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291 Possible Causes for cao, Patient Appears Acutely Ill

  • Acute Bronchitis

    The calculated CaO 2 increases with normobaric hyperoxia (assuming all hemoglobin is already saturated) by only 0.03 ml/l per mmHg.[] Pneumonia Patients with pneumonia often have a higher fever than patients with acute bronchitis, may appear more ill, and have rales on lung examination.[] With increases in alveolar PaO 2 from 100 to 600 mmHg, CaO 2 increases by 15 ml/l, or about 7.5% assuming a hemoglobin concentration of 150 g/l.[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    PubMed Google Scholar Zhang HY, Li ZM, Zhang GL, Diao TT, Cao CX, Sun HQ: Respiratory viruses in hospitalized children with acute lower respiratory tract infections in harbin[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    Munoz-Fontela C , Angel Garcia M , Garcia-Cao I , Collado M , Arroyo J , Esteban M , Serrano M and Rivas C . (2005). Oncogene , in press. Nevins JR . (1995). Curr. Top.[]

  • Acute Respiratory Infection

    Peng Z 1 , Feng L 2 , Carolyn GM 3 , Wang K 4 , Zhu G 5 , Zhang Y 6 , Hu J 7 , Huang Y 8 , Pan H 9 , Guo N 10 , Xing C 11 , Chu Y 12 , Cao Z 13 , Yu D 14 , Liu L 15 , Chen[] Monash University, Melbourne, Australia; § Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; ¶ Hung Vuong Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; ‖ Dong Thap Hospital, Cao[] District 8, population 408,772 in the 2009 census; population density approx. 20,000/km 2 ), and a mixed urban/rural district in Dong Thap province, 150 km south-west of HCMC (Cao[]

  • Food Allergy

    Crossref PubMed ISI Google Scholar 3 Cao Y, Brombacher F, Tunyogi-Csapo M, Glant TT, Finnegan A.[] Maleki, Marcos Alcocer, Yuan-Yuan Gao, Min-Jie Cao and Guang-Ming Liu, Eucheuma cottonii Sulfated Oligosaccharides Decrease Food Allergic Responses in Animal Models by Up-regulating[] Crossref PubMed ISI Google Scholar 10 Haczku A, Cao Y, Vass G, Kierstein S, Nath P, Atochina-Vasserman EN, Scanlon ST, Li L, Griswold DE, Chung KF, Poulain FR, Hawgood S,[]

  • Influenza

    […] acid substitutions involved in the adaption of three avian-origin H7N9 influenza viruses in mice Jianru Qin, Ouyang Peng, Xiaoting Shen, Lang Gong, Chunyi Xue & Yongchang Cao[] Some patients appear acutely ill, with some weakness and respiratory findings, whereas others appear only mildly ill.[] Cao RY, Xiao JH, Cao B, Li S, Kumaki Y, Zhong W.[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    […] rapid Treatment Principle Soothe the Liver Drain the Gall Bladder Clear Heat Relieve fullness Herb Formulas Qing Dan Xie Huo Tang modified Chinese patent medicines : Ji Gu Cao[] Patients with acute ascending cholangitis are usually ill-appearing and septic.[] Patients with choledocholithiasis or gallstone pancreatitis will also require admission to hospital, gastrointestinal (GI) consultation and ERCP or MRCP.[]

  • Toxoplasmosis

    Zhang XY, Zhou DF, Zhang PY, Wu GY,Cao LY, Shen YC.[] Peng Xu, Xingshuai Song, Wei Wang, Fengyang Wang, Lili Cao and Quan Liu, Seroprevalence ofToxoplasma gondiiInfection in Chickens in Jinzhou, Northeastern China, Journal of[] Zhang XY, Zhou DF, Cao LY, Zhang PY, Wu GY, Shen YC.[]

  • Enterococcus

    Liu Y, Cao B, Gu L, Liu K, Feng Z. Successful control of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium nosocomial outbreak in a teaching hospital in China.[]

  • Balanitis

    Ahlgrimm-Siess V, Cao T, Oliviero M, Hofmann-Wellenhof R, Rabinovitz HS, Scope A.[] Ahlgrimm-Siess V, Hofmann-Wellenhof R, Cao T, Oliviero M, Scope A, Rabinovitz HS. Reflectance confocal microscopy in the daily practice.[]

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