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7,872 Possible Causes for Camping, Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD), Tachycardia

Did you mean: Camping, Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD, Tachycardia

  • Relapsing Fever

    The camp was instructed to close immediately, and the health department, in collaboration with local university experts, investigated to identify additional cases, determine[] Clinical presentation of TBRF is sudden onset of high fever lasting up to a week and ending with rigors, hypertension, and tachycardia.[] This reaction produces apprehension, diaphoresis, fever, tachycardia, and tachypnea, with an initial pressor response followed rapidly by hypotension.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Tularemia

    Inhaling a fine mist or spray (aerosol) or dust particles containing the bacteria People who work outdoors or pursue outdoor activities such as hunting, trapping, hiking, or camping[] Examination showed fever (40 C), hypotension, tachycardia, tachypnea, decreased oxygen saturation (90 % at room air), and bibasilar crackles and wheezing.[] Permethrin products are intended for use on items such as clothing, shoes, bed nets and camping gear and should not be applied to skin.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    […] activated by cAMP (Epac) ( 15 ).[] Other than fever of 39 C and tachycardia of 100 beats/min, her vital signs are normal. There are no meningeal signs.[] Kenley’s family says she had just gone camping before the sickness started. Within five days they say the infection took over her small body.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Escherichia Coli Infection

    The case had participated in a school camp. Subsequent investigations confirmed 5 other asymptomatic cases among camp attendees or visitors.[] For example, EPEC-induced ATP release was potentiated by noncytotoxic agents that elevate host cell cAMP, such as forskolin and cholera toxin, and by exposure to hypotonic[] Case patients infected with non-O157 STEC were more likely to eat sliced chicken meat or corned beef from a delicatessen, camp in the bush, eat catered meals, or have family[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Plant Poisoning

    […] majdrity of the victims of plant poisoning are children under 6, but recently older age groups of children have become more vulnerable due to the increased popularity of camping[] These dysrhythmias include the following: Tachydysrhythmia, such as atrial tachycardia with block Junctional tachycardia Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia with block Bidirectional[] Poisoning can be prevented by: Avoiding eating wild berries and plants, especially if you have no information about them Following working in the garden or fields, hiking, or camping[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Altitude Sickness

    On October 15th, Rainey returned to camp with a deer he harvested, and Sloan insisted that he take care of the meat instead of remaining in camp and watching over him.[] Symptoms may also include tachycardia, tachypnea and signs of right heart failure. Untreated, pulmonary edema can progress rapidly, to hypoxemia and death.[] Clinical signs are tachycardia, tachypnoea, pyrexia and inspiratory crackles Hypoxia from HAPE can produce confusion, but HACE should be considered as a cause Responsible[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Typhus

    Laboratory and epidemiologic investigations of humans and animals associated with the camp were conducted to identify additional sylvatic typhus cases at the camp, risk factors[] More than 1.5 million concentration camp prisoners died of typhus, a preventable disease.[] In order to stem the tide of illness, camp administrators periodically marched prisoners out of the camp and into the ghetto for mass disinfections.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Beta Blocker Poisoning

    When the beta receptor is stimulated, cAMP is increased and calcium influx (via L-type calcium channels) also increases.[] Nifedipine and other dihydropyridines are generally less lethal and tend to produce sinus tachycardia instead of bradycardia with fewer conduction disturbances.BB have a wider[] Note: Acebutolol, oxprenolol, and pindolol exhibit intrinsic sympathomimetic activity may manifest as sinus or ventricular tachycardia.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Acute Mountain Sickness

    He was treated at the field camp and evacuated to sea level on the next available flight (Mission Day 15).[] […] which type of acute mountain sickness HAPE HIGH ALTITUDE PULMONARY EDEMA What are the physical findings of HAPE 1) The clinical picture may resemble severe pneumonia 2) Tachycardia[] MBC is on the way to Annapurna Base Camp. So, if you are heading over to Machhapuchre Base Camp then you should drink lots of fluids, but doesn't mean alchohol.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Living in or visiting these areas from April to September, especially if hiking or camping.[] But that's no reason to let your guard down about ticks when camping or hiking this summer.[] The best way avoid ticks when camping or hiking is to avoid tall grass and wooded areas and to use hiking trails where possible.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)

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