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13 Possible Causes for Buttock Pain, Fatigue, Scapulalgia

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    The hips are involved in the vast majority of patients, 2 with neck, back or buttock pain also commonly reported.[] Other symptoms may include fever, weight loss, night sweats, depression, fatigue, and a general feeling of being ill.[] Pain can also occur in the groin area and in the buttocks. The pain can be limited to one of these areas as well.[]

  • Fibromyalgia

    In this definition, shoulder and buttock pain is considered as pain for each involved side. "Low-back pain is considered lower segment pain. ‏[] Capuron L, Welberg L, Heim C, et al: Cognitive dysfunction relates to subjective report of mental fatigue in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.[] Benign acute myositis Buttock muscular pain Buttock pain Cervical myofascial pain syndrome Cysticercosis myositis Diffuse muscle tenderness Eosinophilic myositis Fibromyalgia[]

  • Cervical Spondylosis

    Cervical Spondylosis symptoms include the pain areas: in the back, legs, thighs and buttocks that worsens with standing, neck(Cervical pain), or shoulder; Muscular: muscle[] CONCLUSION: The cervical spondylosis formula granules significantly improve numbness, muscle strength, and fatigue, and reduce pain in patients with the nerve root type of[] The most common early symptoms of spondylitis are dull pain and stiffness in the lower back and buttocks.[]

  • Cervical Herniated Disc

    When pinched, sciatic pain may be experienced anywhere along these branches, radiating from the buttocks down the back of the leg and sometimes through the shin and foot.[] "And it only happens under times of really intense fatigue, like at the very end of a workout. "Overall, things are just so much better now.[] Side effects include dizziness, fatigue, and drowsiness. Narcotics, for severe pain, include oxycodone and hydrocodone.[]

  • Primary Cardiac Sarcoma

    【欠乏症】*deficiency 【腱炎】*tendinitis 【腱鞘炎】*peritendinitis *tendovaginitis 【腱膜炎】* *aponeurositis 【肩関節亜脱臼】*subluxation of shoulder 【肩関節周囲炎】*scapulohumeral periarthritis 【肩甲骨痛】*scapulalgia[] Symptoms of sarcoma may include: A painless mass or growth in the leg, buttock, or sometimes on the face or neck.[] While staging CT demonstrated a decrease in size of hepatic metastases, he tolerated this treatment poorly, developing lower limb cellulitis and severe fatigue.[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    L]( psammosarcoma) *sarcomatosis【肉腫症】 *sarcomatous mesothelioma【肉腫性中皮腫】 *scaly leg【鱗状脚】 *scaphocephalia/*scaphocephalism/*scaphocephaly【舟状頭症 舟状頭蓋奇形】 *scaphoiditis【舟状骨炎】 *scapulalgia[] […] in buttocks and legs ( neuropathic claudication ; improves with bending forward) X-ray : degenerative spine changes MRI : confirmatory test (nerve compression) Conservative[] Cancer-Related Fatigue. Patarca-Montero R. (2004). Handbook of cancer-related fatigue.[]

  • Cutaneous Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis

    L]( psammosarcoma) *sarcomatosis【肉腫症】 *sarcomatous mesothelioma【肉腫性中皮腫】 *scaly leg【鱗状脚】 *scaphocephalia/*scaphocephalism/*scaphocephaly【舟状頭症 舟状頭蓋奇形】 *scaphoiditis【舟状骨炎】 *scapulalgia[] Edema of the lower extremities and buttocks is improved with bed rest and/or elevating the affected area.[] The clinician should ask about the duration, onset, and presence any associated symptoms such as weight loss or fatigue (that would indicate a systemic cause). [10] It is[]

  • Subacromial Bursitis

    Trochanter tenderness and pain with resisted hip ab/adduction Patrick Fabere test painful, hip flex / ext normal Beware rheumatoid arthritis Ischial bursitis Buttock pain[] Because I was training them so much, I was working them even when my shoulder muscles were fatigued, which led to depression of my scapula during the Handstand.[] 【欠乏症】*deficiency 【腱炎】*tendinitis 【腱鞘炎】*peritendinitis *tendovaginitis 【腱膜炎】* *aponeurositis 【肩関節亜脱臼】*subluxation of shoulder 【肩関節周囲炎】*scapulohumeral periarthritis 【肩甲骨痛】*scapulalgia[]

  • Septic Bursitis

    The pain may radiate down the back of the thigh. Direct pressure over the area causes sharp pain. The person may hold the painful buttock elevated when sitting.[] .練習、訓練、運動、2.体操 exostosis 外骨腫 extension1.伸展、2.牽引(けんいん) external fixation1.外固定[法]、2.創外固定[法] external rotation外旋 extremity[体]肢 f facet joint( zygapophyseal joint) fascia 筋膜 fatigue[] 【欠乏症】*deficiency 【腱炎】*tendinitis 【腱鞘炎】*peritendinitis *tendovaginitis 【腱膜炎】* *aponeurositis 【肩関節亜脱臼】*subluxation of shoulder 【肩関節周囲炎】*scapulohumeral periarthritis 【肩甲骨痛】*scapulalgia[]

  • Xanthoma Disseminatum

    The skin lesions may not present any pain, but may initially appear inflammatory (red skin patches), which later become discolored to yellow brown-orange The xanthomas are[] ( 筋緊張減退、筋緊張低下) 【筋ジストロフィー】*muscular dystrophy 【筋上皮腫】*myoepithelioma 【筋突起骨折】*fracture of coronoid process 【筋肉痛】【筋痛】*muscle ache *myalgia 【筋肥大】*hypermyotrophy 【筋疲労】*muscle fatigue[] The patient didn’t suffer from chest pain and shortness of breath. Cardiac examination and electrocardiogram didn’t reveal any pathological findings.[]

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