Mild: skin redness and warmth pain itchiness Severe: skin redness and blistering pain and tingling swelling headache nausea fever and chills dizziness What[] Cutaneous photosensitivity reactions require absorption of photon energy by molecules in the skin.[]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    Some individuals may develop erythromelalgia, a rare condition characterised by intense burning pain of affected extremities and an increased skin temperature.[] […] disappear during rest redness of the face a blue tinge to the skin and other body surfaces (cyanosis) high blood pressure itching, especially after a warm bath or shower tingling[] […] of the hands and feet Anorexia ; unusual weight loss Loss of appetite Abdominal discomfort Stomach aches A feeling of abdominal fullness caused by enlargement of the spleen[] […] of splenic infarction and perisplenitis Clinical symptoms can include the following: Pallor (except in patients with polycythemia vera) Plethora secondary to polycythemia Petechiae[] .  Vasomotor symptoms: Headache, Lightheadedness, Syncope, Atypical chest pain Acral paresthesia, Livedo reticularis  Erythromelalgia - burning pain of the hands or feet[]

    Missing: Photosensitivity
  • Amyloidosis

    For example, they make your brain perceive pain if you burn your hand or stub your toes.[] […] enlarged tongue (macroglossia) An irregular heartbeat Diarrhea alternating with constipation Difficulty swallowing Dizziness or feeling faint Loss of weight Numbness or tingling[] […] of hands and feet.[] Although rare, cutaneous manifestations may be the first clinical sign of the disease and usually present as hemorrhagic lesions, such as purpura, petechiae, and ecchymosis[] […] or bursts of pain in the lower extremities; cough and breathing problems when lying flat, shortness of breath on climbing stairs or an incline, and dizziness on standing,[]

    Missing: Photosensitivity
  • Essential Thrombocythemia

    Redness, throbbing, and burning pain in the hands and feet Mildly enlarged spleen How Is ET Managed?[] Symptoms of blood clots may include any of the following: Headache (most common) Tingling, coldness, or blueness in the hands and feet Feeling dizzy or lightheaded Vision[] Some patients with essential thrombocythemia develop erythromelalgia, causing pain, swelling, and redness of the hands and feet, as well as numbness and tingling.[] Symptoms, when they do occur, commonly include: Thrombosis Abnormal bleeding Headaches Tingling in the extremities Pain in the extremities Peripheral Blood Findings The platelet[] , and feet Dizziness Headaches Visual changes Confusion in speech Numbness, tingling, or weakness in arms or legs Pain or swelling in arms or legs Shortness of breath Chest[]

    Missing: Photosensitivity
  • Angioedema

    The swelling may also itch and is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation and pain.[] The rash is characterized by red rings that appear on the trunk and appendages as part of a prodrome that may also include a tingling sensation in the area where swelling[] Several side effects of acitretin have been reported such as teratogenicity, cheilitis, xerosis, dyslipidemia, and photosensitivity.[] She had few lingual petechiae, a subtle diffuse erythema, and mild edema of the lower lip. Due to pain, she was unable to speak and swallow.[] You may also experience skin tingling or tightness.[]

  • Porphyria

    As a result of sun exposure, you may experience: sensitivity to the sun and sometimes artificial light, causing burning pain sudden painful skin redness (erythema) and swelling[] Symptoms include pain in the chest, abdomen, limbs, or back; muscle numbness, tingling, paralysis, or cramping; vomiting; constipation; and personality changes or mental disorders[] The Diagnosis of Photosensitivity. Arch Dermatol. 2000;136(9):1152–1157. doi:10.1001/archderm.136.9.1152 Download citation file: 2019 New![] The most commonly affected areas include the back of the: Hands Forearms Face Ears Neck You may get symptoms on your skin such as: Blisters Itching Swelling Pain More hair[] […] blisters Symptoms as in other porphyrias, but skin changes tend to become chronic Acute phototoxic reaction followed by edema, erythema, and burning pain in sun-exposed areas Petechiae[]

  • Polyarteritis Nodosa

    , burning, pain, or numbness in your feet, hands, legs, arms, and face Decreased alertness Inability to think clearly Gastrointestinal: Belly pain Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea[] Nervous system:Decreased alertness Peripheral neuropathy Muscle pain, numbness or tingling Tingling, numbness and pain in feet, legs, hands and arms Seizures Slurred speech[] , legs, and feet Seizures Weakness in your hands or feet Skin (often on your legs): Bumps Changes in skin color Purple spots, called purpura Rash Sores Eyes : Swelling in[] Tender subcutaneous nodes that are more easily palpated than visualized, livedo reticularis, petechiae, purpura, cutaneous ulcers, and necrosis.[] The most common symptoms are: Blood in the urine Fever High blood pressure High levels of protein in the urine Numbness, tingling or weakness of the hands and feet Pain in[]

    Missing: Photosensitivity
  • Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis

    It can result in tingling, numbness and burning pain in any part of the body, but commonly is felt in the hands and feet.[] […] nerve disease that causes numbness and tingling.[] […] of hands and feet.[] Skin lesions The most common skin findings are purpura : petechiae (small red blood spots) and ecchymoses (small, flat blood spots that are a round or irregular shape and[] […] or feet Severe fatigue Shortness of breath Skin changes Swelling of the ankles and legs Weakness The severity of amyloidosis depends on which organs it affects.[]

    Missing: Photosensitivity
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Patients characteristically complain of nocturnal paresthesias or burning pain. Motor complaints relate to thenar muscular weakness and atrophy.[] Symptoms of pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands are common in the general population.[] Repetitive and forceful grasping with the hands or repetitive bending of the wrist may also contribute.[] A 64-year-old woman has a three-month history of intermittent numbness, tingling, and burning pain in the three radial digits of both hands.[] pain and paresthesias involving the ventral surface of the hand and fingers which may radiate proximally; impairment of sensation in the distribution of the median nerve[]

    Missing: Petechiae Photosensitivity

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