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65 Possible Causes for Calf Pain, Knee Effusion

  • Popliteal Cyst

    The primary physicians failed to appreciate evidence of knee disease in these patients, although the rheumatology consultant found knee effusion, and a popliteal cyst was[] We present a case of a large dissecting popliteal cyst 7 years after TKA with symptoms of severe calf pain and functional disability.[] In addition to these conditions, a dissecting or ruptured popliteal cyst should be considered in the differential diagnosis of acute calf pain and swelling following total[]

  • Ruptured Baker's Cyst

    Examination of the joints revealed diffuse synovitis with bilateral knee effusions and a visibly enlarged left calf with a palpable mass extending inferiorly from the popliteal[] Lots of pain in my calf area and particularly in one pinpoint spot in the calf along with hip/groin pain.I wonder if stockings will help my calf pain and is it safe at 20[] Sometimes one may experience slightly pain from the area behind the knee spreading to the upper calf.[]

  • Hemarthrosis

    […] hip M25.459 Effusion, unspecified hip M25.46 Effusion, knee M25.461 Effusion, right knee M25.462 Effusion, left knee M25.469 Effusion, unspecified knee M25.47 Effusion, ankle[] The patients presented with calf pain and swelling and large ecchymoses, which eventually extended to the ankle as a crescent about one or both malleoli.[] I was having severe, cramping pain in my calf and they thought I may have a DVT (blood clot).[]

  • Knee Sprain

    The signs and symptoms of a knee sprain are: (1) severe pain at the time of injury (2) A feeling of popping or tearing inside the knee (3) swelling over the injury(effusion[] Strains Chondromalacia Cold Therapy Elbow Sprain Hip Pain IT Band Syndrome Knee Sprain (All) Knee Sprain (LCL/MCL) All Injuries Featured FILMISTA Knowledge Innovation A2-[] Calf stretch Hang your heel off the edge of a step, hold for 30 seconds Do not push into knee pain – you should just feel a calf stretch 2.[]

  • Prepatellar Bursitis

    Keywords Prepatellar bursitis; Knee effusion; Massive; Hemorrhagic; Housemaid's knee; Carpet layer's knee; Musculoskeletal ultrasound Introduction Prepatellar bursitis can[] pain; and medial tibial stress syndrome.[] When i do, after i take the weight off its like i radiates(the pain) down my calf like theres a ton of pressure. i havent gone to class cause i cant walk at all.[]

  • Familial Mediterranean Fever

    Pleuritic chest pain - occurs in 50%; may be associated with an effusion. Pericarditis.[] Non-canonical manifestations of FMF are increasingly recognized in recent years, such as calf pain, vasculitides and neurological disease.[] Joint pain - knees, ankles and wrists are most commonly affected; small joint involvement is rare; joint pain can last longer than abdominal pain; joints are normal between[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    ‘Immunologic diseases such as Reiter's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic fever can also cause knee effusion.’[] The patient presented with a swollen, painful left calf and persistent itching on the skin of the calf.[] Materials and methods Patients Twenty-eight patients with knee effusion, who had given informed consent, were included in the study after approval from our institutional review[]

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee

    knee tenderness, range of movement and socioeconomic status.[] Stretching the calf, hamstring and quadriceps muscles takes pressure off your knees and kneecaps. Weight loss can also be beneficial.[] Common physical examination findings in knee OA include palpable effusion, tenderness, bony enlargement of the joint margins, an antalgic gait pattern, joint crepitus and[]

  • Patella Fracture

    Conclusion To us it is vital to obtain CT scan of the patient's knee if there is an ipsilateral femoral fracture with an ipsilateral knee effusion and a punction which reveals[] View Recommended Products Shock-Absorbing, Active Comfort, Anti-Bacterial Ultra-Fresh Insoles, Perfect for Football Shoes Provide relief to lower back pain Compression and[] Treatment consists of analgesics and ice packs to be used when pain occurs.[]

  • Arthritis of the Knee

    Soft swelling: when your joint becomes inflamed and produces extra fluid, sometimes called an effusion or water on the knee.[] The pain could be dull, severe, only in front, all around the knees, at the back of the knee, at the side of the knee or along the thigh or calf.[] A Baker’s cyst doesn’t always cause pain, but sometimes they can burst so the fluid leaks down into your calf, causing sharp pain, swelling and redness in the calf.[]

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