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201 Possible Causes for Calf Pain, Hip Arthritis, Toe Pain

  • Sciatica

    , or difficulty moving the leg, foot, or toes Pain that radiates down the leg and possibly into the foot and toes ( radiculopathy ).[] Symptoms of sciatica The symptoms of sciatica include: hot pain in the buttock aching in the buttock, back of the thigh (hamstring) and calf pain in the ankle and foot pins[] This muscle is susceptible to injury from a slip and fall, hip arthritis, or a difference in leg length.[]

  • Peripheral Vascular Disease

    PAIN IN TOES OR FEET WHILE RESTING If you have pain in your toes or feet while resting, you may have an advancing case of PAD.[] […] episodes of difficulty breathing (renal arteries), or calf pain with walking and/or leg ulcers (femoral and popliteal arteries).[] arthritis Hip, thigh, and gluteal region Aching Yes, with varying degree Subsides slowly More comfortable sitting Varies, may relate more to activity level or weather changes[]

  • Raynaud's Disease

    Painful ulcers and gangrene are fairly common and can be difficult to treat. In addition, a person may experience heartburn or difficulty in swallowing.[] The joints most often affected are the knees, hips, hands, and spine. The risk of developing osteoarthritis increases with age.[] In addition, shoes that are too short in heel-to-toe length or shoes with a heel counter may rub and cause pain.[]

  • Morton's Metatarsalgia

    When tissue thickens around one of the nerves leading to your toes, it can cause a burning pain in the ball of your foot and cause your toes to sting or feel numb.[] Stretching the calf will help eliminate this cause of pain, but patient’s must stretch the calf on an incline board wearing shoes and avoid concentrating the body weight through[] قراءة التقييم بأكمله المحتويات Lower Leg Injuries 213 Knee Injuries 237 Pain on the Outside of the Knee 254 Hip Pelvis and Groin Injuries 265 Lower Back Injuries 281 Exercise[]

  • Psoriatic Arthritis

    Other symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include: swollen fingers and toes pain in the buttocks, lower back, or neck caused by inflammation in the spine (spondylitis) fatigue[] We describe a patient with a 10-year history of PsA, with arthritis of the right knee and pain and edema in the right calf, treated with the TNFa inhibitor etanercept for[] Asymmetric psoriatic arthritis: Asymmetric arthritis typically involves one to three joints in the body -- large or small -- such as the knee , hip, or one or several fingers[]

  • Compartment Syndrome

    ) pain when flexing or pointing the big toe Treatment If compartment syndrome is suspected, patients should be directed to the emergency room.[] CASE: A 15-year-old female competitive high school basketball player presented as an outpatient with a 3-month history of bilateral exertional calf pain.[] Osteomyelitis may occur where a piece of metal has been surgically attached to a bone, as is done to repair a hip or other fracture (see Figure: Repairing a Fractured Hip[]

  • Radiculopathy

    […] affecting your bones and joints, including: Arch, heel and toe pain Arthritis Foot and ankle problems Fractures Hand, wrist and elbow problems Hip problems Joint deterioration[] […] and sometimes into the calf and foot.[] It may begin in your toes and feet, with the pain progressively getting more severe. You may also begin to lose some feeling in your legs and/or arms.[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    Usually urethritis precedes the symptoms of arthritis, which frequently presents as a red swollen toe or heel pain.[] The patient presented with a swollen, painful left calf and persistent itching on the skin of the calf.[] […] of joint of hand Reactive arthritis Reactive arthritis of ankle Reactive arthritis of elbow Reactive arthritis of foot Reactive arthritis of hand Reactive arthritis of hip[]

  • Popliteal Cyst

    This causes intense pain and problems moving the foot or toes. Compartment syndrome is a medical emergency. It needs immediate surgery.[] We present a case of a large dissecting popliteal cyst 7 years after TKA with symptoms of severe calf pain and functional disability.[] , hands and big toe inflammatory arthritis – including rheumatoid arthritis which is a less common type of arthritis and is caused by the immune system attacking the joints[]

  • Hallux Rigidus

    This condition, called hallux rigidus (meaning rigid or stiff big toe) causes the toe to be painful and difficult to bend.[] As a result, the calves shorten with each stride, and can become extremely tight, causing altered dynamics in the lower leg and pain in both the calf and Achilles tendon.[] Technically a form of degenerative arthritis, Hallux Rigidus can wear out the cartilage in the joint that it affects.[]

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