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332 Possible Causes for Burning Sensation, CREST Syndrome

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    In this study, symptoms usually related to dry eye, such as itching, burning, foreign body sensation, dryness, and redness, were reported by 29 (64.4%) patients and were the[] Scleroderma has been further subclassified into localized scleroderma (morphea), limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (previously CREST syndrome, standing for calcinosis,[] Scleroderma renal crisis in a patient with anticentromere antibody-positive limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis. Mod Rheumatol 2006;16(5):309-11. 61.[]

  • Calcium Carbonate

    Heartburn (Acid Reflux) Symptoms, Relief Medicine, Cures Heartburn is a burning sensation experienced from acid reflux (GERD).[] ] syndrome).[] Symptoms of heartburn include chest pain, burning in the...[]

  • Livedo Reticularis

    sensation ‘Falling asleep’ condition may develop at the upper or lower limbs The condition becomes worsen with chilled temperature Causes The prime cause of the Livedo reticularis[] syndrome (calcinosis, Raynaud phenomenon, esophageal dysmotility, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasia).[] It kinda feels like a burning sensation, like the clothes are irritating it but when I remove the clothing I still have the pain. Could it be nerve pain?[]

  • Renal Abscess

    Symptoms of Cystitis are chief complaint - A strong, persistent urge to urinate -A burning sensation when urinating -Passing frequent, small amounts of urine -Blood in the[] Autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatomyositis, CREST syndrome, and autoimmune thyroiditis may be found in up to 80% of the patients[]

  • Prurigo Nodularis

    After cessation of the symptoms of neurogenic inflammation, such as burning sensations or erythema, all of them experienced a complete elimination of pruritus within 12 days[] , CREST syndrome, scleroderma, pernicious anemia, and sarcoidosis.[] Capsaicin cream applied 4-6 times daily on affected areas as it induces burning sensation with itching, until the itching will completely stop.[]

  • Calciphylaxis

    At her monthly clinic visit, the patient complained of burning sensation in the fingers of both hands with limited fine motor movement due to edema and severe pain.[] Dermatomyositis and CREST syndrome may have associated calcification.[] There is itching, a burning sensation and pain at the affected site.[]

  • Raynaud Phenomenon

    There may be tingling or burning sensations in the affected area, however, it is usually painless with a feeling of numbness.[] syndrome and systemic sclerosis.[] Normal color and sensation are restored by heat.[]

  • Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis

    Exposure to cold or emotional stress can intensify the problem; and there may be pain, tingling, numbness or a burning sensation.[] To our knowledge, there are no reports of a small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) in association with limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis with classic features of the CREST syndrome[] By Lucas Franki Internal Medicine News FROM THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Primary biliary cholangitis can be associated with limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (CREST[]

  • Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis

    Peripheral neuropathy is characterized by numbness or tingling and painful or burning sensations that usually begin in the feet and sometimes the arms.[] We report a patient with cryoglobulinemic vasculitis with CREST syndrome who did not have typical clinical features of vasculitis.[] sensations in her extremities.[]

  • Mononeuritis Multiplex

    The authors detected anti-neuronal antibodies which were interpreted to be responsible for the pathognomonic burning sensations.[] syndrome.[] […] patients with mononeuritis multiplex associated with a rheumatic disease, 5/14 (36%; CI 13-15) had systemic lupus erythematosus; an additional patient had both lupus and the CREST[]

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