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478 Possible Causes for C-Reactive Protein Increased, Dehydration

  • Multiple Myeloma

    A physical examination revealed generalized pallor and dehydration but no signs of abdominal peritoneal irritation.[] He developed Grade 3 adverse events (AEs), including nausea, dehydration, and fatigue, following the common terminology criteria for adverse events v4.0.[] Careful fluid management with hypercalcemia, hyperuricemia, dehydration, and infection. D. Coronary Artery Disease or Peripheral Vascular Disease.[]

  • Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

    protein.[] Home treatment for diarrhea includes resting your stomach and being alert for signs of dehydration.[] […] has been shown to release interleukins IL-1 and IL-6 as well as tumor necrosis factor-α, and these have been related to enhanced concentrations of acute phase markers like C-reactive[]

  • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

    We describe three infants, two with failure to thrive, who had dehydration and diarrhea within 1 month after their first or second rotavirus immunization and subsequently[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Liquids will also help prevent dehydration. Liquids that help prevent dehydration include water, fruit juice, and broth. Do not drink liquids that contain caffeine.[] Theoretical benefits for this advice are replacing insensible fluid losses from fever and respiratory tract evaporation, correcting dehydration from reduced intake, and reducing[] Caffeine can increase your risk for dehydration. Ask your healthcare provider how much liquid to drink each day. Soothe a sore throat. Gargle with warm salt water.[]

  • Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency

    Abstract In most instances, marked deficiency of the purine catabolic enzyme adenosine deaminase results in lymphopenia and severe combined immunodeficiency disease. Over a 2-yr period, we studied a white male child with markedly deficient erythrocyte and lymphocyte adenosine deaminase activity and normal immune[…][]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Addiction to coffee and other forms of caffeine, as well as alcohol addiction and dehydration, are aggravating to the urinary tract.[] Following examination, significant laboratory data were collected including increased leukocyte count (10,800/ul with 86% neutrophils) and C-reactive protein (9.6 mg/dl).[] Confusion can be a medication side effect or a sign of another problem, such as dehydration or a disturbed metabolism (which might occur with abnormal blood levels of calcium[]

  • Pancreatitis

    Blood pressure may be elevated by pain or decreased by dehydration or bleeding. Heart and respiratory rates are often elevated.[] Laboratory studies revealed mild leukocytosis, increased levels of serum lipase, amylase, and C-reactive protein (CRP).[] Kids with a more severe case of pancreatitis who become dehydrated may need a short stay in the hospital.[]

  • Enterococcus

    Storage conditions and Shelf life Store the dehydrated medium at 10-30 C and use before the expiry date on the label. Store the prepared medium at 2-8 C away from light.[] This high salt concentration prevents the growth of gram negative bacteria (those without the outer wall) as it causes them to become dehydrated and die.[] Appearance Dehydrated medium: Straw coloured, free-flowing powder Prepared medium: Straw coloured gel Quality control Positive control: Expected results Enterococcus faecalis[]

  • Thrombocytopenia

    […] in the blood called complements and especially C3 and C4 components of complement, the sed rate and C-reactive protein, which tend to increase due to inflammation caused[] Abnormally low platelet production may be caused by: Dehydration, Vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency Leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome or aplastic anemia Decreased production[] […] serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, and C-reactive protein (CRP), hyponatremia, and prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (APPT) and prothrombin time were associated[]

  • Escherichia Coli

    Abstract In this study, chemo-enzymatic synthesis of furfuralcohol from biomass-derived xylose was successfully demonstrated by a sequential acid-catalyzed dehydration under[] The most important thing is to have plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration . stay at home and get plenty of rest drink lots of fluids, such as water and squash – take small[] How can I prevent dehydration if I have an E. coli infection?[]

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