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6,610 Possible Causes for Camping, Eczema, Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)

Did you mean: Camping, Eczema, Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD

  • Insect Bite

    The rash may resemble other conditions such as hives or eczema . Bed bug infestations can be hard to identify.[] Bed Check If you are camping, living in a heavily wooded area, or are housed somewhere that isn’t “bug proof”, then you should always check your bed before going to sleep[] Occasionally, an insect bite can lead to complications which may need treatment, including infection and eczema.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Relapsing Fever

    The camp was instructed to close immediately, and the health department, in collaboration with local university experts, investigated to identify additional cases, determine[] Cabin inspection after the camp found rodents and Ornithodoros ticks, the vector of TBRF.[] Abstract During the summer of 2014 an outbreak of tickborne relapsing fever (TBRF) occurred in a group of high school students and staff at a youth camp, which was reported[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Ehrlichiosis

    During camping trips, insect repellants must liberally be used to fend off the Lone star tick from latching on.[] If people live in an area with lone star ticks, they can help prevent ehrlichiosis by: wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats when camping or hiking wearing light-colored[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Beta Blocker Poisoning

    When the beta receptor is stimulated, cAMP is increased and calcium influx (via L-type calcium channels) also increases.[] Glucagon bypasses β-receptors and acts directly on Gs to stimulate conversion of ATP to cAMP. Amrinone inhibits PDE to prevent the degradation of cAMP.[] Blockade of beta-receptors results in decreased production of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) with a resultant blunting of multiple metabolic and cardiovascular[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    […] activated by cAMP (Epac) ( 15 ).[] Kenley’s family says she had just gone camping before the sickness started. Within five days they say the infection took over her small body.[] “If you have been outdoors camping or hiking, do a tick check,” Poland said.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Typhus

    Laboratory and epidemiologic investigations of humans and animals associated with the camp were conducted to identify additional sylvatic typhus cases at the camp, risk factors[] More than 1.5 million concentration camp prisoners died of typhus, a preventable disease.[] In order to stem the tide of illness, camp administrators periodically marched prisoners out of the camp and into the ghetto for mass disinfections.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Contact Dermatitis

    Kids' camp - Camp Discovery A chronic skin condition can make attending summer camp unrealistic for some children. Camp Discovery changes that.[] […] on skin disease, the authors reviewed the existing literature to assess the association between smoking and contact dermatitis or hand eczema.[] ACDS CAMP (2014) American Contact Dermatitis Society. /i4a/pages/index.cfm?[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Tick-Borne Encephalitis

    The risk is highest when hiking or camping in forested areas up to an altitude of about 1500 m.[] Most human infections are contracted during outdoor leisure pursuits such as forestry working, camping, rambling and mountain biking, during tick season (spring to early autumn[] I am heading tomorrow to Central Asia for the first time, with plans to do some trekking and camping.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Plant Poisoning

    Acute nicotine poisoning associated with a traditional remedy for eczema. Arch Dis Child. 2001;85(6):500–2.[] […] majdrity of the victims of plant poisoning are children under 6, but recently older age groups of children have become more vulnerable due to the increased popularity of camping[] Sophora root is used in traditional Chinese medicine where it is known as "Ku Shen" and is used to treat dysentery, scabies, itchy rashes such as with eczema, skin lesions[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Living in or visiting these areas from April to September, especially if hiking or camping.[] But that's no reason to let your guard down about ticks when camping or hiking this summer.[] The best way avoid ticks when camping or hiking is to avoid tall grass and wooded areas and to use hiking trails where possible.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)

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