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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Apnea was started by disconnecting the breathing circuit from the endotracheal tube. The time from the start of apnea to Spo2 of 95% was measured.[] Jenni Konner is a writer, director and producer known for executive producing HBO’s limited series “Camping” and HBO’s acclaimed series “Girls,” which ran for six seasons.[] Services offered Acute illness Chronic illness – co-management with your specialist Mental health concerns Physicals for study abroad, camp, work Women's annual exams (e.g[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    […] considered a major illness within the military settings being caused by foodborne enteric pathogens that are particularly easily spread in the crowded conditions of military camps[] . – Un circuit d’exposició en el qual cada nen aporta els gèrmens (virus, bacteris i paràsits) del seu entorn domèstic, a l’hora que transporta els gèrmens adquirits a la[] ., cAMP, cGMP, and calcium) ( 31,32 ).[]

  • Phenobarbital

    PB strongly suppressed cAMP-dependent induction of PEPCK gene expression.[] Serum concentrations decreased after circuit changes unless the new circuit was redosed.[] Sixteen patients (7 neonates, 9 infants) treated with phenobarbital during ECMO (centrifugal-flow pump circuits) were enrolled in the PK study.[]

  • Triamterene

    Moreover, the GLP-1 secretion and increased cAMP levels induced by TGR5 activation are both dose dependently reduced by triamterene.[] The slightly lower value for triamterene (0.92 /- 0.02) probably reflected minor differences in protein binding between maternal and fetal circuits.[] The levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) were estimated using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits.[]

  • Overdose

    ., shelters, rooming houses, dormitories, migratory workers' camps, and halfway houses) and civilians living on military bases.[] We present three cases of suicide by medication overdose involving different therapeutic classes with different distribution circuits and review the regulatory requirements[] […] hanging, self-strangulation, or vein cutting, it raises questions as to how the medications are obtained, particularly in view of the specific organization of the medication circuit[]

  • Valeriana Officinalis

    Sensation of icy coldness ( Heloderma; Camp; Abies c ).[] CONCLUSION: A single oral dose of VE modulates intracortical facilitatory circuits.[]

  • Narcolepsy

    Six of the eight narcolepsy-associated P2Y11 mutations resulted in significant functional deficits in P2Y11 signalling through both Ca2 and cAMP signalling pathways.[] Current evidence indicates that orexin cell loss causes sleepiness and cataplexy by destabilizing the ability of the circuits that initiate and sustain normal levels of arousal[] In both the orexin knockout and the orexin-ataxin-3 mouse models of narcolepsy we have found that cataplexy can be blocked if the surrogate neurons are part of the circuit[]

  • Embryonal Carcinoma

    […] of cAMP/PKA pathway in the culture.[] We have identified a glutamatergic transmission circuit in embryonal carcinoma stem cells.[] The expression of TH is regulated primarily by a cyclic AMP (cAMP) response element (CRE) in its promoter.[]

  • Olanzapine

    After treatment with olanzapine, increased FC in the DMN and sensorimotor circuits of the brain was noted, whereas decreased FC was observed in the left superior temporal[] Activation of indirect pathway medium spiny neurons (MSNs) via promotion of cAMP production is the principal mechanism of action of current antipsychotics with dopamine D[] Disruption of frontal-subcortical-mesolimbic circuits caused by lesions in certain central nervous system structures has been associated with abulia.[]

  • Doxorubicin

    Taken together, a novel signal circuit of Stat3/Oct-4/c-Myc was identified for regulating stemness-mediated Dox resistance in TNBC.[] We have demonstrated that doxorubicin inhibits proliferation of cancer cells through proteolytic activation of a transcription factor called CREB3L1 (cAMP response element[] (Let the comments fly on which camp you belong to!)[]

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