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17 Possible Causes for Calf Pain, No Muscle Weakness, PaO2 Decreased

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    Common pediatrics examples of this situation are inability to walk due to calf pain secondary to acute viral myositis, pyogenic arthritis-related arthralgia (e.g., gonococcal[] But weakness that increases over several days is also common. Muscle weakness or loss of muscle function (paralysis) affects both sides of the body.[] CASE A 15 yr old male,came to ED with complaints of pain in the calf of the right leg on Tuesday,followed by weakness of the both lower limbs the next day morning.was bed[]

  • Poliomyelitis

    Non-paralytic poliomyelitis Symptoms include back pain or backache, diarrhea, excessive tiredness, fatigue, headache, irritability, leg pain (calf muscles), moderate fever[] Muscle weakness may be responsible for postoperative instability, and careful selection of the patient with good upper extremity muscles must be made.[] It is characterized by new muscle weakness seen in survivors of acute poliomyelitis.[]

  • Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism

    Symptoms of deep venous thrombosis: calf/thigh pain and/or leg swelling Hemoptysis Syncope Signs: Tachypnea Tachycardia Hypotension (especially sustained and unexplained)[] […] or paralyzed intercostal, abdominal and/or other muscles needed for ventilation. [22] Some physical therapy interventions for this population include active assisted cough[] […] redness and swelling in one of your legs (usually the calf).[]

  • Kyphoscoliosis

    Patient complained of back pain and some shortness of breath along with preoperative right leg pain in his posterior thigh and calf.[] Over time, this anatomical distortion results in ventilatory insufficiency due to muscle weakness.[] weakness and muscle wasting.[]

  • Acute Massive Pulmonary Embolism

    (44 %), calf or thigh pain (44 %), calf or thigh swelling (41 %), cough (34 %), 2-pillow orthopnoea (28 %), and wheezing (21%) [ 12 ].[] […] wasting, and weakness.[] The retired science teacher and avid amateur nature photographer reported that he had severe pain in his right leg for 2 days.[]

  • Acute Cor Pulmonale

    The patient had tachypnea (26 breaths/min) without pulmonary rales, bulging of the neck veins, hepatomegaly and a painful swelling of the left calf, with a positive Homans[] 急性 发病期 acut e phase 收藏 急性 痛风性关节炎 gouty arthritis; acut e gouty arthritis; acut e urarthritis 收藏 急性 脑栓塞 ischemic stroke 收藏 一过性肌无力 加重 transient aggravation of muscle weakness[]

  • Anthracosilicosis

    […] in the muscles, especially in calf muscles.[] There was nausea, vomiting, weakness, flabbiness, double vision. On physical exam, there was decrease of a muscle tone, anisocoria, flaccid swallowing and tendon reflex.[] […] answered Mark 0.00 out of 1.00 Flag question Question text A patient was admitted to the hospital on the 7th day of the disease with complaints of high temperature, headache, pain[]

  • Fat Embolism

    Major Criteria Axillary/subconjuctival petechiae Hypoxemia (PaO2 Central Nervous System depression (disproportionate to hypoxia) Pulmonary edema Minor Criteria Tachycardia[] […] in calf or popliteal region with abrupt dorsiflexion of foot by examiner).[] The patient was discharged 33 days after hospital admission with improved right-sided weakness.[]

  • Pregnancy

    Functional reserve capacity decreases 18%. Minute volume increases 40%. Forced expiratory volume (FEV1) does not change. PaO2 levels increase, from 100 to 110 mmHg.[] pain or swelling, amniotic fluid leakage, decreased fetal movement, preterm labor, muscle weakness, or chest pain. 5 Nutrition: Nutrition during pregnancy is particularly[] CASE REPORT During her second pregnancy, a 28-year-old woman presented with symptoms of general weakness, bone and joint pain, multiple fractures with bone deformity, muscle[]

  • Pulmonary Disorder

    […] long-acting formulation), with target blood level of 5-12 mcg/mL Oxygen therapy By nasal cannulae, Venturi masks, non-rebreather masks Titrate to target pulse oxygen 90% or PaO2[] Less common symptoms include anxiety, arm and shoulder pain, tenderness in the calf of the leg, erythema nodosum, swelling of the face, headache, hoarseness, joint pain, and[] Airway obstruction reduces physical activity and causes hypoxia, which may contribute to skeletal muscle weakness as well as to comorbid diseases.[]

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