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31 Possible Causes for Burr Cell, Ferritin Increased, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

  • Uremic Anemia

    ., schistocytes, burr cells, or helmet cells) on peripheral blood smear, AND Renal injury (acute onset) evidenced by either hematuria, proteinuria, or elevated creatinine[] The serum ferritin level should be greater than 100 mcg/mL.[] Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (similar to hemolytic-uremic syndrome ) involves nonimmunologic platelet destruction.[]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Pitchenik AE, Burr J, Suarez M, Fertel D, Gonzalez G, Moas C.[] Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura/hemolytic uremic syndrome resulting in death has been reported among HIV-1--infected patients treated with high-dose valacyclovir but has[] Human T-cell lymphotropic virus-III (HTLV-III) seropositivity and related disease among 71 consecutive patients in whom tuberculosis was diagnosed: a prospective study.[]

  • Anemia of Chronic Disease

    cells Chronic renal failure Spherocytes, fragments Hemolytic diseases Dysplastic changes Myelodysplasia Reticulocyte count 1% Inadequate production in presence of anemia[] Disordered iron metabolism as manifested by a low serum iron, decreased serum transferrin, decreased transferrin saturation, increased serum ferritin, increased reticuloendothelial[] Severe red cell fragmentation Microangiopathic hemolytic anemias: Malfunctioning mechanical heart valve, disseminated intravascular coagulation, thrombotic thrombocytopenic[]

  • Anemia

    Burr cells accompany renal failure and spur cells accompany severe liver disease.[] Also, there’s no “agreed” upon amount for what low ferritin is/should be.[] Hemolytic anemia This type of anemia includes sickle cell anemia, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), hemolytic uremic syndrome, aortic valve prosthesis, disseminated[]

  • Red Blood Cell Disorder

    Burr Cells: Liver disease Renal disease Severe burns Bleeding gastric ulcers Maybe artifact Echinocyte (Burr Cell) Acanthocyte vs Echinocyte Howell-Jelly: are intracellular[] Serum iron levels correlate with ferritin stores in the macrophages. Synthesis of ferritin increases during inflammation reaction due to the release of interleukin-6.[] Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: A rare blood disorder causing small blood clots to form in blood vessels throughout the body.[]

  • Hypochromic Microcytic Anemia with Iron Overload Type 2

    Echinocytes (Burr Cells): resemble burrs Elliptocytes/Ovalocytes: elliptical or oval-shaped cells Keratocytes (Horn Cells): resemble horns Microspherocytes: smaller Macrocytes[] Congenital sideroblastic anemia is caused by one of numerous X-linked or autosomal mutations and is usually a microcytic-hypochromic anemia with increased serum iron and ferritin[] Thrombocytopenic Purpura Trigger Finger (Digital Stenosing Tenosynovitis) Trochanteric Bursitis NEW ALGORITHMS INCLUDE Amenorrhea, Primary Amenorrhea, Secondary Back Pain[]

  • Leukoerythroblastic Anemia

    cells (echinocytes) may indicate: Uremia The presence of spur cells (acanthocytes) may indicate: Abetalipoproteinemia Severe liver disease The presence of teardrop-shaped[] Increased: 2 people, 28.57% Red Blood Cell Sedimentation Rate Increased: 2 people, 28.57% Primary Hyperaldosteronism (too much aldosterone is produced by the adrenal glands[] Although mimicking features of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), subsequent bone marrow examination instead revealed an association with occult recurrence of necrotic[]

  • Acquired Toxic Hemolytic Anemia

    Membrane Burr Cells (Echinocytes) Spur Cells (Acanthocytes) Stomatocytes: mouth-shaped area of central pallor Target Cells: due to decreased lecithin/cholesterol acyltransferase[] This can affect the incorporation and release of iron from liver ferritin. It may also increase the fragility of red blood cells.[] Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) and Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) are the prototype MAHAs and likely represent a continuum of disease caused by a variety of etiological[]

  • Gaisbock's Syndrome

    They may be artefactual - see Crenated cells - or pathological - see Burr cells above.[] […] to bind iron, hence the Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) is increased with anemia.[] thrombocytopenic purpura 96 Hyperviscosity and stroke 100 Calcium hypercalcemia magnesium and brain ischemia 110 Cerebral vasoconstriction syndromes 114 Eclampsia and stroke[]

  • Posthemorrhagic Anaemia of the Newborn

    Other findings include burr cells (uremia), spherocytes (hereditary spherocytosis, autoimmune hemolysis, G6PD deficiency), elliptocytes (hereditary elliptocytosis), schistocytes[] After surgery, a decreased serum iron, serum transferrin and transferrin saturation was found, together with a two-fold increase in serum ferritin concentration, while serum[] Thrombocytopenic Purpura and Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Microangiopathy in Pregnancy.[]

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