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1,414 Possible Causes for Camptodactyly

  • Coxa Vara

    Familial arthropathy associated with congenital camptodactyly has been previously recognized as a definite clinical entity in the literature.[] Abstract The association of congenital camptodactyly, familial arthropathy and coxa vara is a rare but recognized clinical entity.[] Camptodactyly and large joints arthropathy were present in all cases.[]

  • Tel Hashomer Camptodactyly Syndrome

    We report on two Brazilian sibs whose parents are first cousins with clinical findings of the Tel Hashomer camptodactyly syndrome, namely, camptodactyly, muscle hypoplasia[] Two new cases with the Tel-Hashomer camptodactyly syndrome have been ascertained in an Indian family.[] This heritable disorder of connective tissue termed the Tel Hashomer camptodactyly syndrome is thought to be transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait.[]

  • Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome

    Freeman-Sheldon syndrome is a rare hereditary disorder characterised by three basic abnormalities, namely microstomia, camptodactyly with ulnar deviation of the fingers, and[] It is characterized by three basic abnormalities: microstomia with pouting lips, camptodactyly with ulnar deviation of the fingers, and talipes equinovarus.[] Affected individuals have vertical talus, ulnar deviation, severe camptodactyly, and a distinctive face characterized by a triangular shape, prominent nasolabial folds, downslanting[]

  • Cold-Induced Sweating Syndrome Type 1

    All patients described to date displayed facial anomalies, including a large face, chubby cheeks, a broad nose with anteverted nostrils and long philtrum, and bilateral camptodactyly[] […] presentation of cold-induced sweating syndrome (CISS), is characterized by dysmorphic features (distinctive facies, lower facial weakness, flexion deformity at the elbows, camptodactyly[]

  • Distal Symphalangism

    A Japanese family in which four patients in three generations had distal symphalangism associated with camptodactyly is reported.[] @article{Ohdo1981DistalSA, title {Distal symphalangism associated with camptodactyly.}, author {Shozo Ohdo and Yasuhiro Yamauchi and Kunio Hayakawa}, journal {Journal of medical[] Distal symphalangism associated with camptodactyly.[]

  • Oculodentodigital Dysplasia

    Camptodactyly of fifth digit Figure 3. Microdontia Figure 4. Camptodactyly and Partial syndactaly of 2 nd and 3 rd toes Figure 5.[] Both hands showed camptodactyly, clinodactyly and brachydactyly of 5 th finger.[] Seen in 90% of patients with Not seen or very uncommon Patient has camptodactyly of fifth finger and in toes.[]

  • Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

    […] the "lack of movement" included limb abnormalities (multiple contractures, clenched hands, and clubbed feet), short umbilical cord, polyhydramnios, pulmonary hypoplasia, camptodactyly[] Multiple ankyloses, camptodactyly, facial anomalies and pulmonary hypoplasia. In: Vinken PJ, Bruyn GW, Eds. Handbook of clinical neurology.[] Detailed clinical description In the upper extremities , ulnar deviation, camptodactyly, absent flexion creases, and overriding fingers can be found.[]

  • Stuve-Wiedemann Syndrome

    Abstract Stüve-Wiedemann syndrome (SWS) is a rare disorder characterized by bowing of the long bones, camptodactyly, respiratory distress, hyperthermic episodes and early[] At birth, she had short limbs, camptodactyly, dysphagia leading to nasogastric tube feeds, and skeletal survey demonstrating dysplasia of long bones and spine.[] Stüve-Wiedemann syndrome (SWS) is an autosomal recessive bone dysplasia (OMIM #601559) characterized by bowing of long bones, camptodactyly, respiratory insufficiency, hyperthermic[]

  • Congenital Contractural Arachnodactyly

    Spontaneous improvement in camptodactyly and contractures is observed but residual camptodactyly always remains.[] Congenital contractural arachnodactyly is a rare autosomal dominant connective tissue disorder characterized by congenital flexion contractures, arachnodactyly, camptodactyly[] These individuals usually have crumpled ears, camptodactyly with ulnar deviation of the fingers, adducted thumbs, limited elbow and/or knee extension, and hypoplasia of the[]

  • Arthrogryposis Syndrome

    The characteristic features of this condition include permanently bent fingers and toes (camptodactyly), overlapping fingers, and a hand deformity called ulnar deviation in[] […] moebius syndrome; - larsen's sydndrome (multiple joint dislocations, esp knees); - Pena Shokeir syndrome (growth deficiency, unusual facial features, multiple ankylosis; - camptodactyly[] […] could be classified as having Escobar syndrome type B because of the apparently recessive inheritance, short stature, relative macrocephaly, distinct facial appearance, camptodactyly[]

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