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204 Possible Causes for Butterfly Vertebrae

  • Anophthalmia or Microphthalmia - Esophageal Atresia Syndrome

    […] of people who have these symptoms is not available through HPO Anterior pituitary hypoplasia Underdeveloped pituitary gland 0010627 Autosomal dominant inheritance 0000006 Butterfly[] vertebrae 0003316 Coloboma Notched pupil 0000589 Frontal bossing 0002007 Generalized hypotonia Decreased muscle tone Low muscle tone [ more ] 0001290 Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism[]

  • Acrorenal Mandibular Syndrome

    vertebrae kyphoscoliosis abnormal sacral segmentation Genitourinary Kidneys: renal agenesis polycystic kidneys Genitourinary Internal Genitalia Female: bicornuate uterus[] vertebrae Congenital diaphragmatic hernia Downslanted palpebral fissures Finger syndactyly Hemivertebrae Hypoplastic scapulae Kyphosis Narrow face Oral cleft Scoliosis Short[] Vertebral anomalies typically include segmentation defects, such as hemivertebrae, butterfly vertebrae and vertebral fusions, supernumerary or absent vertebrae.[]

  • Aicardi's Syndrome

    […] or block vertebrae hemivertebrae abnormal costovertebral articulation History and etymology First described in 1961 by Jean Francois Aicardi, French paediatrician born in[] […] extra-axial: 8% ocular microphthalmia coloboma chonioretinopathy chorioretinal lacunae eyelid twitching absent pupillary reflexes funnel-shaped disks spine scoliosis spina bifida butterfly[]

  • Horseshoe Kidney

    Herein, we present a case with multiple rare congenital anomalies-retroaortic variant of reverse horseshoe kidney, retroaortic left renal vein, and butterfly vertebrae.[]

  • Hirschsprung Disease - Nail Hypoplasia - Dysmorphism

    What disease is characterized by abnormal vertebrae ('butterfly' vertebrae) and decrease in interpediculate distance in the lumbar spine, along with cardiac defects, ocular[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Spondylocostal Dysostosis

    vertebrae ; Disproportionate short-trunk short stature ; Hemivertebrae ; Low back pain ; Missing ribs ; Pectus carinatum ; Posterior rib fusion ; Scoliosis ; Severe short[] Vertebral anomalies occur at all levels of the spine, including: butterfly vertebrae hemivertebrae fused vertebrae hypoplastic vertebrae Associated abnormalities include cardiac[] Multiple anomalies of ribs (fused, bifid ribs, eleven pairs of ribs) and vertebrae (hemivertebrae, fused, hypoplastic, missing, and 'butterfly' vertebrae) occur as the only[]

  • Neurenteric Cyst

    Congenital vertebral anomalies are frequently seen in patients with neurenteric cysts, most typically anterior spina bifida, butterfly vertebrae, and hemivertebrae.[] Keywords: Enterogenous cyst, butterfly vertebra How to cite this article: Sreedhar M, Menon S, Varma G, Ghosal N. Cervico-thoracic neurenteric cyst - a case report.[] Butterfly vertebrae. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF A CYSTIC CHEST MASS Macrocystic cystic adenomatoid malformation. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Bronchogenic cyst.[]

  • Atresia of Urethra

    ., butterfly vertebrae) References: [12] [13] [14] [15][]

  • Congenital Torticollis

    Alagille syndrome manifests with butterfly vertebrae, jaundice due to hypoplastic bile ducts, and congenital heart defects.[] Congenital vertebral defects Examples are idiopathic scoliosis , which is rarely apparent at birth, and isolated vertebral defects (eg, hemivertebrae, wedge or butterfly vertebrae[]

  • Anencephaly

    vertebrae, hemivertebrae, cervico-thoracic scoliosis, left thumb preaxial polydactyly, and right undescended testis.[] 17 weeks and died soon after birth, whereas the co-twin had KFS with multiple congenital anomalies including short neck with low hairline, occipital atretic meningocele, butterfly[]

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