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150 Possible Causes for Carbidopa-Levodopa, Hyponatremia

  • Chlorpropamide

    ACE inhibitors may be a predisposing factor for CPA-induced hyponatremia.[] […] c) Includes ami-doarone, carbamazepine, chlorpropamide , carbidopa/levodopa, heparin, interferon, lithium, phenytoin, phenobarbital, or sulfasalazine. sarcoidosis, disorders[] The incidence and risk factors of chlorpropamide-induced hyponatremia were assessed in diabetic outpatients.[]

  • Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion

    Hyponatremia is prevalent in hospitalized patients and predicts a poor prognosis.[] On the fourth day in the hospital, Stalevo was switched to carbidopa/levodopa at 37.5 mg/375 mg per day, and domperidone 30 mg per day was added.[] Algorithm 1 addresses acute correction of hyponatremia posing as a medical emergency, and is applicable to both severe euvolemic and hypovolemic hyponatremia.[]

  • Locked-in Syndrome

    Multiple sclerosis, Damage to nerve cells, particularly destruction of the myelin sheath, caused by disease or central pontine myelinolysis secondary to rapid correction of hyponatremia[] The marked effectiveness of treatment with carbidopa/levodopa over bromocriptine for both syndromes is noted.[] […] the myelin sheath , caused by disease or osmotic demyelination syndrome (formerly designated central pontine myelinolysis ) secondary to excessively rapid correction of hyponatremia[]

  • Pituitary Adenoma

    Hypopituitarism is an underrecognized cause of hyponatremia.[] […] pituitary apoplexy, the presenting signs and symptoms included headache (63%), vomiting (50%), visual field defects (61%), ocular paresis (40%), mental deterioration (13%), hyponatremia[] The patient was started on levodopa-carbidopa, steroids, and thyroxine. She underwent transnasal pituitary adenoma excision.[]

  • Stiff-Person Syndrome

    Initially she was diagnosed with hyponatremia, or low blood sodium, thought to be related to her heavy training schedule for a half-ironman competition.[] He initially responded to a trial of carbidopa/levodopa, and the diagnosis of IPD was made.[] Diazepam and an intrathecal baclofen trial were beneficial, but less beneficial than resuming dopamine agonists and carbidopa/levodopa.[]

  • Linezolid

    Hyponatremia is the most common electrolyte disorder.[] We report a case of possible SS in an elderly patient receiving linezolid in combination with carbidopa-levodopa (CL).[] She had a history of diabetes mellitus and parkinsonism on levodopa/carbidopa, rasagiline, ropinirole, trihexyphenidyl, amantadine, metformin, and glipizide.[]

  • Hyponatremia

    [ edit ] True hyponatremia, also known as hypotonic hyponatremia, is the most common type.[] The patient was started on levodopa-carbidopa, steroids, and thyroxine. She underwent transnasal pituitary adenoma excision.[] The treatment of hyponatremia depends on the type of hyponatremia.[]

  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies

    Apart from eight other cases to date, this is the only one with recurrent hyponatremia.[] Often if the Carbidopa/Levodopa is stopped the hallucinations with stop also.[] Medications can include carbidopa/levodopa (Sinemet ), a drug that helps with slow movements, and cholinesterase inhibitors, which are drugs developed for Alzheimer’s disease[]

  • Ethylene Glycol

    Osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS) is traditionally known as a complication of the rapid correction of hyponatremia.[] Treatment with carbidopa/levodopa improved cogwheel rigidity and bradykinesia in both patients.[] Other potential adverse effects include hyponatremia, sclerosis of veins, and intoxication (which can be particularly distressing in pediatric patients).[]

  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

    Described is a patient with hydrocephalus and a gait disorder with associated prolonged fever and hyponatremia.[] The clinical impression is thus one of Parkinson's disease, except that rigidity and tremor are less marked and there is no response to carbidopa/levodopa.[] Pharmacotherapy No definitive evidence exists that medication, including levodopa/carbidopa, can successfully treat NPH.[]

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