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647 Possible Causes for Burning Sensation, Hyperpigmentation

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    […] severe type of systemic scleroderma with hyperpigmentation, especially male and older patients, and in unexposed portions of the female group without hyperpigmentation.[] Abstract Skin hyperpigmentation and itching are characteristic findings in systemic sclerosis (SSC) patients.[] […] and hypopigmentation (see image below) In systemic sclerosis, skin hyperpigmentation of the lower legs is surrounded by areas of hypopigmentation.[]

  • Acute Arsenic Poisoning

    Gastroenteric form: Initially, there is burning sensation and sweetish metallic taste in mouth. After an interval, signs of gastroenteritis resembling cholera appear.[] Skin lesions : Hyperpigmentation, hyperkeratosis and cancer / Chien-Jen Chen -- ch. 4. Arsenics and urothelial carcinoma / Chung-Hsin Chen and Yeong-Shiau Pu -- ch. 5.[] Hyperpigmentation on pressure points and acral surfaces can also be seen in Addison’s disease.[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    Hyperpigmentation as the first presentation of Vitamin B12 deficiency is rare.[] A 28 year old female Cameroonian presented with progressive burning painful sensations on the upper trunk, paraesthesia and numbness of the upper and lower limbs for a period[] Symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency in children: Weakness Fatigue Lack of appetite Delay in growth Developmental delay or even regression Irritability Tingling or burning sensation[]

  • Skin Cancer

    Prior to the laser sessions, these scars demonstrated hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, neovascularization, or diminished pore structures compared to the surrounding skin[] PDT may cause a burning sensation and around 2% of people who have this treatment will be left with some superficial scarring.[] Hyperpigmentation has been treated with dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. Graft Failure Skin grafting may be unsuccessful for numerous reasons.[]

  • Contact Dermatitis

    The patient was treated with high-potency topical corticosteroids, and the lesions resolved, although with extensive postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.[] We present two cases of culture-proven fungal keratitis on natamycin treatment which developed periocular erythema, oedema, burning sensation and pruritus within 48 hours[] If the substance that was applied to the skin was changed to an irritant by light exposure, the primary symptom is a burning sensation resembling sunburn.[]

  • Hemochromatosis

    External genital hyperpigmentation was seen in one third of patients, and one fifth had hyperpigmentation of flexural folds, scars, and nipple areolae.[] Recently, we have encountered the rare representation of this disease of the oral cavity associated with generalized burning sensation of the tongue.[] PubMed was used to search the following terms: hemochromatosis, hereditary, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, keratosis, melanin, seborrheic, siderosis.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    Figure 1: Profile photograph showing facial scarring and hyperpigmentation post-herpes zoster (case 1) Click here to view Figure 2: Intraoral photograph showing deep ulcerative[] Some people describe the pain as an intense burning sensation. For some people, the pain can last for months or even years after the rash goes away.[] Iris versicolor This remedy is often helpful for herpes zoster infection that is accompanied by stomach problems with burning sensations and nausea.[]

  • Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome

    Findings include glossitis, sensation of burning in the mouth and throat associated with marked taste disturbance, xerostomia, hypogeusia and edema that can range from mild[] A 62-year-old Malaysian woman presented with a constellation of skin signs including alopecia, hyperpigmentation and nail dystrophy.[] The disease is characterized by diffuse gastrointestinal polyposis, dystrophic changes of the fingernails, alopecia, cutaneous hyperpigmentation, diarrhea, weight loss, and[]

  • Malignant Melanoma

    Kundu, Facial hyperpigmentation: causes and treatment, British Journal of Dermatology, 169, s3, (41-56), (2013). Adèle C. Green, Catherine M. Olsen and Linda J.[]

  • Fixed Eruption

    This first lesion healed after 3 weeks, but residual hyperpigmentation remained.[] To the Editor: A 50-year-old man presented with a painful ulcer and a burning sensation on the tongue of 2 days’ duration (Figure, A).[] The case was diagnosed as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation following ondansetron-induced FDE.[]

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