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50 Possible Causes for Buttock Pain, Sacral Dimple

  • Pilonidal Cyst

    Code Q82.6 Congenital sacral dimple 2017 - New Code 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code POA Exempt Applicable To Parasacral dimple Type 2 Excludes pilonidal cyst with abscess[] When a cyst is infected, signs and symptoms include fever , pain to the top of the buttocks, low back pain , swelling, redness, discharge of blood or pus (if abscess ruptures[] Postanal dimple Pilonidal cyst NOS Type 2 Excludes congenital sacral dimple ( Q82.6 ) parasacral dimple ( Q82.6 ) with abscess L05.01 ICD-10-CM Codes Adjacent To L05.01 L03.91[]

  • Hemivertebra

    Occult signs of spinal dysraphism include cutaneous manifestations such as midline spinal hemangiomas, penetrating sacral dimples, or midline hairy patches.[] A 71-year-old man presented with left lower back pain and intermittent claudication accompanied by severe left buttock pain.[]

  • Diastematomyelia

    She had a small sacral dimple. An X-ray revealed spina bifida occulta L5.[] The intermittent back and left buttock pain was restricting sporting activities.[] She had a small sacral dimple, which is common as most spina bifida patients have some form of cutaneous skin changes near the lumbosacral spine (for example dimple or scarred[]

  • Sacral Radiculopathy

    A mixed cauda equina and conus medullaris syndrome is seen, without other signs of spinal dysraphism, such as sacral dimples or hair tufts.[] buttock pain caused by ischiofemoral impingement.”[] He, also, complained of buttock pain on the right side. There was no family history or features of neurofibromatosis.[]

  • Myxopapillary Ependymoma

    We present a 9-month-old neurologically normal infant with cutaneous markers for a closed neural tube defect consisting of two sacral dimples and associated tuft of hair.[] A 28-year-old man presented with buttock pain, sensory disturbance, and motor weakness of bilateral lower extremities after falling on ice during smelt fishing.[] […] and swelling in the lower back and buttocks for more than 8 years and had recently developed sciatica and bowel incontinence.[]

  • Tethered Cord Syndrome

    Tethered Cord Syndrome By: Jason Jernigan Assessment Healthy baby girl Frank breech presentation Delivered by scheduled C-section Sacral dimple Tethered cord (occult spinal[] pain - spasticity in the sacral roots; - scoliosis ; - may see rapid progression of scoliosis; - tethered cord may cause scoliosis is above level of paralysis or above open[] Most sacral dimples are harmless and don't require any treatment.[]

  • Spina Bifida Occulta

    StudentMadwife Mon 16-Feb-09 00:08:20 well, here goes. i was born with sacral dimple(inside not visble) and wet the bed until about 15yrs old(still have problems now in that[] We treated a 24-year-old man who fell from a horse, landing on his buttocks, and developed headaches, back pain, and a large lumbar subcutaneous fluid collection.[] A small tail Clinical features of complications like pain in the legs, weakness of the lower limbs, urinary and bowel complaints, loss of sensation, etc 2, 4, 6 .[]

  • Posterior Fusion of Lumbosacral Vertebrae-Blepharoptosis Syndrome

    dimple 59 32 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0000960 3 joint stiffness 59 32 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0001387 4 abnormal form of the vertebral bodies 59 32[] pain refractory to conservative management for two years.[] dimple Sparse eyelashes Hemivertebrae Abnormal vertebral morphology Short neck Generalized arterial tortuosity Joint laxity Situs inversus totalis Hallux valgus Atrophic[]

  • Radiculopathy

    A mixed cauda equina and conus medullaris syndrome is seen, without other signs of spinal dysraphism, such as sacral dimples or hair tufts.[] […] to cause low back pain, buttock pain, hip pain, or, most commonly, hip pain.[] The dorsal roots of the L5 and S1 nerve root can refer pain just to the buttock and around the bones of the pelvic girdle.[]

  • Meningocele

    The indications for the referral included a sacral dimple, hairy patch, cutaneous hemangioma, deviated gluteal fold, skin tag, and skin discoloration.[] […] and pain in the buttocks and legs.[] The authors found the presence sacral dimple a poor marker for occult spinal pathology. [23] Nuclear Imaging CSF flow dynamics may be assessed by injecting radionuclides into[]

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