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144 Possible Causes for Burr Cell

  • Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

    ., schistocytes, burr cells, or helmet cells) on peripheral blood smear, AND Renal injury (acute onset) evidenced by either hematuria, proteinuria, or elevated creatinine[] Title Other Names: HUS; Acute renal failure, thrombocytopenia, and microangiopathic hemolytic anemia associated with distorted erythrocytes ('burr cells') Categories: Hemolytic[]

  • Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia

    - schistocytes, “burr cells”, “helmet cells” and “triangle cells”. 6.[] -schistocytes -fragements -burr cells -microspherocytes What are some causes of microangiopathic hemolytic anemia?[] Review Topic QID: 101434 1 Bite cells and Heinz bodies 2 Sickle cells and target cells 3 Schistocytes and burr cells 4 Round macrocytes and target cells 5 Macrocytes and hypersegmented[]

  • Folate-Deficiency Anemia

    Folate-deficiency anemia frequently appears in women of childbearing age, in those who are pregnant or lactating, in alcohol abusers and malnourished individuals, thus proving the necessity of folate oral supplementation. Prevention must be carefully conducted, since the elderly may have difficulties tolerating folate[…][]

  • Congenital Heinz Body Hemolytic Anemia

    Burr Cells: Liver disease Renal disease Severe burns Bleeding gastric ulcers Maybe artifact Echinocyte (Burr Cell) Acanthocyte vs Echinocyte Howell-Jelly: are intracellular[] Spur cell is seen in severe liver diseases Burr cell These are irregularly contracted red cells. These are seen in : Renal diseases. Fragmented cells are seen in : DIC.[] Echinocytes (Burr Cells): resemble burrs Elliptocytes/Ovalocytes: elliptical or oval-shaped cells Keratocytes (Horn Cells): resemble horns Microspherocytes: smaller Macrocytes[]

  • Anemia

    Burr cells accompany renal failure and spur cells accompany severe liver disease.[] Elliptocytes or bizarre misshapen cells indicate inherited membrane disorders like elliptocytosis, pyropoikilocytosis, ovalocytosis, tomatocytosis, xerocytosis.[] Target cells coupled with macrocytosis suggests liver disease, normocytic target cells raise the suspicion of hemoglobin C or SC disease, while microcytosis with target cells[]

  • Abetalipoproteinemia

    (burr cells) due to lipid membrane abnormalities Microscopic (histologic) description Marked fat vacuoles in apical villous cytoplasm, normal villi Positive stains Fat stains[] […] that may be done to help diagnose this condition include: Apolipoprotein B blood test Blood tests to look for vitamin deficiencies (fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K) "Burr-cell[] […] apoprotein B from intestinal mucosal cells As a result, free fatty acids and monoglycerides cannot be assembled into chylomicrons and become triglycerides stored within cells[]

  • Acquired Spherocytosis

    Crenated / Burr cells / Echinocytes (Echinocytes, or burr cells or crenated red cells, in contrast, have shorter, sharp to blunt spicules of uniform length which are more[] Burr cells (echinocytes): can indicate uremia or pyruvate kinase-deficient states. Burr cells are commonly observed as an artifact of peripheral smear preparation.[] Echinocytes "Sea urchin cells, crenated cells, burr cells" Post-splenectomy, uremia, hepatitis of the newborn, malabsorption states, after administration of heparin, pyruvate[]

  • Leukoerythroblastic Anemia

    cells (echinocytes) may indicate: Uremia The presence of spur cells (acanthocytes) may indicate: Abetalipoproteinemia Severe liver disease The presence of teardrop-shaped[] They may be artefactual - see Crenated cells - or pathological - see Burr cells above.[] […] anemia Target cells Chronic liver disease Hemoglobin C disease Asplenia Burr cells (echinocytes) Chronic renal or liver disease[]

  • HELLP Syndrome

    Burr cells Schistocytes Reticulocyte count – consider to evaluate for presence of hemolysis Liver enzymes AST – 2 times the upper reference limit meets criteria LDH – markedly[] Laboratory studies should include: Complete blood cell (CBC) count Coagulation studies Peripheral smear for schistocytes, helmet cells, burr cells Liver function tests: serum[] The classic findings of microangiopathic hemolysis include abnormal peripheral smear (schistocytes, burr cells, echinocytes), elevated serum bilirubin (indirect form), low[]

  • Uremic Pneumonitis

    Diagnosis Peripheral blood smear establishes the presence of MAHA by schistocytes, burr cells, helmet cells etc.[] They fulfilled the criteria for HUS [hemolytic anemia with microangiopathic changes on peripheral blood smear (Burr cells), acute renal failure, and thrombocytopenia] and[] The peripheral blood smear reveals fragmented RBCs (eg, schistocytes, spherocytes, segmented RBCs, burr cells, helmet cells).[]

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