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566 Possible Causes for Burning Skin Sensation, Erythema Multiforme

  • Contact Dermatitis

    Non-eczematous dermatoses such as palmar psoriasis including acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau, dyshidrotic tinea manuum and erythema multiforme are possible differential[] We present two cases of culture-proven fungal keratitis on natamycin treatment which developed periocular erythema, oedema, burning sensation and pruritus within 48 hours[] Uncommonly, other clinical reaction patterns resembling erythema multiforme, measles, scarlatina, urticaria, and nephritis appear. 85 These have been ascribed to deposition[]

  • Atopic Dermatitis

    Common symptoms include: itching a burning sensation or pain red bumps that may ooze, drain, or crust warm, tender skin scaly, raw, or thickened skin dry, red, or rough skin[] Local burning sensation has been the only common adverse event [ 55 ].[] […] condition after using the Chinese herbs for two days, and three participants complained of mild to moderate burning and pain sensations, but they still completed the two‐week[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Pain and bleeding at the time of bowel movement and burning sensation are some common symptoms of hemorrhoids.[] This simple remedy will alleviate your pain and soothe the burning sensation. 3.[] If swollen in pregnancy, they can cause pain, itching, burning sensation and occasionally bleeding. These problems usually resolve after the baby is born.[]

  • Candidiasis

    Because yeast infections and urinary tract infections can have similar symptoms, such as a burning sensation when urinating, it is important to see your doctor so that he[] Symptoms of infection of the male genitalia include red patchy sores near the head of the penis or on the foreskin, severe itching, or a burning sensation.[]

  • Dermatitis Medicamentosa

    multiforme group) Barbiturates, hydantoins, cillins, sulfonamides Areas of loosened, easily detached epidermis with a scalded appearance Erythema multiforme Cillins, barbiturates[] multiforme major.[] The case in this picture clinically resembles erythema multiforme . Image Source: Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology Samuel Weinberg, Neil S.[]

  • Perianal Candidiasis

    multiforme Herpes simplex/zoster Iron deficiency anemia Mycosis fungoides Uremia Contact dermatitis Non-sexual bacterial: Corynebacterium minutissimum, staph, strep Hidradenitis[] sensation and white odorless vaginal discharge.[] CONCLUSIONS: Itching or burning sensations after sex were the most common symptoms associated with penile colonisation with candida and were present in more than one third[]

  • Glossitis

    ., pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome).[] Burning sensation.[] multiform, oral lichen planus, vulgaris, aphthous ulcers permphigus, and syphilis Alcohol, spices, hot foods, tobacco and other irritants Infections of yeast in the mouth[]

  • Urticaria

    Lesions were not compatible with erythema multiforme. However, biopsy was not allowed to be performed.[] sensation a fleeting nature, with the skin returning to its normal appearance, usually within 1 - 24 hours.[] Fig. 220 Erythema multiforme Fig. 221 Erythema multiforme Fig.222 Erythema multiforme Fig.223 Erythema multiforme Clinical Features Skin lesions present with symmetrical bright[]

  • Influenza

    They may include a scratchy sore throat, a burning sensation in the chest, a dry cough, and a runny nose.[] sensation in the chest dry cough at first, then bringing up sputum high fever nausea and possible vomiting sore throat runny or stuffy nose extreme tiredness If there is[] The skin may be warm and flushed, especially on the face. The mouth and throat may redden, the eyes may water, and the whites of the eyes may become bloodshot.[]

  • Pityriasis Circinata

    Skin lesions may also be large, urticarial, vesicular, pustular, and purpuric, and resemble erythema multiforme.[] sensation, and pain is known as PR irritata.[] However a volunteer (5%) cited a burning sensation on the scalp on the first day of shampoo application.[]

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