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832 Possible Causes for cao, Lacrimation

  • Hypersensitivity

    Spengler, Shi-Jie Cao and Gary Adamkiewicz , Prevalence of asthma and allergic symptoms in Suzhou, China: Trends by domestic migrant status , Journal of Exposure Science &[] Systemic signs include: itching, lacrimation, skin rash and possibly haemodynamic collapse and shock.[] Symptoms are urticaria, coughing, rhinorrhoea, lacrimation, abdominal cramps, pruritus, a burning sensation, angioedema, dyspnoea and even circulatory collapse and death.[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    Munoz-Fontela C , Angel Garcia M , Garcia-Cao I , Collado M , Arroyo J , Esteban M , Serrano M and Rivas C . (2005). Oncogene , in press. Nevins JR . (1995). Curr. Top.[] EKC is characterized by more severe symptoms, including pain, lacrimation, and photophobia. Involvement is frequently unilateral but may spread to involve both eyes.[]

  • Hay Fever

    Yifan Meng, Hongfei Lou, Yang Wang, Xiaoyan Wang, Feifei Cao, Kuiji Wang, Xiaohan Chu, Chengshuo Wang and Luo Zhang, Endotypes of chronic rhinitis: A cluster analysis study[] It is characterized by acute conjunctivitis with lacrimation and itching, and regarded as an allergic condition triggered by specific allergens.[] Seasonal variety of allergic rhinitis, marked by acute conjunctivitis with lacrimation and itching; regarded as an allergic condition triggered by specific allergens.[]

  • Migraine

    Lynn Ren, Michelle Jaehee Chang, Zhiyu Zhang, Ajay Dhaka, Zhaohua Guo and Yu‐Qing Cao, Quantitative Analysis of Mouse Dural Afferent Neurons Expressing TRPM8, VGLUT3, and[] […] headaches. 3 Likewise, in a study of 177 consecutively consulting patients meeting IHS criteria for migraine, 46% reported unilateral nasal or ocular symptoms, including lacrimation[] Guo Z, Cao Y-Q. Over-Expression of TRESK K Channels Reduces the Excitability of Trigeminal Ganglion Nociceptors.[]

  • Cluster Headache

    Cao Y, Aurora SK, Nagesh V, Patel SC, Welch KM. Functional MRI-BOLD of brainstem structures during visually triggered migraine.[] Lacrimation, conjunctival injection, nasal symptoms… cluster headache, migraine and cranial autonomic symptoms in primary headache disorders—what’s new?[] Mianwang He, Shengyuan Yu, Ruozhuo Liu, Xiaosu Yang, Gang Zhao, Xiangyang Qiao, Jiachun Feng, Yannan Fang, Xiutang Cao and Timothy J.[]

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

    Bing Niu, Zhenzhen Zou, Yuqin Shen and Bingzhen Cao, A case report of Sjögren syndrome manifesting bilateral basal ganglia lesions, Medicine, 96, 17, (e6715), (2017).[] The lacrimal gland (LG) immunopathology of Sjögren's syndrome (SS) consists of a proliferation of B and CD4 lymphocytes surrounding epithelial structures (Pepose JS, et al[] Cao, and R. Clarke. 2004 .[]

  • Graves Disease

    Guixue Cheng, Jianhua Liu, Akankwasa Gilbert, Yun Cao, Changjuan An, Zhe Lv, Chen Wang, Ruili Nie, Jin Zhang, Yong Liu, Meng Xia, Shijun Li, Hong Cai, Yuzhong Li, Yongzhe[] The eye muscle involvement pattern raised suspicion, and the high IgG4 level with positive histology of the lacrimal gland confirmed the diagnosis of immunoglobulin G4-related[] Further signs that may be seen on physical examination are most commonly a diffusely enlarged (usually symmetric), nontender thyroid, lid lag, excessive lacrimation due to[]

  • Anterior Uveitis

    September 2018: La Revue de Médecine Interne # 164 Xinyue Huang, Zi Ye, Qingfeng Cao, Guannan Su, Qingfeng Wang, Jing Deng, Chunjiang Zhou, Aize Kijlstra, Peizeng Yang Purpose[] Discharge—absent, but lacrimation may be excessive. Vision—ranges from normal in early and mild presentations to greatly reduced in severe cases.[] (Lacrimal Apparatus Diseases) Arcus Senilis Arcus, Corneal (Arcus Senilis) Asthenopia Astigmatism Astrocytoma, Malignant, Optic Nerve (Optic Nerve Glioma) Atrophies, Gyrate[]

  • Exposure to Chloropicrin

    Cao X, Ma L, Liang Y, Gao B, Harris W. Simultaneous immobilization of lead and atrazine in contaminated soils using dairy-manure biochar.[] Under normal atmospheric conditions, chloropicrin is a volatile, colourless to faint yellow oily liquid, with an extremely irritating and penetrating smell that induces lacrimation[] Chloropicrin is a lacrimator.[]

  • Carcinoid Tumor

    Cao C, Yan TD, Kennedy C, Hendel N, Bannon PG, McCaughan BC. Bronchopulmonary carcinoid tumors: long-term outcomes after resection.[] Imaging studies revealed a large left intraocular tumor, a mass in the left medial rectus muscle, and right lacrimal gland enlargement.[] Episodes are often associated with an unpleasant warm feeling, itching, palpitation, upper-body erythema and edema, salivation, diaphoresis, lacrimation, and diarrhea.[]

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